Number 316 - 15th July 2006


British Ring Convention 2006 - update: Trade Show Magic. This is a division of magic that is rarely featured at conventions. A lecture/workshop will be given by two of America's most successful tradeshow performers, Tim Conover and Seth Kramer. In this unique first-time tradeshow workshop both performers will commence with their prospective tradeshow ‘pitches’ followed by a 45-minute lecture with time for a Questions & Answer session on the techniques involved. For those of you wanting to break into this lucrative branch of magic this is an opportunity not to be missed. Shep Hyken doesn't normally appear at magic conventions. For a number of years he was a successful tradeshow magician before breaking into the world of 'Speaking'. Shep soon became a major player in the National Speakers Association of America, speaking to various corporate and business groups in customer services and training, using magic to highlight key points. His 'Magic and the Speaking Business' talk at Eastbourne will feature an actual performance example of a speech he would present to a corporate audience. 15.7.06


The Magic & Laughter Show. Mark Worgan is staging "The Magic & Laughter Show" at the Hippodrome Theatre, Seaside Road, Eastbourne BN21 3PF (Map) on September 9th at 8pm. Starring Dave Brown, Mel Harvey and Martyn James & Co and Mark Worgan. Tickets are £14 and £13 with a £1 reduction for children and senior citizens. Mark will be know to many readers as the man behind the excellent Klub Magic shows at the Komedia in Brighton. To book online Click Here. 15.7.06


Magic at the Barn. Starring Oliver Tabor and Scott Pepper, with guest spots from Lee Kiddie and Paul Brown (who will also be performing close-up before the show). Featuring award winning magic and hilarious comedy set in the intimate atmosphere of an enchanting 17th Century barn. 3pm and 7.30pm on Saturday 22nd July and 3pm and 7.30pm on Sunday 23rd July. Suitable for the whole family. Tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for children, available by phoning 07900 543384 or online The Barn at Sutton Hall Farm, Shopland Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1LQ. 15.7.06


Welcome to Wonderland - Part IV. "Witness the impossible as three top magical illusionists from around the world take to the stage in what's looking to be a sell-out show. Don't miss guest magicians Michael Jay and Tony Spallino who will be flying in all the way from America to perform their unique brands of themed magic. Also starring the spooky wizardry of Carpathian vampire Alucard Van Horn, the mind trickery of Wayne Clancy, and compere David Fung, this one-night-only show promises to deliver an amazing evening of live entertainment." Saturday 21st October, Doors open 6:30pm, Showtime: 7pm. Venue: Allum Hall, 2 Allum Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3PJ (Map). Tickets are £10.00 each and include refreshments. Book online: or by phone: 07765 000 974 or by post (cheques payable to "Gary Dowell") to: Welcome to Wonderland, PO Box 607, Edgware HA8 4EU. Call 07765 000 974 for more information or visit the website 15.7.06


Neil Burger's The Illusionist opens in the States on August 18th. Based on Steven Millhauser's short story 'Eisenheim the Illusionist' it is a supernatural mystery that combines romance, politics and magic. The Illusionist is the latest film from the producers of the Oscar winners Crash and Sideways. The film stars Academy Award nominees Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti as two men pitted against each other in a battle of wits: Norton as mysterious stage magician Eisenheim, and Giamatti as Vienna's shrewd Chief Inspector Uhl, with Jessica Biel sharing the screen as the beautiful Sophie von Teschen. Directed and written by Neil Burger. Music by Philip Glass. Technical advisors for Magic: Ricky Jay and Michael Weber. Magician consultancy: Dynamic FX Ltd. Magic consultants: James Freedman and Scott Penrose. Visit (excellent site) for trailers and more. 15.7.06


