Number 157 - 28th June 2003


Franz Harary tops the bill at next year's Blackpool Magician's Convention, which runs from Friday 20th February to the 22nd February, 2004. Here's a hint of what's to come: On Friday night there will be lectures from: Bob Fitch, Greg Frewin and Paul Gertner plus the Close-Up Championships, Dealers (two Dealer Halls - allowing more than 100 dealers from all over the world to exhibit) and a "Comedy Cavalcade" with Neville King amongst others. Replacing the normal British Magical Stage Championships in the Opera House on Saturday night will be a new show "The Best of British - Command Performance" featuring: Tony Stevens, Wayne Dobson, Joe Tracini, Terry Seabrooke, Brian Sefton, David Penn, Mark Raffles, Chris North & Belinda, Jon Archer, Sheer Magic, Roy Davenport, Great Nardini, Michael Pearse, Christian and Mark Taylor plus dancers and more to be announced. On Saturday afternoon Rene Levand, Carl Cloutier and David Ginn lecture and on Sunday Derek Dingle and Henry Evans. Topping the bill on the Sunday Gala Show, already mentioned, is the sensational American illusionist Franz Harary (how's that for a CV) with comedy from Ken Dodd, Joe Pasquale, Johnnie Casson, Ray Allen & Lord Charles and Roy Gardner plus world class magic from Greg Frewin and Takamitsu Uchida (Takamitsu is something else). It's going to be another incredible weekend.

The registration desk opens on Tuesday, July 1st. The price of a Gold Registration is 65.00 (a 25.00 saving over booking each event individually) and if you book a Gold Registration before January 1st you'll receive a Document Case as part of the package. More details and a Registration Form on from 1st July.


Jeff Sheridan will be in the UK to lecture for International Magic on Saturday afternoon, July 19th, at the Cittie of Yorke Pub, 22 High Holborn, London WC1 (Map). Sheridan was one of the highlights at last year's International Magic Convention. Martin MacMillan has organised a number of "one off" events like this one in the past, and they are always a great success. To be sure of your ticket (10 each) it is best to telephone International Magic on 020 7405 7324 a.s.a.p. (Or email: If magic clubs and organisations would like to book Jeff Sheridan's lecture (in July, August and part of September) they should also contact Martin for details. Photo (1977) by William Bigart, from Street Magic now published by Kaufman and Company in the States. 28.6.03


Waterstone's of Edinburgh laid on a special treat for an invited group of children on Friday, June 20th. Top local magician Gary James put on a magic show (in full Wizard attire), and then led the countdown to the actual book launch, complete with a special signing by none other than J.K Rowling herself. 28.6.03


The Movie - Tricks and Fiction from the Road is reviewed by Peter Lamont this week: "...beyond the strength of the material and the clarity of the explanations and the excellent production values and all the other usual considerations that will be covered by professional reviewers, this is actually enjoyable to watch. It is, quite frankly, the only magic DVD or videotape I have ever watched all of." (I've only ever made it through a handful myself Peter!) Click Here. 28.6.03


Paul Zenon is the special guest on The Terry and Gaby Show at 11am on Thursday 3rd July on Five. 28.6.03


The Order of the Magi will be holding a Giant Auction on Tuesday 8th July at The Irish World Heritage Centre, Queens Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester. With viewing from 6.30pm, the auction will start at 7.30pm. To buy or sell visit the website for more details: 28.6.03


Tom MacKay is a magician who also runs courses in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which may be of interest to readers. Areas covered include: advanced language and influence skills, developing sensory acuity, hypnosis, building rapport and mastering your self confidence. For more information visit: 28.6.03


Spooked the Video has just been released by Nick Einhorn. "From a borrowed deck, a card is freely chosen and returned. The deck is isolated on the floor, away from the magician. Under complete control the deck eerily begins to cut itself to a card in the centre. This card literally 'jumps' out, away from the deck and is revealed to be the selected card. Everything can be handed out for immediate examination." Filmed at The Magic Circle's HQ in London this video leaves no stone unturned and includes many updated techniques and tips. Also included the original (and somewhat rare) manuscript and gimmick. Available from Nick for 55.00 + 3.00 p&p in the UK. For more information email: website: 28.6.03


