Number 58 - 4th August 2001


The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year, Shane Lycett (Obleo), complete with winners trophy, on Sunday evening at the world famous Magic Circle, London. Shane, dressed in long coat, sun glasses and hat, presented an act that combined traditional magic with contemporary themes as Obleo, a larger than life 'spy' character - and it was fun! His dancing cane routine was one of the finest that I've ever seen, his use of character and choice of music first class, his timing always spot-on, his energy addictive - all making a theatrical 'whole' that was refreshingly different and definitely making him the worthy winner of this prestigious award. All six finalists did well to be there with James Smith coming 2nd with his manipulation act themed around the production of ever increasing disco mirror balls, and Joe Knight, 3rd, with his 'Coke' flavoured act, that has many original touches. President Michael Bailey presented the awards assisted by the competitions creator Derek Speight. Marc Paul MC'd filling in the sometimes inevitable long gaps with many a witty ad-lib, and a bit of fast paced mind-reading. Magician Loki had worked with Shane in the development of his act and must be delighted as well. 4.8.01


Once upon a time there was a great magician whose magic was so powerful that all the other magicians in the world fell under his spell... Guy Hollingworth's eagerly awaited Once Upon a Time will be released in the Autumn and MagicWeek will bring you the world's first review of what promises to be the magic trick of the year. Visit for more information. 4.8.01


John Lenahan in Hoaxbusters - John reveals some of the tricks used by con men to extract five million pounds from the public each year. "I studied mass communications in college, but all I really learned was magic. I met a guy in college who was also really into magic. I read loads of books and Id go out with a pocket full of tricks and do 'bar betchas,' but I'd make sure that I set my friends up to 'win' the puzzles, it was a great way to drink for free!" Now re-scheduled for 11pm on Monday 6th August on ITV (1 hour). TV Magic 4.8.01


Last week I was very keen to bring you news of Ian Rowlad's book The Full Facts book of Cold Reading - well this week we have a review from Keith Fields. Click Here 4.8.01
Top magician Hugh Nightingale is featured in August's Magic Profile where he reveals his favourite magic quote, "A magician needs two key attributes. The first is to always leave the audience wanting more." Magic Profile 4.8.01
The Colne Valley Museum presented a Wonder Weekend starring members of the Oldham Magic Club last week (John Holleran, Ian Fenton and Clyde Hardbottle) both close-up magic and children's magic was on show, with visitors also being invited to try their hand at Rough and Ready, a con trick from the Wild West designed to take gold from miners. 4.8.01

David Copperfield is profiled on the Biography Channel on Sunday, repeated on Monday see TV Magic Let MagicWeek know what's on in your region! See you next week, Duncan. 4.8.01