Number 117 - 21st September 2002


Wayne Dobson is the special guest on Joe Pasquale's upcoming 10th Anniversary Tour which will take in sixty dates across the UK and run from the end of February until the end of June. We'll bring you a full date and venue listing as soon as it comes in. Two of the UK's genuinely funniest guys (both on and off stage) who share a passion for magic... anything could happen! 21.9.02


Derren Brown Live. Ian Carpenter reviews Derren Brown's stage show this week. Click Here 21.9.02


The British Ring Eastbourne Convention starts on Wednesday morning at 9.30am with two workshops from Steve Bedwell (left) and David Grist. The registration desk actually opens at 7.30pm on Tuesday evening and will remain open throughout the convention for registrants who can only attend on a single day. Since the original press release went out even more performers have been booked (it looks like it's going to be a very good convention this year). For the programme of events Click Here 21.9.02


Paul Kieve has been heavily involved in the development and rehearsals of a new West End musical which opens at the Cambridge Theatre in October. Our House - A London Love Story features the music of Madness, was written by Tim Firth, and is to be directed by Matthew Warchus (Art) with Choreography by Peter Darling (Billy Elliot). Our House follows the life of Joe, a young lad who commits a petty crime to impress his girlfriend. Following the crime the show takes off in two different directions as we see what course Joe's life would have taken if he had A: stayed to face the fast approaching Police, or, B: made a swift exit. (In a similar vain to the movie Sliding Doors.) Magical effects include the moment where the lead character splits into two, as well as numerous devices to enable the two versions of Joe to be played by the same actor. At certain points he is seemingly in two places at the same time! Our House is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and opens at the Cambridge Theatre in Seven Dials on October 21st, with previews in early October. Box office 020 7494 5399. Website: 21.9.02


The Glasgow Magic Circle present their first Magic Convention on Sunday 13th October at the Redhurst Hotel, 77 Eastwoodmains Road, Giffnock, Glasgow G46. Here's a quick look at the day: 9.30am doors open, 10.15am Lecture - Colin Rose (left), 11.45am Five top close-up magicians, 1.45pm Lecture - Ron Popple, 3.15pm New Lecture - Wayne Dobson, Magic Dealers: Keith Bennett, Mark Mason (JBTV), Wayne Dobson, Hocus Pocus, Colin Rose, Ron Popple, Funjurors, Mark Leveridge. Dinner at 7pm followed by a Night of Magic starring Wayne Dobson, Colin Rose, "The Great Nardini", and John Archer. Registrations close this weekend, telephone: 0141 637 2533 for details. 21.9.02


Patrick Page's Book of Visual Comedy has just been published. 120 A4 pages full of visual comedy with large cartoon illustrations by Max Morpurgo to drum home the written word. Pat has a wealth of magical knowledge but here it's all those bits of business that he has either seen or performed over the years that make up the bulk of the book. To read the review Click Here 21.9.02


Kevin Gallagher recently completed filming for the forthcoming Liberal Democrats Party Conference. In the video Labour is depicted as a "down on his luck con-man come card sharp" who, having attracted the general public with false promises and sincerity, finds them leaving in their droves when they realise that they've been cheated. It was filmed in London's East Street market with real, unsuspecting, members of the public. This led to a number of amusing incidents where people, cash in hand, were ready to try their luck - not realising that a number of discrete cameras were watching from afar! A cut down version of the production is to be used for the Liberal Democrats Party Political Broadcast on Wednesday 25th. 21.9.02


Road to Perdition opened in the UK last week. Based on the 1998 novel of the same name, and set in 1930's Chicago, Jude Law, coached by Guy Hollingworth, performs some coin flourishes. 21.9.02


Marvin Berglas demonstrates some of the new products in the Marvin's Magic range on Wednesday 25th September, for an hour, on shopping channel QVC. 21.9.02


On Tuesday 17th September Manchester Circle of Magicians held a novel and unusual evening by inviting four different Magic Dealers to demonstrate and sell their products. To a packed house of 120 members Adrian Sullivan, Harry Robson, Andy Normansell and Derek Lever baffled and entertained with the latest and the greatest for over 2 hours. Sales for all four dealers were the equivalent of attending a small Convention and everyone went home happy. It is believed that this is the first time ever that four Magic Dealers have presented a Dealer Demonstration to a Club on the same night and as a direct result seven new members joined the Manchester Circle, taking their total membership to an astonishing 220. The Times magazine, the official organ of the Club, is now produced bi-monthly and a half year membership costs just 6.00. Full details of how to join this modern and go-ahead Club can be obtained by visiting  21.9.02


Paul Daniels is a guest on Meet Ricky Gervais on Friday 27th September on Channel 4. In this repeat, recorded before the success of Ricky Gervais's The Office, you'll find yourself smiling, laughing, and cringing - all at the same time. 21.9.02


Master Showman Uri Geller was the subject of last week's BBC2 documentary Reputations. The 50 minute programme portrayed Uri in a favourable light, and as ever his charm shone through. Critic James Randi came over as the spoilt child at a birthday party who tries to shout out all the secrets (without understanding that "secrets" are not really what this is all about). Uri can also be seen next week in Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment at 10.30pm on Sunday 29th September on BBC 2. 21.9.02


Chris Moyles hosts a new nightly show starting this week (Monday - Friday, Channel 5, 7pm). A "topical entertainment" type format, the show is to be broadcast live from a pub in North London. The producers have been contacting close-up magicians all week to "come and perform some magic". The show is being targeted at a TFI Friday type audience. 21.9.02


Expect to see some magic on David Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment this Sunday (BBC2 10.40pm) and on The League of Gentlemen on Thursday 26th (BBC2 10pm)  Paul Gordon presents his Card Magic Lecture at the Coventry Magic Circle on October 15th, Bolton Magician on October 16th and the Derby Magic Circle on October 23rd Click Here for more details  Following on from last week, more Roger Crosthwaite products are available online at Items include Roger's Real Gone Aces (book and video), Nine By Northwest (booklet) and the new Inner Sanctum Video volume one (a new re-release of the "must see" hit 1980's video series)  See you at Eastbourne, I'm performing on the Wednesday night cabaret, Duncan. 21.9.02