Not So Sharp
Reviewed by Jay Fortune

A new release from Wayne Fox. Taking your Sharpie marker pen, you visibly roll it between your palms and viola, it turns into a small Sharpie ball. In another effect, you take your Sharpie pen and smack it between your palms turning it into a Sharpie splat! Fox is renowned for creating visual and surprising magic which happens on the off-beat and this bit of magical business is a fun piece to add to any routine as a 'quickie' to startle your audience. On the supplied DVD Fox explains the effects in full detail. You also receive the specially made Sharpie ball and splat, plus a pull (which you will need to assemble and attach to a Sharpie) In the first version of the trick you hand your Sharpie to an assisting spectator to sign, say, a card. Taking it back, you recap it, then roll it into a ball. Well, that's how Fox makes it look! For those without his expert timing and skill, the DVD teaches you how to do the effect using sleight-of-hand and, for those that can't be bothered/haven't the time or dexterity, shows you how to do the same effect using the pull. Once learned this is a quick bit of startling transformational magic which can be used whenever you need to have something signed during another trick. The sleight-of-hand version uses a well known and easily mastered move, and with the supplied pull, the effect can be worked within minutes of taking it out of the box. This is visual magic, so I would consider carefully which trick you put it into as it could detract from the effect you were performing (hence needing your Sharpie for someone to sign something) It could be performed on its own, but works best as a nice startling piece of visual magic incorporated into another routine. Instant reset makes it ideal for tables. Unique, novel and a talking point. Another quality release from Wayne Fox. Highly Recommended.


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Jay Fortune, March 2012