Number 152 - 24th May 2003


In May 2004 legendary street performer Gazzo will tour UK magic clubs. Gazzo is without doubt one of the world's most entertaining and experienced street performers and the lecture will cover the art and history of street work, crowd management and the psychology of street performing. Gazzo will work with his cups and balls, the three card monte and card and betting scams, and will also be offering each club a separate workshop on the cups and balls. These will be two hours long and will be limited to just ten participants. If you haven't seen Gazzo perform the cups and balls then, well, you really need to!

Gazzo will also be presenting two day Street Performing Masterclasses. During the Masterclass participants will get the chance to watch Gazzo perform on the street and then hear him explain his work in detail. Each participant will then get the chance to work the streets with Gazzo as advisor; with everything being videoed for study later.

Although a year away Gazzo is really looking forward to the tour and the opportunity to share his thoughts and knowledge. For further information regarding the lecture, the Cups and Balls Workshop and the Masterclass (limited places) contact Simon Jackson I saw Gazzo's first ever street performance in Covent Garden in '83 (I think it was '83) and it was good... four weeks later and it was excellent. Gazzo had "it" from day one. In a world full of "street magicians" who frankly aren't here is a real opportunity to enjoy the work of one who is! More details and dates in the future - organisers should email Simon (above) to book. Phantoms of the Card Table, David Britland and Gazzo's new book, was reviewed last week, Click Here.


Objective Productions are currently producing a series on the world's greatest magic tricks which will be broadcast on Channel Five in the Autumn. The six one hour specials will be hosted by the four stars of Objective's Monkey Magic series and will feature footage and interviews from the world’s greatest magicians. Amongst those already interviewed are Lance Burton, Franz Harary, The Pendragons, Penn & Teller, The Amazing Jonathan, Jeff McBride, Channing Pollock, Ali Bongo, Derren Brown, Michael Bailey, Alan Shaxon, Kevin James, Mac King, Anita Harris, Max Maven, Mike Caveney and Falkenstein & Willard. The programmes are being Series Produced by Anthony Owen (Objective's Head of Formatted Magic Programming), Executive Produced by Andrew O'Connor and Produced by Debbie Young. Consultant Producer is David Britland, Programme Consultant is Andy Nyman and Magic Design is by Richard Pinner. 24.5.03


Many Congratulations to Derren Brown and the entire Objective Productions team for winning the variety award at this year's prestigious Montreux TV Festival with Derren Brown - Mind Control. Now who would have predicted that a few years ago (apart from Derren that is)? 24.5.03


Mark Parker's new book Illusion Design is now being advertised on MagicWeek. Here are some of its key features: The book is illustrated in full colour throughout. It contains 7 original stage illusions and two unique illusions designed for TV or film. It's the first time since the Paul Osborne series that David Mendoza has contributed to an illusion book. It features original sketches to accompany the text. Tony Clark reveals his 15 Second Theory. "I got the book... and, it's great! Congratulations not only on the thinking, the concepts and the psychology behind the contents of the book... but also on the presentation and the layout of the book itself. The diagrams and illustrations are excellent! A very inspirational book." Shahid Malik - Illusionist. For more information and to order online visit: - Illusion Design, Publication & Effects. 24.5.03


Cahoots NI are currently touring a new innovative piece of theatre throughout Ireland called A Fairy's Tale. The Company was founded by their artistic director Paul Mc Eneaney and uses theatrical illusion as an essential ingredient in all their productions. A Fairy's Tale is aimed at young children with a broader appeal for a family audience and features a wide range of newly designed illusions. For tour dates see What's On or visit: 24.5.03


Dorian Michael, Phil Jay and Chris Dugdale get a Royal Invitation! The three performed at the Royal Horseshow Diamond Jubilee Celebration Ball in Windsor on Friday, May 16th, entertaining guests during the champagne reception. Chris also entertained both Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip who were enthralled by his magic. Organiser Emma Bagwell Purefoy said the magic was the highlight of the evening! Look out for a new TV commercial for The Independent featuring Chris Dugdale and David Penn. 24.5.03


Trevor Duffy is an award winning magician who has travelled extensively in the United States, England and Africa and now resides in Johannesburg. He has received Gold and Silver awards for sleight of hand, close-up, and children’s magic and recently won a Gold Medal for invention, for his card trick, Minds in Focus. In 2002 he came 2nd in the Australian IBM close-up competition. Trevor will be in the UK in July and is available for one night only on Thursday, July 10th, to present his lecture Crossing the Fine Line the crux of the lecture being: "When you have finished your performance, do people go away saying, 'That was a nice show!' or do they say, 'That was unbelievable, what an experience… I'll never forget it!'" Trevor shares valuable insights and ideas in a lecture that is guaranteed to motivate any magician. The session begins with a close-up performance (10-12 minutes), followed by the lecture (not less than 60 minutes) and finally a presentation of his products. Interested club secretaries should email Trevor for more information. 24.5.03


James Prince has been performing close-up magic every Tuesday evening at Kutis in Southampton for over six years now and on Wednesday's he's also at Chutney's on London Road. So if you're in Southampton, and you fancy a "curry & close-up" pop in. James usually works between 8pm - 10.30pm and is sure to make you welcome. 24.5.03


Houdini is being shown again on Tuesday 3rd June on Sky Movies Cinema 1. "The story of how struggling performer Harry Houdini became a success in Europe and, following his return to the USA, began to establish himself, by way of his death-defying feats, as the greatest escapologist of all time." 24.5.03


Tony Griffith has only two places left for his Creative Magic lecture day on Sunday July 6th. There is a discount on the registration fee if you book before May 31st. Contact Tony on 01275 837017 as soon as possible to learn from the experience of a magician who has performed and lectured world wide. 24.5.03


Leeds Magician holds new World Record. On Sunday, 18th May, at the Leeds Magical Association's annual convention, Graham Roe, who performs as Jack Diamond, broke the world record for dice stacking. Jack turned 24 dice into a precarious 45cm stack with one continuous side to side sweep of a huge dice shaker. The dice were laid out and one by one Jack scooped them up into the mouth of the shaker using nothing but centrifugal force. An audience of over 200 magicians watched with bated breath as the shaker that covered the dice was lifted, little by little, revealing the gigantic stack. In order to break the world record Jack was permitted to have four attempts - he succeeded on his first. Having been properly witnessed this record will now be submitted to the Guinness Book of Records. 24.5.03


Next week we'll bring you details of the finest Cups and Balls... ever! • Kenrick 'Ice' McDonald's recent lecture at the Guild of Magicians Nottingham is reviewed by Freddie Wilkinson Click Here • Derek Lever received a standing ovation for his recent lecture on Illusions given to the Manchester Circle of Magicians. Membership has now risen to 365 and costs just £10.00 per year, for details visit: • Upcoming TV series Astounding Celebrities, mentioned in MagicWeek just a few weeks ago, has a new transmission date: Sunday 22nd June at 5 pm on ITV1 and then every other Sunday for nine weeks • Close-up magician Mike Christy has a new website: as does Jez Rose: • Do you own a Pro-Folio? If you do and you've created some routines for it Andy Nyman would love to hear from you as he is planning a new book of routines. Contact Andy at • Congratulations to Rob Page who, on the 21st, defended his Challenge Medal title at the Bexleyheath Society of Magicians, and won. The categories were: mental magic, card magic, close-up, silks and rope • Magician Steve Gore has a number of items for sale on his website, to read about them, and for more information, Click Here • Did you spot the card manips in the VaVaVoom ad during the commercial break on the opening night of the new Big Brother? Fantastic! See you next week, Duncan. 24.5.03