The Hidden

Andy Nyman

Reviewed by David Regal

I am a big fan of Andy Nyman's magic, but of all the effects I've seen him do, I may like "The Hidden" the best. I first saw him perform it at The Magic Castle and the audience was simply bowled over (as was I - I wished I'd come up with it). There is something about the plot, and Andy's framing of it, that absolutely bowls over the audience in spite of the tricks simple technical workings. The real secret of "The Hidden" lies in its unique attributes: a very off-beat effect that is nevertheless devastating. I particularly liked Andy's variation in which he adds the "Hidden" cards to a blank faced deck - it's like getting another kicker for free! Simple, yes, deceptively simple.

The Hidden is 10 or 12 with a blank deck (Alakazam special offer) and it is available from and all good magic dealers.

David Regal, May 2003