Magic DVD Reviews


Cloth by Steve Valentine


Paul Daniels Bravura


Daniel Garcia DVD Lecture


Perfect 10 - 10 easy to learn card magic miracles by Martin Peirce


The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack Module 1: Social Media and Magic with Julia Bramble


The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack Module 2: Marketing Strategy and Communication with Bob Yelland


The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack Module 3: Increasing Show Conversions with Mark Leveridge


Inscrutable DVD set by Joseph Barry


The Quest for Mastery: Michael Vincent


Steve Petra: Letís Get Visual


Money From Magic Training Course with Tony Strange


Practical Magic Presents: The Magic of Puppets


iCandy - Lee Smith and Gary Jones


Further Education. A 2 DVD set by John Archer


Blockbusters With Cards by Paul Gordon - 2 DVD set


The Flick-Drift with Wayne Fox


A Routine for the Traditional Set of 8 Linking Rings - Peter Stedman


The Step System DVDs - Lee Smith


Paul Gordonís Card Rarities DVD


The Step System DVDs - Lee Smith


The Van Buren Story


35 Really Useful Card Sleights - Paul Gordon


The Unusual Suspect


School of Busking 3 DVD set


Partytime 2 with Magic Dave


Kid-Ability and Games-Ability by Jimbo


James Prince: Menu of Miracles: The Main Course


Spotlight on Carey


Worker's Corner - 3 DVDs


Three DVDs from Anthony Owen


Jonathan Goodwin - The Magic Interview Series No. 3


A selection of DVD releases from Chris Congreave and Gary Jones


James Prince: Menu of Miracles


4Play with Foursome Ė Michael Vincent Productions


Attack of the Bag + Flipped Out - Craig Petty


Close Up Success Course - DVD reviews


The Tapestry of Deception Part 3 - Michael Vincent - DVD


Snap, Crackle and Pop! A Brief Interlude with Fred Robinson - DVD


Martin Sanderson: The Business - DVD


Nathan Kranzo's Burning Up - DVD


The Best of Series 1 and 2 Abracadabra - Wolfgang Riebe


Mind Games (2 video set)


The Dynamic Walkaround Magic Video


Dobson's Choice, Vol 1 - DVD


Carney On Palming - DVD


Scams and Fantasies - Darwin Ortiz


Get Nyman - Andy Nyman


Stealing the Show - The Ultimate Pickpocket Guide


Mind 2 Mind - Marc Paul


The Video of Secrets - John Carney


The Movie: Tricks and Fiction from the Road


The Joy of Magic


The Tapestry of Deception


Daryl does the Three Card Monte!


The Devil's Picturebook - Derren Brown


McBride Magic on Stage Volume 1, 2 & 3


Off the Cuff by Greg Wilson


Pocket Power by Jarle Leirpol


Carl Andrews' The Strolling Magician Video


Sankey 1999 and Sankey Very Much


Magic Ranch Video Tapes


Jack Carpenter Video Volume 2


The Art of Card Manipulation Volume 1, 2 & 3


Magic's Biggest Secret with Russ Stevens


Mind 2 Mind - Direct Mind Reading Effects. Marc Paul


Stealing the Show - The Ultimate Pickpocket Guide.James Freedman


Dobson's Choice - TV Stuff Volume 1


Mark Raffles - The Legacy


Terry Herbert - Magic for Under 5s


Crowdpuller - Peter Wardell


Dobson's Choice - TV Stuff Volume 2


Ever So Sleightly - A Magical Documentary


Prestidigital 3 - The Digital Magic Review


Still Fancy a Pot of Jam? - James Brown


You Can Do Magic Too!


Mel Mellers - Tickling the Mind


Alan Rorrison Fingers of Fury - Vol 1 + 2


George McBride - The Classics


Mel Mellers - Undiscovered Wonder


The Naked Zombie - Floating Ball study for the stage. Raymond Crowe


Liam Montier's Ultraviolet DVD and Kit


Illusion Through Expectation with Alex 19Moffat


Magic For Older Children - Pat Fallon


Joshua Jay: Methods in Magic - Live in the UK