Number 284 - 3rd December 2005


Sir Trevor McDonald presents his favourite Tommy Cooper clips on Thursday, December 8th, at 10pm on ITV1 (not as billed in Radio Times) in Tommy Cooper - Must See TV. "The Magic Circle open their normally closely-guarded doors to welcome Tommy Cooper fan Sir Trevor McDonald for his personal celebration of the gentle giant of comedy magic. Trevor plunders the ITV archives for a wealth of classic moments and long-forgotten gems from one of Britain's best-loved comedians." See TV Magic. To buy Tommy Cooper on DVD from Click Here. 3.12.05


Paul Zenon's Revenge Squad. Ginger TV presents an exhilarating one-off entertainment show with a revengeful twist - Paul Zenon's Revenge Squad, at 11pm on Friday December 23rd, on ITV1. "Revenge Squad sees trickster and mischief-maker Paul Zenon and his team of miscreants exact hugely satisfying revenge on a source of great public irritation traffic wardens - in this one-off special. The traffic warden is a modern species that started life with the honourable intent of genuinely easing congestion in town centres. Zenon believes they have now mutated into the shock troopers of a vast money-making operation, driven by an obsession with exceeding quotas to win the monthly highest achiever holiday. In a series of secretly filmed and hilarious stunts, pranks and street tricks, punctuated with helpful 'how to' sections, Paul Zenon's Revenge Squad will strike back for the little guy in this observational, fast-moving and gritty show. Fundamentally mischievous and light-hearted in tone, the Squad seek revenge in a sharp, funny, and incisive way. They don't get mad, they get even." 3.12.05


The Commercial Close-up Forum - update. Bookings are going well for this new event being organised by Mark Leveridge Magic on January 29th 2006, in Newbury. Registrants will no doubt be delighted that one of the three performers featured on the day, Nick Einhorn, recently won the all-winners Magic Circle Centenary Close-up Competition. Nick's one of the very best close-up magicians/lecturers in the country. Registrations can be made online via and advance booking is recommended. This is a real opportunity to take your commercial work to the next level. The day will be spent in small groups with Nick Einhorn, Martin Sanderson and Mark Leveridge and represents excellent value at just 40.00 per registration. 3.12.05


Hey Presto Family Magic Show. Once again the Bradford Magic Circle present an evening of magic at the Bingley Arts Centre, Bradford (info) on Saturday 4th March 2006 at 7.30pm. Starring: Andrew Van Buren & Company (photo), Ward Allen and Roger the Dog, Ray Roberts, Miss Ell Vee, The Great Si Moano and the Spotlight Dancers. Tickets are 7 for adults (6 concessions) in the stalls and 6 for adults (5 concessions) rear stalls from all Bradford Theatres booking offices and agencies, or by phoning 01274 432000. Further details from Steve Gore, Publicity Officer for the Bradford Magic Circle: 01274 780160. 3.12.05


Crowdpuller the new 2 disc DVD set from is featured under Magic DVDs this week. "The street is where it all began both historically and personally. I've spent over fifteen years making a living performing magic to crowds that didn't know they were going to be a crowd. Providing the unexpected to the unsuspecting. Shakespeare said 'all the world's a stage' and if the police don't stop you then that's pretty much true. No matter where in the world I've been, and I've been around, no matter what language the people speak, the magic works" Peter Wardell. Crowdpuller is available from your favourite magic dealer. 3.12.05


The Magic Circle Awards Banquet. On Saturday, November 26th, at the annual Magic Circle Awards Banquet a number of well-known magicians were recognised for either their performing skills or their major contribution to the society, and the world of magic in general. The Cecil Lyle Award went to David Tomkins (best magic trick submitted to The Magic Circular). The Magic Circle Centenary Close-up Magician to Nick Einhorn. The JN Maskelyne Award for Art and Literature to Michael Bailey and Eddie Dawes for their outstanding publication 'Circle Without End' which details the history of The Magic Circle. The Carlton Award for Comedy to Peter Wardell. A Special Presentation, which recognised the huge amount of work in organising the 'Meet The Magic Circle' evenings, was made to Dianne O'Brien. Silver Wands, were presented to Michael Alderman, Director of The CMA and Terry Snow, Technical Building Supervisor for many years. The Young Magician of the Year award had already been presented to Steve Dela but, following his cabaret appearance at the event, he was recognised once more for his achievement. The Devant Award for an outstanding contribution to 'International Magic' was awarded to John Calvert. The Maskelyne Award for services to British magic was presented to Brian Miller. The Magic Circle Gold Medal, which is the highest degree one can achieve in the society was presented to Michael Bailey. Apart from being a past President of The Magic Circle Michael has, over the years, carried out a huge amount of work on behalf of the club, and helped carry it forward into the 21st century. 3.12.05


