On The Case

Steve Gore

Reviewed by Tom Lauten

The effect:

A hard spectacle case is shown, it has a random eye chart printed on one side (just like an opticians) and is completely plain on the other. A card is selected from a regular deck. You now remove your invisible mind reading glasses from the spectacle case. After a couple of minutes by play with invisible glasses and your guessing the card wrong several times, the spectator is asked to read the eye chart on the case to check their own vision. The chart now reads THE CARD YOU SELECTED IS. Every letter has rearranged itself. Slowly you turn the case around and on the back of the case is their card. No switches, only one case used.


If you work with gimmicks/props at all you should have this. I have done the trick 5 or 6 times on the way back from the post office when collecting it and I didn't even read the instructions!!! It is a comic effect but is very baffling and visual. The 'mechanism' is self working and most ingenious. It is a real hard case and can hold real glasses or invisible "magic" ones. (This gets a cheesy little laugh but you should see their faces when the trick is done)!

A little gem and worth every penny!

Difficulty: 1 out of 5... Easy!


Score: 10/10... Nice job Mr.Gore!!

Tom Lauten, December 2003


Available from www.jbtv.co.uk