Number 51 - 16th June 2001


Amazing Jonathan appears on The Jack Dee Show tonight at 10.30pm on Granada Plus - in fact there's a lot of magic on TV tonight (if you're receiving cable or satellite that is) including from the mid seventies early Paul Daniels on The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club. 16.6.01


Magician Philip Partridge appears on Next! on Sky One on June 17th at 9pm. Presented by Radio One's Mark Radcliffe who each week will pick the act that he thinks could go far and be "the next big thing." Philip also appears on the daytime quiz show Playing for Time, with Eamonn Holmes, on Thursday 21st June at midday on BBC 1. Did he win the holiday? You'll have to tune-in to find out. 16.6.01


Carl Andrews is one of the stars of magic that will be appearing at this years British Ring Convention in Scarborough in September. Carl has been a professional since the early eighties and combines magic, humour and audience participation in his shows. Carl is the author of several magic books and videos, and in May 2002 he'll go a lecture tour across the UK. Other names lined up for the convention include: Dominique Duvivier and Alexandra, Lee Asher, Thierry and Sylvie, Magic Elixir, Steve Walker, The Great Fiasco, John Archer, and Kenji Minemura. More names and up-dates soon... 16.6.01


The Barnsley Magical Society are holding their Annual Auction on Sunday, June 17th (doors open 10am) at The Over 65's Club, Wilthorpe, Barnsley, S.Yorkshire. Admission 1 Telephone: 01924 339933 for more information. 16.6.01


To mark the 75th anniversary of Houdini's death escape artist Tom Lyon will be appearing on Blue Peter (BBC 1) on Monday June 25th, making his television debut. The show's producers are commissioning a restraint to be specially made from the company who manufacture handcuffs for the police. It will consist of a chain padlocked around the waist whilst the hands are separated and handcuffed on either side of the body. The locks on the cuffs and padlock will all be sealed before Tom is placed into a regulation straitjacket. He will then be given just two minutes to try and escape. So far so good - except Tom has since learnt that the show is going out live, and he won't get to see the restraint until the actual day. Tricky stuff, good luck with it, we'll be watching! 16.6.01


There's a review of Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man Volume Two this week Click Here 16.6.01


Close-up magician James Prince phoned the other day with a story from last week when he and fellow close-upper Mike Fairall were on a gig that included Richard Branson amongst the guests. Now Mike, aka Magic Mikey, had met Richard Branson about a year ago when performing on an inaugural flight for Virgin, so naturally wondered whether or not Richard Branson would remember him. They met up, and Mike asked "do you remember me?" to which Richard Branson replied "yes." Then Mike came out with the wonderful line "Are you busy at the moment?" to Richard Branson!... good old Magic Mikey (photo). 16.6.01


The Nottingham Guild of Magicians present a Day of Magic on Sunday July 8th. With Brian Sefton, Derek Lever and Sheer Magic to both lecture, and appear in the Gala Show. There's also a close-up competition and four dealers. Tickets: Day 10, Show 5, both 12, Telephone Barrie Perkins on 0115 928 3080 for more information. 16.6.01


The website design side of our business is expanding. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering state of the art website hosting and domain name registration. Click on the advertisement or Click Here for further information. 16.6.01


Kevin James has taken a bold step in inviting the Masked Magician (Valentino) onto his excellent magic forum The KJMagic Board at to answer questions posted by magicians. From June 18th to 24th you will be able to fire your questions and respond to The Masked Magician's replies. Intelligent debate is invited, but it won't be easy, Val's clearly no brain surgeon. Show IV is on at 8.30pm tonight (16th June) on Sky One. That's all for this week, see you next week, Duncan. 16.6.01