Jeff Pierce's Telepa-Three
Reviewed by Tom Lauten

Jeff Pierce has done many up and coming (and seasoned I dare say) mentalism performers a favour with his latest release, "Telepa-Three". This tidy 3-phase ESP routine builds very comfortably and dramatically as it plays out in the spectators very hands. Here's how it looks...

The spectator shuffles and cuts a set of (fully displayed and un-gaffed) ESP cards into two piles. Dividing the stacks again, a random number of cards are turned face up and are shuffled with the remaining face down cards. From across the room you direct the spectator to reassemble the mixed cards into a single stack, shuffle them again and finally cut this full stack to one of the random face up cards. From across the room the performer draws a symbol on a spiral pad and shows the drawing to the spectator…it matches the cut to card.

Still at a distance from the performer, the spectator now separates the face up and face down cards. Placing the visible face up cards to the side the spectator counts the yet unseen face down selections. Once again, from across the room, the performer writes in their pad and holds it up. The spectator is asked to announce the number of random cards left face down. The performer turns the pad to show what they have written, it is the exact number of face down cards.

Finally, the face down cards are held up by the spectator so that only they can identify them. They scan the symbols as the performer writes once again. The performer calls out shapes as they write, the spectator deals the correct cards onto the table until there are no cards left. The paper is immediately handed to the spectator to verify that the description of the remaining cards was correct.

To some this effect will ring bells…and it should. It's main working method is based upon a well respected technique and routine. In the instructions, Jeff Pierce openly credit's the artist who's work was an inspiration and has released this effect with their blessing.

"Telepa-Three" is a very slick use of a series of solid techniques resulting in the clean illusion of a very logical and fair demonstration of ESP powers.

There is no peeking, no use of nail writers, no gaffed cards, no reading of marks (although the cards you get are marked), no confederates and no formulas to remember. You receive an illustrated manuscript, 25 ESP cards in a plastic wallet and a small spiral bound notepad. All you will need is a pen.

There is plenty of room to customise the means and methods within the routine as offered, you aren't rigidly locked into everything so it is perfect for integrating into ones own repertoire and style. If you are a well practiced mentalist you may (perhaps not) already know what is going on in "Telepa-Three" but it's is certainly worth a serious look. If you are building your skills, techniques and reputation you would be well served indeed by this tight and convincing routine.


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© Tom Lauten, October 2005