Number 25 - 16th December 2000


A one-off television special Heroes of Magic, produced by John Fisher for Pearson Television, will be networked on December 24th on Channel 4 at 9pm. The programme, an epic two hours long, will feature some of magic's greats, with comment from contemporary magicians. Over the last ten years we've seen an endless chain of rather bland, characterless, overproduced magic shows on our screens. It's going to be a real pleasure to see some real magic, and real performers, once again. I'm guessing now but I'm sure we'll see Cardini, Channing Pollock, Fred Kaps, Tommy Cooper, early Paul Daniels, Dai Vernon, Wayne Dobson, Siegfried and Roy, Slydini, Albert Goshman... I'd better stop in case I get this all wrong, don't miss it! See TV Magic for the full Christmas and New Year line up. 16.12.00


Paul Zenon's Tricky Christmas will be repeated on Channel 4 on December the 24th at 11pm following Heroes of Magic. Then, a week later, Paul Zenon's Trick or Treat, originally scheduled for broadcasting over Halloween, will be shown on New Year's Eve, at 11pm, again on Channel 4. 16.12.00


Derren Brown: Mind Control a brand new one-hour special will be broadcast on Wednesday December 27th at 11.05pm on Channel 4 after The Best of Ali G (not to be confused with Ali B!). 16.12.00


The Witches Of Eastwick, currently at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, featuring magic by Paul Kieve and Simon Drake, will move to the more intimate surroundings of the Prince Of Wales Theatre, Leicester Square, in February 2001. 16.12.00


There's a review of just published The Turk, Chess Automaton, by Gerald M. Levitt, this week. If you've got an inquisitive mind you'll take great delight in this book, from the cunning methods of the inner workings, to the fascinating stories that surround "The Turk." See Reviews 16.12.00


McBride Magic on Stage, the new three volume video set, is also reviewed this week - just in time for Christmas: Reviews. If you're looking for some Christmas present ideas why not visit the Dealers and Cool Magic pages? 16.12.00


Pop group A1 "flying" over the audience at The Poll Winners' Party on BBC1 on Sunday 10th. Not presented as magic, but I doubt that David Copperfield would want to "go on next." 16.12.00


If you're a Tommy Cooper fan then this new boxed set should appeal - visit the MagicWeek Book Shop for more information. The number of magicians collecting magic posters has shot up over the last ten years. A very well laid out International site of interest to all collectors is: Another source for posters is Norm Nielsen's well established: This week I've been able to add seven new Reviews (Books, Videos, and Tricks) to MagicWeek all written by Kevin Gallagher. Kevin always says what he really thinks, which is what makes his reviews so worthwhile. Most of the products covered can be ordered through the Dealers advertising with MagicWeek. TenyoWorld is one of the UK's top magic sites, now visited by Tenyo magic collectors from all over the World, if you've never visited the site then do. Send your news in via email. See you next week, Duncan. 16.12.00