The Stealth Assassin

Alakazam Magic

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek

Wallets seem to be very much back in vogue these days with magicians. Perhaps it's the fact that we all use one, or that they are "everyday objects" and draw little attention to themselves because of that... or perhaps it's because once you've discovered what can be done with a cleverly gimmicked wallet you'll want to rush out and try another, and another? Well, whatever the reason, it's certainly good news for us, the end users, who benefit from the very latest in ingenious design.


The Stealth Assassin bills itself as a virtual all-in 20 minute act and is perhaps the king of the current crop of wallets. Having just spent a couple of hours watching the two instructional DVDs that come with the wallet, and having just tried out a number of the effects, I can confirm that this really is a very special piece of magic making equipment - some of the effects that can be achieved with it, in the right hands, are simply stunning.


In fact it's a peek wallet (including the SUC peek with permission from Mark Strivings), a billet index, an "Out to Lunch" wallet, a switching wallet, a loading wallet, a stealing wallet, and a wallet wallet!


On the two instructional DVDs Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann make a very entertaining pair as they clearly take the viewer through a good number of routines that can be used in just about any environment from close-up to stand-up. At times they became so enthusiastic that they almost go into "shopping channel" mode, but their genuine enthusiasm for the product, and the fact that it is so good, means that we can forgive them.


This is a top-notch wallet for the keen magician to working pro, and gets my fullest recommendation.



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Duncan Trillo, March 2006