Recognition for Objective's magical creativity. Objective Productions had three of their shows listed in the recent Creative Report published by Broadcast, the weekly newspaper of the UK television industry. In the category of ‘Most Creative Entertainment’, Broadcast named Objective shows ‘Derren Brown – The Heist ‘, ‘Derren Brown – Trick Of The Mind’ and ‘Dirty Tricks’, giving Objective more entries in the category than any other UK independent production company - and more than the BBC Entertainment department. Broadcast’s Creative Report aims to establish the gold standard for the industry by analysing the winners and short-listed entries for the major national and international TV awards ceremonies over the past twelve months. Anthony Owen (photo), Objective’s Head of Magic and Executive Producer of all three programmes (along with Objective’s CEO Andrew O’Connor) said “It is terrific for the creativity of our programmes to be recognised by our peers in the television industry. All the praise is due to the fantastic team of performers and consultants and the great production teams I am fortunate to have working with me. Thanks must go to Channel Four for continuing their legacy of broadcasting and supporting the world’s most innovative magical performers.” 15.7.06


FISM merchandising programme. Featuring a carefully selected range of FISM branded products including T-shirts, Polo-shirts, bags, jackets, key-rings and other accessories this merchandise is aimed at FISM magicians and magic fans around the world. Eric Eswin, FISM Secretary General said: "FISM aims to enhance the art of magic worldwide while continually improving services to members. The launch of the FISM Store is another milestone in FISMs development." Visit to order online. 15.7.06


New - Trilogy Streamline - Now in stock! Trilogy Streamline is already receiving excellent reviews; original idea by Brian Caswell with new patter and structure by Richard Bellars: "I first saw Brian Caswell's Trilogy as a demo by Peter Nardi, it blew my head off and I immediately put it into my professional act. Then a few issues arose with it, I wanted it to take up less space in my pocket and I didn't like the idea of not having the deck in play from the beginning. Also I didn't want any pen and paper for the effect. I saw right at the end of the instructions by Brian that there was the possibility of a streamlined deck handling but he merely hinted at it. I have now taken this idea to the extreme. Trilogy Streamline comes complete with the Trilogy Streamline deck, exact handling, justifications and patter that I use to absolutely fry spectators and magicians." Visit for more information and to order. 15.7.06


Buckinghamshire Association of Magicians has just completed its first year in which the clubs' activities included workshops, self development sessions, learning, internal lectures and general friendly banter. BAM is still looking for more members in the Buckinghamshire area (or further afield if you are happy to travel). With a new venue in the pipeline it looks as if it will be easier for those on the Milton Keynes side of the county to join them. The next meeting is August 3rd and it's a show - you are more than welcome to attend. For more information contact Sam X 15.7.06


Come Fly With Me... "The plot is simple, yet the magic is stunning. Not one, not two, but three coins travel from the right fingertips across to the left fingertips. This is visual coin magic taken to a whole new level. Mark's revolutionary new handling for this modern classic will guarantee a mind blowing experience for any audience." Made in the USA with Morgan silver dollars to last a lifetime, complete with step by step instructional DVD. Mark Mason would like to thank both Bob Kohler and Steve Dusheck for their kind permission in allowing Come Fly With Me to be produced. Come Fly With Me will be released at FISM 2006 - pre-order now from "When you first showed me your coins across routine, I would have sworn you were doing the best sleeving I've ever seen. Then, I noticed that you were wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Honestly, I had no idea how you could make those coins travel so invisibly! And I know all the other methods. When you showed me what you were doing, I marveled at the beautiful, and clever workmanship of the coins. Please let me be one of the first to purchase a set." Bob King. Visit for more information and to order. 15.7.06


A Key By Any Other Name by Riley. "Possibly the definitive book on how to escape from handcuffs! For many years "Riley" and David Deval talked of updating the SAS book. Unfortunately David passed away before they could do so. After a little persuasion to share his years of experience, Riley has put into print everything you need to know about getting out of a pair of handcuffs covering methods for opening most of the styles of handcuffs and leg irons that you are ever likely to come across. Showing you how to adapt keys and make various shims and picks to cover almost any eventuality, it's all here. Thinking of becoming the next Houdini? Then there is no better place to start." Visit and select the 'New In' button. (A Top Secret Magic Exclusive). 15.7.06


