Number 158 - 5th July 2003


Paul Zenon's 100 Ways to Win a Tenner has just been published by Carlton Books and is now available from a number of MagicWeek advertisers. It's packed full of scams and swindles that will leave you 10 up every time! Using everyday objects these bets require only one thing... nerve! This is a complete insider's guide that will enable you to come out ahead just about anywhere - whenever the opportunity for a little bet presents itself! Paul appeared on the Terry and Gaby show on Five last week, performing material from the new book and having fun. 5.7.03


Following on from the success of the Paul Daniels Masterclass staged earlier this year Paul has received many requests to repeat it, and will do so, in the Autumn. If you missed the Masterclass first time around, and are interested in attending a future Masterclass, email: for details. Paul has just released a 'video highlights' package of the event, featuring some of the best moments from both the UK and US sessions. Paul commented, "Obviously the video is no substitute for being there and enjoying the full day of instruction, but it's the next best thing. It was a virtually impossible task to condense almost 60 hours of footage into a 2 hour programme, but we are very pleased with the result." To order the video Click Here. 5.7.03


Award winning Mark Shortland, (winner of The Ken Dodd Award for the best Comedy Act, the British Ring IBM Stage Comedy Magician of the Year, the British Ring IBM Tom Harris Cup for Comedy and the British Ring IBM Close-up Magician of the Year) will be lecturing at The Magic Club of Great Britain on Thursday, 17th July. Club evenings start at 7.00pm and end at 8.30pm and include refreshments. Visiting Magicians are always welcome and should call Eugene Matthias on 07730 111111 for details. The venue: Centrecom, 602 North Row, Secklow Gate West, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3BJ. In August Wayne Dobson lectures. 5.7.03 are now advertising with MagicWeek. Products include: Videos, DVD's, Manuals, E-Books, and a complete hypnotic course on CD-ROM - in fact just about everything for the hypnotist. The company cater for full-time hypnotists as well as magicians who want to learn more about this fascinating subject. For more information visit: 5.7.03


Although some MagicWeek readers will have had a sneak preview, July 1st saw the official launch of Paul Daniels' online magic shop: Paul told MagicWeek that he established it because he found many magic shop websites difficult to navigate, and felt he could bring something a little different to the community. "We have a huge warehouse which used to house my big illusions, and all that space means we can now keep a great range of stock. Commenting on the main features of the site, Paul said, "the range will increase dramatically over the next few weeks, we are offering free postage on orders over 40, and there are a number of exclusives including my own range of products. We also have an affiliate program so that any magician who has a website can direct people to the shop and benefit from commission on every sale." Visit: today. 5.7.03


Just Passing Thru, Pinnacle and Project X are all now available from In Just Passing Thru objects literally pass through a bank note - and it looks great! (Take a look at the video clip on Alakazam's website.) Pinnacle involves the linking and unlinking of a borrowed finger ring and elastic band, and it too is very impressive. And finally Project X (which I haven't seen yet) is a mind-bending card trick with a special deck of bicycle cards. for more information. 5.7.03


Celebration is the title of a brand new lecture/dem from Mark Leveridge for 2004 and beyond, and has been produced to celebrate the fact that he has been lecturing for 25 years. The first half consists of totally new material covering close-up, stand up and children's work. None of the items have been released or published anywhere before, and all will be performed and thoroughly explained and virtually no specialist props are required; everything can be made up by those who wish to. After a break the second half of the evening consists of a short dealer dem of Mark's latest releases (full presentations but no explanations) followed by a display of his entire product range. Three separate weeks have been set aside in 2004 for clubs to book Mark in. Any club booking a date within these weeks will benefit from a special deal on the lecture costs. The three weeks are: 8th March 2004 - 14th March 2004, 17th May 2004 - 23rd May 2004 and 14th June 2004 - 20th June 2004. Full information and pricing can be found on Mark's website. Clubs should to call (01392 252000) or email a.s.a.p. Mark's details can also now be found in the lecturers section in MagicWeek: Lecturers. 5.7.03


Elliot Watson will be performing walk-around magic, as well as his "street style" show, at the Riverside Festival 2003 in Stamford, Lincolnshire today (Saturday, July 5th). There will also be a children's Magic & Music show, bands, art exhibitions, a dedicated children's marquee, fairground rides, a procession through the town, craft and trade stalls, a spectacular fireworks finale and the town's biggest and best beer festival! In other words something for everyone. For more information contact Martin Smith 01780 481236, Sarah Minty 07815 316420, or visit Elliot's website: 5.7.03


Mafia Magic: Mel Harvey has developed a new comedy and magic act based on a 1930s Chicago style gangster. To read the full story in the Leamington Spa Courier Click Here. 5.7.03


Carlton TV's lifestyle programme 'Our House' is back for a ninth series this year. They are on the lookout for really interesting and unusual homes to feature in the series (that must be located somewhere between the top of Wiltshire and the top of Derbyshire) and are particularly looking for a home which really reflects somebody's passion for magic, with lots to both look at and talk about. Ideally: "An interior which screams out magic because of the contents and the way it has been designed." If you think your house fits the bill, or you know of a property that just might, contact Ann Huckett on 0121 634 4082 or email: 5.7.03


Peter Hopkins, who had planned to go on a blindfolded drive on Sunday (see last week's MagicWeek), has had to make a swift u-turn: "The police officer who was coordinating the event, a PC Paul Daniels would you believe, has pulled the plug. This has been done not because they doubt my ability, or the safety of the event, but because they are worried about public opinion (i.e. the Police supporting someone driving blindfolded). I am now enjoying ten times more favourable publicity than the original event and this includes quotes of support from TV's Paul Daniels which adds credibility. The Police are coming out of this looking a bit silly." To read more from ICWales Click Here. 5.7.03


The original Charlie's Angels get up to a few tricks of their own on Wednesday on Five in 'Magic Fire' when they help a flame-throwing magician prove that he's not an arsonist! See TV Magic for full listings. 5.7.03


Penn & Teller - Phobophilia on PAL VHS is now available from "The comic magical duo demonstrate their own brand of horror magic with tricks and special effects." To order Click Here Anthony Owen is the current guest on the forum, and Geoffrey Durham's spell on MagicBunny is coming to an end We heard that the 7th Top Secret Magic Day held on June 1st was the most successful yet with 200 magicians attending. Next year it will take place on Sunday June 6th and already Gary Young is making plans, and has some great names lined up Howard Hughes MMC was recently engaged to entertain the children with his magic at the wedding of Brian Capron (Richard Hillman in ITV's Coronation Street) to Jacqueline Bucknell in the beautiful setting of Portmeirion, North Wales. Many of the Coronation Street cast were guests along with Midge Ure That's it for this week, your UK magic news is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 5.7.03