Europro Magic

Reviewed by Jack Avis

The Anti-Gravity Glasses is a great classic trick that has been around for years from the time of oriental magicians of centuries past. Lewis Ganson created a fine stage routine with three glasses containing three silks on a transparent tray. But now John Derris has brought this classic effect right up to date for really close-up performance for today's working magicians.

The magician removes his wallet, shows a number of banknotes which are laid on the wallet and the places two tumblers on top of the notes. The whole can now be turned upside down so that the tumblers cling to the underside of the wallet and yet banknotes can be removed and waved around the glasses to demonstrate no wires, no threads, and no support of any kind,

The spectator can himself remove the glasses from their precarious position and the banknotes are shown quite freely and placed back in the wallet, and the magician is immediately set for the next performance.

This is a highly visual, classic of magic that is entirely practical, and captures spectator's attention from other parts of the room. Great for restaurant work. It has been featured in John Derris' close-up shows and has been proven in performance time and time again. I know you will love the gimmick that does all the work for you and the tumblers that come with the effect are so good, you'd swear they are made from real glass adding to the danger element of the presentation. Suspense comes complete with gimmick, glasses, routine and everything you need. You supply the wallet. I would strongly recommended this for any working close-up (or stage) magician - it's a worker! Price 20.00 ($40.00) inc p & p only from: Europro Magic, Hockleys House, Lindenfield, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5RG England. Tel: 020 8467 7856.


Jack Avis, April 2002