Number 15 - 7th October 2000


On Sunday November 19th at 4pm The Magic Circle present: "Channing Pollock in conversation with John Fisher - Your chance to meet a true living legend of magic." The definitive Silent Magician, and one of the greatest magicians of all time. John Fisher will talk to Channing Pollock interspersing the talk with video clips of both his magic and acting careers. This promises to be a wonderful afternoon. Tickets (10 each) from Brian Miller: 020 8478 2900 (day) 020 8478 1175 (evenings). 7.10.00


Channel 5 are showing Extreme Magic: Challenge of the Death Dive on Friday October 13th at 8pm. "Robert Gallup performs some unbelievable escapes and life-threatening stunts" and for once the show lives up to the hype when Gallup is shoved out of the rear of an airplane locked inside a cage... will he escape in time?!! Mad, but the best of all the silly magic stunts that we've seen on TV recently by far. I really enjoyed this stunt - don't miss it! 7.10.00


Mandy Muden, Mandy Davis, and Mandy Farrell at the Eastbourne convention. Click Here to read Mandy Davis's review of the Fringe event. 7.10.00


Entrants in the first Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year Competition (Sunday 15th October 2000) have been announced. The line-up, and running order, is as follows: Clyde Clayton, Peter  McCahon, Bruce Munton, Scott Penrose, Michael Vincent, Duncan Trillo, Nicholas Einhorn, and Tim Shoesmith. There are just a few seats left. Tickets (12 each) from Brian Miller: 020 8478 2900 (day) 020 8478 1175 (evenings). 7.10.00


Hinted at last week an exciting project is underway for a one-off two hour television special entitled Heroes of Magic produced by John Fisher for Pearson Television. The show will feature footage of legendary magic acts, together with comment from contemporary performers in similar fields. I think televised magic has got a little lost in recent years in its endless quest for "bigger and better" when of course bigger isn't always better at all. Perhaps this will help re-focus magician's thoughts on what makes a great magic performance - the performer. We'll post dates as soon as we have them. 7.10.00


If you lecture at magic societies why not submit a page, or piece, from your lecture notes to MagicWeek for publication? (no tricks please.) We'll then publish it and include your e-mail address so that club secretaries can make contact with you, and perhaps book your lecture. This could develop into a showcase for lecturers, and eventually have its own section. 7.10.00


Welcome to Stan Allen's MAGIC magazine readers who are taking a look at MagicWeek for the first time. MagicWeek focuses on the magic scene here in the UK but is read by magicians from all over the world. Your mail, articles, and contributions are always welcomed - and we don't mind a bit of controversy either! The Liners is showing again on channel 4 see TV Magic for details. The Contact Page is proving to be popular, have a look if you are interested in contacting or meeting other magicians. Don't forget to keep an eye on Cool Magic. The Mail Box has been very quiet for a couple of weeks now - remember mail sent to the Mail Box is posted up on the site as soon as it's received. Magician Andi Gladwin has made some major changes to his site: Future of Magic - the site has star interviews, tricks, essays, reviews and a fully interactive member's area.  Some tickets are still available for An Audience with Wayne Dobson and Friends for the Wednesday night (October 11th). To book telephone 020 8669 3128. Well that's about it for this week. Send your contributions in via emal. See you next week, Duncan Trillo. 7.10.00