Charlie Peterson's Primary Magic lecture has just been added to the MagicWeek Lecturers section. "This entertaining lecture offers practical ideas on how to make a living as a magician doing educational school assembly programmes. Charlie Peterson has been performing magic for over twenty years, and it has been his full-time career for the past eighteen. He currently averages 400+ shows per year and still has over two months off for holidays (if he chooses not to work other venues!). If you want to learn some of the secrets to making educational magic your career, including marketing tips, promotion, and ways to develop your own niche market, then this lecture is for you." Charlie specialises in educational school programmes. His lecture will include not only children’s magic, but will give you ideas on how to change standard magic props into educational tools. 15.7.06


Sean Heydon Live in Coventry. On Friday August 4th Sean Heydon will launch his all new parlour magic show at the Menzies Leofric Hotel in Coventry, featuring special guests "Men with Bananas" - a hilarious non-magic act! For more information Click Here. 15.7.06


Chris Congreave appeared at a charity Garden Party on July 9th run by the Heritage Foundation in aid of Royal Grammar School. The event has been going since 1991 when the first celebrity to attend was Peter Sellers. Chris is seen here with Nicholas Parsons OBE 15.7.06


The Return of the Chinawhite Magic Show - A Sav production for Chinawhite, Air Street, London, Thursday, July 20th. With Sav - Chinawhite deceptionist in residence, Noel Qualter - master of close-up magic, Rob Fox - breaking the boundaries of magic and psychological entertainment, Michael Korel - Chinawhite's resident psychic, Paul Zenon - one of the world's busiest comedy magicians, Keith (The Thief) Charnley - he'll literally steal the show, Alex Crow - presenting his Russian Roulette routine, and Duncan Trillo - contemporary sleight of hand magician. Members only. 15.7.06


Romi and Kerry Scorah enchanted guests attending this years Fantasia Charity Ball in Guernsey. They were flown in specially to entertain and left visitors spellbound after an evening of tarot reading and close-up magic. 15.7.06


Illusionist Andrew Green will be appearing at the Gaiety Theatre, Ayr, from Friday 21st July until Saturday 26th August Wednesday to Saturday, with a matinee on the Wednesdays. This revue style show with its full company of singers, dancers and a comedian will be featuring Andrew performing several of his custom made illusions within this fast paced Squires Johns Production. Andrew is also thrilled to be joined in September by the beautiful Gwen Hallam (from Charles Bach's - Wonders Show) and will be performing some brand new material during their month together cruising. 15.7.06


Jay Fortune is the 'brave' guest magician to join the Malcolm Marvelle - Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita show in Edinburgh. The League of Gentlemen's Reece Shearsmith saw the West End production of this spoof magic act created by Richard Leigh, Naomi Paxton and Anthony Pearson and said... "Everything I love... magic, comedy and pure terror!" 15.7.06


DoDeckaDeal by John Archer. Alakazam Magic Presents a fantastic coincidence effect using a pack of cards - as seen on the best-selling DVD Educating Archer. "An experiment is conducted to find the relationship between chance and choice. A deck of cards is fairly shown. After briefly shuffling the deck, half is given to a spectator, who again shuffles them and then begins to deal them into a small pile. The spectator is instructed to stop dealing by chance whenever she likes. The magician shuffles his half and allows the spectator to make a free choice from the face up cards. This chosen card is placed face up onto the spectator's pile. Now this same procedure is repeated twice more for the sake of scientific consistency. When the piles are examined it is found that the card stopped at by chance in every case is the exact mate of the card selected by choice! Can be repeated for the same audience! Easy to do! Extremely quick reset! DoDeckaDeal is supplied with full written instructions and special Bicycle deck of cards." Available from 15.7.06


Black Artefacts are pleased to announce that at last they have been able to produce a candle that drips 'blood' as it burns! "This new item, called 'The Bleeding Candle' makes a fantastic prop for any weird or spooky presentation or especially for a séance. Devilishly simple in operation the candle can be used unlit as an interesting prop or it can be used whilst burning, just watch the blood slowly drip from the candle and congeal with the wax. Each buyer receives a ready made bleeding candle and the necessary 'stuff' and instructions to make even more." Available only from the accessories and props section of the Black Artefacts online catalogue: 15.7.06


