Number 84 - 2nd February 2002


Congratulations to Paul Zenon on winning an 'Avion' for the best world-wide in-flight entertainment video presentation for 2001. Paul recorded a special in-flight magic show that has now been seen by more than 18 million Brittania Airlines passengers... Back down to earth and Paul can be seen on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 on Friday 8th February, he'll be joining the panel on this current affairs chat show. 2.2.02


Two ornate hand-carved wooden chairs, that originally belonged to the Egyptian Hall (front-stalls I believe), were transferred years ago to the wardrobe department of the Players Theatre, London, by Mary Maskelyne when she worked there. The chairs are now for sale and would definitely rate "high" on any magic collectors list. The Magic Circle already own three or four, and members will remember seeing past president Francis White sitting happily on one at the old Circle HQ at Chenies Mews. For more information telephone Larry Parker on 020 8788 4831. 2.2.02


"In the last days of the millennium as the forces of evil attempt to dominate the earth, a handsome young street magician, Michael Devane is mankind's last chance to preserve morality. Since the beginning of time, a war has raged between good and evil for the fate of the earth. Fighting the battle for good is the Grand Magus. At the turn of each new millennium, when the forces of evil are at their most powerful, a new magician is chosen to lead the confrontation against The Other Side..." Death by Magic - 8pm on Sunday 17th February on Sky MovieMax 1. 2.2.02


Bobby Bernard is one of three judges in a new TV show that looks like magic's answer to the 'Pop Idol' phenomenon - but with a bitter twist! Amateur magicians were invited to audition via an advertisement in The Stage (MagicWeek back issue: 0081), judges then dissect the act, and then the act comments on the judges! Details are a little sketchy at the moment - it's not clear if this will form a part of the new Jerry Atrick series on Channel 5 with Jerry Sadowitz, or whether it is a separate entity. We'll keep you posted... 2.2.02


John Archer is featured in Magic Profile for February. John is one of a small handful of performers who somehow manage to combine mind-reading and comedy, and make it really work! John closed the day at last year's MindMagic convention. 2.2.02


Alakazam have Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Thread Miracles in stock on both DVD and PAL VHS. This three volume set has received high praise already and, without wanting to give anything away here, should be high-up on any magician's shopping list! 2.2.02


Black Artefacts have released a number of new items this week including "The World's Smallest Tarot Set" seen here. At 12mm x 22mm, this must be the smallest ever full-colour Tarot set, complete with miniature wood and brass box and antique style polished magnifying glass. Also new, a "Psychic Reader's Kit," and a "Pendulum" (that comes with an great effect) made from lead crystal on a real silver chain, complete with velvet mat and suede pouch. And finally "Draculea" - a letter from the infamous Count Draculea, instructs your victim with a set of Tarot cards. On reading the letter they find that they have dealt themselves the very card that the Count predicted, thereby turning themselves into a vampire! Hand-made props that look and feel genuine (circa 1850). Visit for more information. 2.2.02


The Basingstoke Festival of Magic takes place on April 21st at the Kempshott Village Hall, Stratton Park, Pack Lane, Basingstoke. With lectures by Brian Eames (photo) and Lyn Thomas. The Close-up Championship of Southern England Competition (for the Alan McGurk Trophy). Magic Dealers: Pennywise Magic, The Magic Zone, MAC Magic, Colin Rose ( Five of Hearts Magic Productions), and Mike Danata's Magic Studio with more to be announced. Followed by a Gala Show starring: Obleo, the current Young Magician of the Year winner, Lyn Thomas (aka The Great Velcro!), Dennis Goodwin (winner of the British Ring IBM comedy award), with more names to be announced. Doors open at 9.30am. Tickets in advance: 10 adult, 5 junior (Under 14), on the door 12 and 7. Registrations to: Dave Cohen, 13 Buckfast Close, Basingstoke RG24 9HD. Include stamped envelope please. 2.2.02


Chewin' the Fat (10.35pm BBC 1 Friday nights) featured a lame Siegfried and Roy spoof Magitainers Sebastian & Max that could have been very funny, but wasn't (even the canned laughter struggled). 2.2.02


Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek fame is to direct a new movie called Illusion in which an Illusionist is mistakenly accused of a crime and uses his skills as a magician to eventually clear his name. 2.2.02


The tables were turned on MagicWeek last week when a film crew from The Daily Show (Comedy Central - USA) descended on our office to expose the truth behind the headlines! You may remember the story that we ran on Fay Presto a few weeks ago Back Issue 0072 "Top London magician Fay Presto found herself in court on Friday 2nd November losing the right to ride her rhinestone clad scooter to gigs in London without insurance..." well, The Daily Show, picked up on this story interviewing Fay Presto, and then MagicWeek the following day. Matt Walsh was the interviewer (a cross between Dan Rather and Bart Simpson) and it went out in the States on Tuesday This week Stuart Bowie reports on ImagE - The Interactive Magic Experience Mark Leveridge's innovative magic event that was held last Sunday And we have an article on exposure from Tony Russell Click Here - articles and reviews are always welcomed Please read the Terms and Conditions when submitting free classified advertisements to MagicWeek - I simply don't have the time to re-format ads that don't comply. That's it for this week, see you next week, Duncan. 2.2.02