The Exchange
Reviewed by Jay Fortune

A new release from Mark Leveridge Magic.


Two freely selected cards are placed into two examined empty envelopes. Each envelope is signed on its flap with the card name. Each participant then taps their envelope together and by the magic of Bluetooth their selections have magically changed places. Leveridge has created a strong piece of magic and added the premise of a bluetooth-like connection which apparently explains how the two cards magically change places. The handling is clean and suitable for close-up as no reset is required, or for a larger audience. You are supplied with the necessary envelopes (all ungimmicked) and special deck which is not truly necessary for the effect (something which Leveridge addresses in the photo-illustrated instructions) There is a force involved, but due to the supplied deck, this is very free indeed and gives the spectator a free choice of a lot of cards (approximately half of the deck) The routine is well thought out and everything happens in a straight forward and open manner; card one is selected, then card two and the case boxed. Envelope one is examined and is empty, card one is placed within. The flap is signed with the card name. Envelope given to spectator. Repeat for card two. And yet the two cards have already changed places before the trick has apparently even begun. The envelopes are handed to each spectator and they are instructed to place their hands over it, or the envelope is dropped into their top pocket, should they be wearing a jacket (eg. dinner environment) with the flap hanging over the edge clearly showing the card name written by the magician of the card within. This covering is important as the envelopes are not totally opaque and, depending on the lighting, you wouldn't want an eagle-eyed spectator to notice the change has occurred before you have had chance to conduct your spells. All-in-all this is clean card magic suitable for many types of performing situations and recommended.


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Jay Fortune, March 2012