Northern Magic Circle Junior Day Results: The Johnny Neptune Trophy for the Close-up Competition was won by Michael Jordan, with Steven Bridges in second place. The Phyllis Davison Shield for Stage Magic was won by Michael and Siobhan Jordan as High Jinx, with Philip Nelson coming in second. The Quiz Winners were: St Johns Circle, Steven Bridges, James Broadbent and Christopher Michie. Presentations were made by Northern Magic Circle President Ian Crosswaite who then closed the day with thanks to everyone involved. All competitors received a certificate and a magic book courtesy of Kaymar Magic. 15.7.06


Merlins latest July/August 16 page Preview Catalogue is now out. If you are not already on their mailing list, then send them an email with your postal address, and they'll send you a free copy They will also add you to their new 'Premail list' and send you their twice monthly 'Premail' featuring new items, special offers, information and more. 15.7.06


Poole Magic Show. Magician Jamie Adams presents a charity showcase of magic to raise money for a little girl (Cherri) who is suffering from leukemia. The Show will be held at the Branksome St Aldhelms Centre, Poole Road, Poole on July 30th. Doors open at 6.15pm for a 7pm start. Tickets are just £5.00 from Jamie Adams on 01425 611589. There will be a buffet and refreshments and a raffle. Jamie Adams, Paul Hyland, Kelly Adams and Wesley Stone will all be performing and Mike Danata will be coming out of retirement for the evening to perform a thirty minute spot. Jamie emails "All proceeds will go towards providing a little comfort for Cherri. She is just three years of age and is suffering terribly. Please come along and help support the evening." 15.7.06


News from Bolton Magicians' Club: "Just emptied out that cupboard of forgotten magic tricks? Lost the instruction sheet for that old favorite? Found the prop, but forgotten the routine? Bring your old magic problem along to Bolton Magicians' Club on 26th July at 8.30pm and we'll help you puzzle it out!" This meeting will be held at the new venue of Bolton Magicians' Club in the Club Mistry Complex, 187 Derby Street, Bolton. Visit for a map and directions. Meetings are held on alternate Wednesdays at 8.30pm. Visiting magicians from other societies are always welcome. For more information visit or telephone Jim Heaton on 01204 403884, or Jim Burrows on 07850 356709. 15.7.06


Bath Circle of Magicians present their new international lecture programme: Friday 15th September: Charles Gaucci. Thursday 28th September: Charlie Frye. Friday 20th October: Oz Pearlman. All lectures start at 8pm at St Mary's Church Hall, Saltford, Bath. Tickets are £10 per lecture, or a special price of £25 for all three! For tickets or further details contact Simon Lane (01225) 313551 . 15.7.06


"Magic is not enjoying a golden era in Italy at the moment. Television producers realised some time ago that, given the reality TV boom, it was more profitable to show an incapable magician and make fun of him messing up the tricks than it was to pay a professional to perform his act. Thus the most famous magician currently on Italian TV is a complete disaster - a figure of fun for the audience and an embarrassment for other magicians who are finding it increasingly difficult to be taken seriously. Television work is now almost non-existent and when it does happen it is badly produced because nobody believes in magic as a viable form of entertainment..." But it's not all doom and gloom. To read the full article from Thomas Blackthorne (that includes website and video links) Click Here. 15.7.06


The Bullet Trick by Louise Welsh is available from Click Here - "When magic is murder" Click Here • See what's on offer at the dealers: Cool Magic • As promised last week here's the low-down on Wedding Magic by J Prince (full name omitted to spare him from his real-life clients!) • "Magicians gather downtown to swap tricks of the trade" Click Here • "Magician reveals his secrets" Click Here • "Welcome home, Mac King" Click Here • "Do you believe in magic?" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 15.7.06