Number 163 - 9th August 2003


British magic hit an all-time low on Saturday night (August 2nd) with the transmission of Secrets of Magic. I had to have a good think before deciding to go ahead and review the show as I know all the magicians involved, both in front of and behind the camera. Most are really good friends, some I've known for 20 years. Between them they have been responsible for some of the finest televised magic I've ever seen and MagicWeek has supported their work and will no doubt support future projects too. But I thought Secrets of Magic was so bad. In my article/review I've tried to explain why I believe magic is so very special and why it should be treasured. Secrets of Magic: Click Here. 9.8.03


Edinburgh Reviews and listings:

• Peter Lamont's Confessions of a Psychic (left) Click Here

• Mark Salem's Out of His Mind Click Here

• An Audience with Paul Daniels and The Magic of Max Malini Click Here

• Keith Fields, Not Another Kid's Show? and M@gic.Comedy Click Here

• Magic @ Café Royal Click Here

• Bertie Pearce: All Aboard - The comedy of cruising Click Here

• Steve Rawlings' Circus and Magic School Click Here 9.8.03


David Copperfield makes a guest appearance on Scrubs on Channel 4 on Friday at 9.30pm. "JD is riding high after correcting a misdiagnosis by Dr. Cox, but is soon jerked back to reality. Meanwhile Elliot is struggling personally and professionally as she is forced to relinquish all of the luxuries that her father had been financing. And Carla learns that sometimes it's better to keep her opinions to herself." 9.8.03


Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed can be seen yet again on Sunday 10th, with another in the series on the following Saturday, and Secrets of Street Magicians Finally Revealed is repeated on Sunday 17th... and so it goes on... 9.8.03


Rob James has just completed filming some card shuffling/manipulation sequences for a new one-off television show. Born Different is a sixty minute documentary being produced by Tigress Productions to be shown on Channel 5, and worldwide on Animal Planet. The card work is being used to illustrate the process of natural selection. 9.8.03 are now advertising with MagicWeek. The Brett Sherwood Cups come with an endorsement from The Dai Vernon Estate and have instantly been recognised as being the world's finest cups. The initial feedback from customers has been incredible (see "Testimonials" on the website). For full information and to see the cups in all their glory visit: - to see a close-up photo right now Click Here. 9.8.03


Wayne Dobson lectures at The Magic Club of Great Britain on Thursday, August 21st and visiting magicians are welcome. The lecture will be held at Centrecom, 602 North Row, Secklow Gate West, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3BJ and starts at 7pm (ending around 8.30pm) Tickets are £12 each and include refreshments. For more information contact Eugene Matthias on Free Phone: 0800 298 5884. 9.8.03 are suffering from "Summer Madness" at the moment: "Here in the store the air conditioning has broken down and the heat has sent us a bit daft!! So for a limited time only all orders over £50 will receive a free mystery trick!!" See for details, and while you are there make sure you checkout Matt Ellison's Triple Impact - we've heard great things about this one! 9.8.03


Following on from the success of his Creative Magic Lecture/Teach In (review) Tony Griffith is holding a second day, on Sunday 16th November, at his home in Bristol. The material presented in this Lecture/Teach In day places the emphasis on subtlety, routining and entertainment. Areas covered include Close-up Magic, After Dinner Speaking, Trade Shows, Promotion, Publicity and Organisation. The cost is £40 (which includes morning coffee, buffet lunch and afternoon tea) Register before 30th September for £30. Seating is strictly limited. "House Full" notices went out well before the last day in July. Contact Tony for more information: Telephone: 01275 837017. 9.8.03


Dante Memorial Fund Update. (See MagicWeek number 153) In the first 64 days of fundraising, the Dante Memorial Fund has received over $6,000 in donations. To further enhance the fundraising activities magic collectibles have been offered via with new listings posted on Sunday evenings. Donations from $1 - $500 have been received from magic enthusiasts everywhere, all wanting to participate in honouring the "Last of the Great Masters" from the world of magic, through this project. You can play a part in this historical event by sending whatever amount you can to The Dante Memorial Fund, c/o WestAmerica Bank, P.O. Box 47, Novato, CA 94948. 9.8.03


Ian Kendall (video clip) will be performing a one off show at the Cafe Royal in Edinburgh today (Saturday 9th), filling in for Tim Saiet who has had to return to London. The show starts at 5pm and costs £5 to sit in air conditioned coolness for an hour. Ian is a veteran of the Fringe with over 200 shows over ten years. On Sunday Rob Cox and Mandy Davis (photo) take over for the week. For booking information: Click Here.


"Brother John Hamman was one of the most ingenious and influential card magicians in modern times. There have been books and videos featuring his magic. But now, thanks to Geno Munari, we are about to be treated to the ultimate Hamman collection in a fabulous new multiple DVD set." Over 10 hours of footage and 98 routines on six discs for £35.00 plus p&p - howzat! In stock and available now from 9.8.03


Paul Daniels, currently presenting two different shows in Edinburgh, describes himself as a "happy bunny" in an article on News BBC Click Here. Meanwhile back home Paul has come up with a perfect once and for all solution to his house flooding problems: "When we were flooded again in January, I decided to tear everything down and start again. We're going to rebuild it all on pillars, one and a half metres higher than before." To read the full story in The Telegraph Click Here. 9.8.03


Pollock's Packs a Punch. Pollock's Toy Museum, 1 Scala Street, London W1 are holding an exhibition featuring puppets and memorabilia from the collection of Prof. John Styles, including booths used in the 1960's cult television series The Avengers and the Monty Python inspired film Time Bandits, plus puppets and artifacts that are over 100 years old. Also on display, for the first time in public, a unique collection of Punch & Judy prints dating from the late 18th and 19th centuries from the collection of Mr George Speaight, the distinguished historian of the popular theatre and authority on Punch and the Toy Theatre. Punch & Judy shows will be performed every Saturday in August. More information from the Museum telephone: 020 7636 3452 or visit the website: Click Here. 9.8.03


Jus' Like That! closed on August 2nd after a very successful run at the Garrick Theatre in London's West End • That's it for this week, your magic news is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 9.8.03