The RaMa Deck by Owen Packard

Reviewed by Sam Cross

A gaffed deck that can been fully examined by a spectator (no stooges!), shuffled in riffle shuffle form, fairly displayed as freely mixed and cut as many times as you or your spectator wishes. The effects are still possible and gob smacking.

What does the sales blurb say?
• The cards can be examined – on both sides.
• They can be shuffled and cut by you or the spectator.
• You never have to see their card – even the back – to know what it is.
• No knuckle busting moves required. A beginner magi can operate the RaMa and perform amazing tricks!
• It can be used as a normal deck – no more switching.

Sounds almost too good to be true. The cards can be examined totally. The set up is very subtle and looks very fair. No bunches of picture cards or obvious patterns in the stack. No repeated or double cards. The marking system included is a nice touch. It does not take too long at all to mark up the deck (They leave it blank for 2 reasons, firstly it keeps the cost down and secondly, if you have a marking system that you like to use then you can add your own – OR for a tiny price you can have your marked deck made into a RaMa by the SPOC magic boys! – Now that is service!)

When working I don’t normally like to carry gimmicked decks. There is always the problem of having to switch them out if the audience want to check them. Not the case here. They can check as much as they like. They will find nothing.

When I read about the ability to riffle shuffle the deck I was surprised. The riffle shuffle in my opinion always looks fair and even the sloppiest shuffle will mix the cards. The RaMA allows a spectator (who does not need the worlds best shuffle) to really, really mix the cards. That really is the convincer.

No knuckle busting moves? Surely not. If all of the sales blurb is true (which it is!) then it must take some serious skill? Not so, it really is very, very easy to use.

You never have to see the cards, do any funny moves or make time for an obvious and prolonged peek. The deck makes the divination of chosen cards so, so simple. As soon as you get used to the cards (which won’t take long) then it is as easy as reading a road sign.

The deck comes with an instructional DVD in which the creator takes you through some routines that you can do with the deck. Just a few to wet your appetite and get the creative juices flowing. There are some really good routines on the DVD. Clearly presented, fairly shown and nicely explained.

The Card Marking system included (which I love) is really clearly explained and very easy to understand which makes marking the cards simple and not overly time consuming. A little effort is required but it is worth if for the host of effects that you can achieve with this deck of cards.

I really do love this little deck of cards. The thought that has gone into it is amazing. The attention to detail, the routines, the marking system and the DVD are all good quality. The host of effects possible really do have a high impact on the audience and are limited only by your imagination. By combining some of your own magical knowledge with the clever workings of this deck of cards you will be baffling and entertaining people every moment you get.

A fantastic magic buy.


© San Cross, January 2006