International News: FISM 2003 dawns. Full registrations for the whole convention are no longer available but day tickets can still be bought. Visit: FISM 2003 for full details. 28.6.03


John Derris lectures at the Bolton Magician's Club (The Cotton Tree, Prince Street, Bolton) at 8.30 pm on Wednesday 2nd July. Visiting magicians are welcome (3 entrance fee on the door). For more information visit the website or contact Jimmy Heaton on 01204 403884. 28.6.03


The Magic Club (Birmingham) present, on July 6th, cabaret magic with Dave Jones, comedy magic with Alec Powell (photo) and "gothic" magic from Dr Jonathan Strudwick. Held at the Boundary Hotel, Walsall. Map. The doors open at 8pm. Website. 28.6.03


Merlins of Wakefield are among just a handful of dealers in Europe to stock the US precision made range of Viking/Collectors Workshop magic products. These items aren't mass produced and are bound to enhance any magic collection. Call Merlins on 01924 339933, or email for more details. 28.6.03


Essex based Escapologist Stuart Burrell has received confirmation that he has successfully set two Guinness World Records. His escape attempt took place back in November 2002 in a charity event to raise money for Children In Need. He escaped from two regulation Smith and Wesson type 100 handcuffs 301 times in one hour and set an additional record for escaping from a similar cuff in 10 seconds. "I had no idea that this was possible" said Stuart. "The seven month wait to hear has been almost as bad as the escapes themselves. I am amazed at the response we got on the night and I am just glad we got people to put their hands in their pockets for a good cause." 28.6.03


Peter Hopkins - seen here gearing up for a blindfolded drive which he'll be making on Sunday, July 6th, from the Oval Basin in Cardiff Bay at 1.30pm. Everything will be checked and verified by a committee who will ensure that Peter is genuinely blindfolded and that it is impossible for him to see or be guided in any way. Once blindfolded, he'll attempt to negotiate his way through busy traffic on a round trip, returning to the Oval Basin. Peter aims to raise awareness (and money) for Ty Hafan, the children's hospice. The highlight of Peter's career so far was when he recently received a Magical Masterclass Achievement Award, presented to him by Paul Daniels. It was that course that spurred him on to try this blindfolded drive. Peter Hopkins: 07780 841262 28.6.03


Lance Burton Master Magician: Top Secret is being repeated on ITV2 next Saturday. See TV Magic for full listings. 28.6.03


Just as some magicians collect domain names magic dealer Tony Curtis has always collected "magic" number plates. If anyone likes the sound of TI2ICKA (TRICKA) they should contact Tony via 28.6.03


MagicWeek will be 3 years old on July 1st 2003! It's also featured in the current edition of WebUser (26th June - 9th July, Issue 60) in a Top 10 Magic Sites feature. For MagicWeek they wrote: "Magic news for the professionals, with reviews and profiles, and plenty of links." Also in the list, MagicWeek advertiser Just a quick reminder that the Save Watersmeet Action Group are presenting a "Magic Spectacular" on Friday July 4th at 8pm at the Watersmeet Theatre, High Street, Rickmansworth - see What's On for details Derren Brown's Absolute Magic is now available from and Jerome Flynn who is currently playing Tommy Cooper in John Fisher's Jus' Like That! talks to Michelle Green of Reuters: "I don't know what it is, but it doesn't feel like acting. It feels like an act of surrender, just letting Tommy's spirit take over." To read the full piece Click Here Astounding Celebrities, the new TV show featuring close-up magicians performing to celebrities has, for the third time, had its initial airing date cancelled. It was due to go out from the 29th "Aspiring wizards learned some of the tricks of the trade when an internationally renowned magician gave a celebrity lecture." To read the full story in the Stourbridge Express & Star Click Here Your magic news and reviews are always welcomed - see you next week, Duncan. 28.6.03