The Horwitz Wallet The World's Most Fantastic Card-in-Wallet

Basil Horwitz

Produced by Martin Breese Magic

Mini-review by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek

"All the action takes place in the spectator's pocket - not yours!" is blazoned across the cover of the instruction booklet... and so it does! Measuring just 120mm x 90mm x 7 mm this really is the perfect wallet.


Beautifully made in black leather, yet innocuous enough so as not to draw attention to itself, the wallet instantly feels "just right" (in fact it's very tempting to start using it straight away - but don't!).


The 20 page A5 instruction book includes interesting background information, together with five powerful routines to get you started: Signed Card in Wallet, Just Chance Routine, Mind Control, Mental Hypnotic Pickpocketing (requires two wallets, or one Horwitz and one mock-up) and Do as I Do Gamble.


But the wallet's really more than just "five routines" - it's a brilliantly simple and very versatile prop, that you'll be just as happy to use (very) close-up or on stage, for magic or 'mental' presentations. And it's one with which you can perform real miracles... remember, all the action takes place in the spectator's pocket - not yours! (or simply in their hands). I don't want to give anything away - read more on and enjoy.


The perfect wallet for real magic, beautifully made, with an excellent collection of routines too. I loved it!



Duncan Trillo, October 2005