Tim Clothier's new book Advanced Illusion Projects is out now. Tim, an independent British illusion inventor and designer, is now based in Las Vegas. He is also a full time illusion builder for Splashes Creative Services in Vegas. Tim has designed illusions for some of the top names in magic including Criss Angel and Las Vegas headliner Dirk Arthur, and has built props for David Copperfield. Tim's new book 'Advanced Illusion Projects' is a collection of 8 original illusions with details showing how a professional illusion builder would construct them. The book includes storyboards, exploded diagrams, scale drawings, photographs, and a chapter looking at constructing an illusion mock up. Advanced Illusion Projects, full colour, 156 pages. To order online visit 3.12.05


Doug Segal will present a number of live spots in the crowd at Somerset House, on BBC1's New Year's Eve Show from 11.30pm on December 31st. The show will be co-hosted by Kirsty Wark. 3.12.05


Sean Goodman can be seen this evening in Sleight of Mind at St Georges Theatre, Great Yarmouth. "Sean's relaxed informal style, together with feats of telepathy, ESP and foresight create a memorable show guaranteed to leave the audience wanting more and questioning the power of the mind." Venue: St Georges Theatre, King Street, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 2PG (Map) Date: 3rd December, Tickets: 9 for adults, 7 concessions, 25 for a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children), Box Office: 01493 858387 3.12.05


Gary Jones and Jayne Corrigan helped some well known celebrities get into the festive spirit last week at The Marriott Hotel, Swiss Cottage, London, when they performed close-up magic at a Christmas party attended by a host of stars from both screen and stage. Gary and Jayne are pictured here with Nicholas Parsons; one of the many well known faces., 3.12.05


Magic Cavern Season Extended. The Magic Cavern in London has extended its run of 3pm Sunday matinees. The new season opens on Sunday 8th January and is booking through to April 30th, see Richard Leigh (producer) is always looking for new acts for future programming, email with your act details. 3.12.05


Uri Geller "In 1973, self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller captured the attention of the world by bending a fork on television. What was so remarkable was that he claimed to do it using only the power of his mind. This film tells the fascinating story of a charismatic showman and his struggle for credibility and lasting fame - an enthralling tale of politicians and scientists, spies and aliens." Uri Geller - 12 midnight on Tuesday 6th December on BBC Prime. See TV Magic. 3.12.05


Ron's Day. The 34th International Magic Convention last weekend lived up to its reputation for being one of the very best, attracting magicians from all over the world. Performers that stood out amongst others were Martin Eisele - winner of the close-up competition (see Reviews), Rick Merrill - lecturing and performing, Kostya Kimlat and Will Houston. David Shiner's (photo) performance in the Gala Show was just perfect. He started his career as a street mime in Colorado and then traveled to Europe where he first performed on the streets of France and Germany. Then, in 1990, he was featured in the famed Cirque du Soleil production "Nouvelle Experience." Last weekend he stole the show with a brilliant piece of theatre that totally captivated the audience of magicians and public alike. Derren Brown was the surprise guest. We were treated to a number of clips from his upcoming series, some chat, questions from the audience and a live performance that had most well and truly flummoxed! During the Gala Show a video montage of photos and film footage of Ron MacMillan's act was shown. It was a real pleasure to see. The dates for next year's convention have already been set and once again it will be held at the Euston Novotel which really is the perfect convention venue. November 24th, 25th and 26th 2006 - put it in your diary! 3.12.05


"Magician and psychological illusionist Keith Barry will star in his own upcoming entertainment special on the CBS Television Network. The special will feature Barry displaying his vast range of magic skills on celebrities as he demonstrates his intuitive capabilities and amazing talents. Barry, already a popular talent in his native Ireland, has become a Hollywood force to be reckoned with over the past two years." To read the full story in The Funton Critic Click Here. 3.12.05


Ed Stivala will be entertaining with close-up magic at The Lime Bar & Restaurant in London on Thursday 8th December from 7pm to help with the venue's launch. 3.12.05


Ted Danson is remembered by John Derris, Click Here. 3.12.05


Gross Magic... "Liqiudize an eyeball into red goo and shock your audience with 'live' Cockroach eggs..." I reckon there's enough material in this single magic set for at least three E4 magic specials... Available from Click Here "He's got the magic touch" Click Here "Magician Casts His Spell on Wounded Troops in Texas" Click Here "Animal Magic" Click Here Look out for Darryl Rose on "I'm a Celebrity" on ITV2 at 10.30pm on Monday Mike Danata's Magic Studio will be open every Sunday in December between 2pm - 5pm and Mike will be on hand to demonstrate the latest magic "Magician may have vanished with $100K" Click Here "Private magic collection to be auctioned" Click Here Thanks to everyone who contributes to MagicWeek. See you next week, Duncan. 3.12.05