Russel Niedzwiecki (Rights: Mark Mason)

Reviewed by Kevin Gallagher

'Switcheroo' is a gimmick used for invisibly switching small packets of cards or similar sized objects, for example an envelope, usually mounted in the top pocket. In performance, the cards to be switched out are placed very fairly in the top pocket and left protruding so that they always remain in view. When they are taken back from the pocket, they have been automatically switched for another set of cards.

I know what you're thinking, "too good to be true", you are bound to have to turn slightly or "make the moment" or compromise in some way. Not so! The gimmick works like an absolute dream and the cards are switched in a completely natural way right under their noses. Pick up a little time misdirection and no-one would have a clue where the switch took place. It is very easy to use and takes less than five minutes to perfect, in fact, it is so easy, you will probably feel like switching the cards, switching them back without showing the change and switching them back again just for the sheer self-entertainment.

'Switcheroo' costs around 20 and when you see it, you will probably think "I could make one of those for a fraction of the cost" it is however professionally made with a specially designed injection moulded body and in my book, the fact that it does exactly what it professes to and in the knowledge that someone has likely spend many hours in perfecting the geometry, makes me feel that it was well worth the money. More so because I actually started to use it in my gambling demonstrations almost immediately.

I don't often buy dealer items aside from flash string, rope and other consumables because I usually regret it and, more often than not, never use it anyway but I am glad that I succumbed on this occasion and I would definitely have it down as a hit.


Kevin Gallagher, December 2000