Number 364 - 16th June 2007


Breaking the Magician's Code is being repeated next week for the umpteenth time at 8pm on Sunday 24th June on ITV4, cynically following the genuinely groundbreaking magic of David Blaine, which is being shown on the same channel at 7pm. TV exposure reduces the art and performance of magic to nothing more than a trick or "con" in the eyes of most of the viewing public, young or old, yet still magicians who should know better get sucked in by television companies who couldn't give a damn. TV Magic. 16.6.07


The Dirty Secret Club. An esoteric night of comedy, music and bizarre 'magikal' rituals on a boat floating on the Thames! Starring TV's Barry and Stuart, extreme escapologist Jonathan Goodwin and the truly amazing Pete Firman together with Trevor Lock, Lora Gadd and master of ceremonies Andrew O'Neill. "Boarding the boat you have to enter a true dirty secret into a box - secrets are then pulled from the box at random and used as part of the show throughout the night, a bit like Russian Roulette, but with morals! At the end of the night this box - and all the secrets it contains - are burnt. The ashes are then put in an urn and buried at the end of the season. So poker faces all round should your secret be read out!" Battersea Barge, Vauxhall Tube. Tuesday June 19th at 7.30pm. £7.00. Book early by calling the barge on 020 7498 0004. 16.6.07


At last - a British magic act with the X Factor! After a week of pretty dismal viewing magic-wise (Britain's Got Talent ITV1 & 2) one act that has managed to shine in the talent stakes is Latin Magic - on rival talent show Let Me Entertain You (BBC2, weekdays). James Anthony and Joy Worsley's version of Illusioncraft's X-Factor illusion resulted in the couple winning their heat and £1,000 cash prize; the show will be transmitted on Monday, June 18th, at 6.30pm on BBC2. James Anthony began as a competitive ice-skater, becoming the British Junior Champion in 1997. Today Latin Magic combine skills taken from skating, Latin dancing and magic in an act that has taken them all over the world. The couple are regular guest entertainers for P&O and Royal Caribbean. Visit for more information. News just in: Magic Sam "The People's Magician" featured in last week's news, has made it through to the Grand Final which will go out live on Friday June 22nd at 6pm on BBC2. Good luck Magic Sam! 16.6.07


Watch out - we thought there was a pickpocket about! "Bush Gets His Watch Stolen By His Albanian Fans" YouTube (video 1) Click Here. "Bush in Albania, the truth about his watch" YouTube (video 2) Click Here. Daily Mail: "Revealed: The secret sleight of hand used by thieves to remove a watch from a victim's wrist" Click Here. Dave Bonsall reports on his day in "A Hell of a Day!" Click Here. (Photo: Dave Bonsall on BBC News 24). "See how it's done. How easy is it to swipe someone's watch from their wrist? As the White House denies George Bush had his timepiece lifted while on walkabout, we take some expert advice." To read the full article by Finlo Rohrer for BBC News Magazine, featuring magician Michael Gee (with video) Click Here. 16.6.07


The new Mel Mellor's double DVD set Tickling the Mind is featured under Magic DVDs this week. This two disc set is really packed with great material - you'll see Mel in three different live shows, followed by post-show breakdowns that deconstruct each routine in this invaluable set. 16.6.07


Hans Klok show gets Pammed! "Show Review: Seen It All Before 'Beauty of Magic' a repeat of other shows without the punch" writes Mike Weatherford for the Las Vegas Review Journal. "You have to sit through about 50 minutes of pointing and posturing from Dutch magician Hans Klok to get 10 or 12 minutes of Pam Anderson, the marquee star whose micro-shorts were meant to add contemporary interest to this dated and unintentionally campy magic revue at Planet Hollywood." Ouch... to read the full review Click Here. 16.6.07


Electric Empire presents 'Magic Night' at the Soho Revue Bar on Friday 6th July. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm (followed by Circus at 10.30pm) Tickets £8.00, concessions £6.00 "Magic Night is proud to present Graham Jolley - the ultimate mind reader, Christian Lee, a rising star in the comedy and magic world, Tom Bell one of the most exciting comics on the scene, and Anil Desai (AKA Rajesh the Bollywood Lounge singer) a brilliant character comedian. Not forgetting our host, the stunning Tiffany Stevenson. So come along to London's premiere entertainment haunt, Soho Revue Bar, and see why this night continues to be one of the best contemporary cabaret nights on the circuit - with fantastic magic and comedy acts and the best cutting edge magicians in an intimate setting." Tickets: or call Ticket Web on 08700 600 100. Soho Revue Bar, 11 Walkers Court, Soho, London W1 16.6.07


MagicWeek favourite Pete Firman sets off to Scotland in August to get his fringe sorted out. See What's On for the this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival magic listings (minus one, who'd prefer it if you respected his "no magicians" policy). Thanks to Peter McLanachan for collating the information. 16.6.07


Maurice Fogel - In Search of the Sensational by Chris Woodward and Richard Mark, published by Hermetic Press, is now available in the UK (or Europe) direct from Chris Woodward or in the USA from Richard Mark Price US $72.00 postpaid in the USA or £36.00 (plus postage - email first, for the UK and Europe). Special Offer: Each purchaser will receive a bookplate containing three signatures: Chris Woodward, Nadine (his wife and Maurice Fogel's daughter) and Richard Mark. 440 pages of pure magic. 16.6.07


Roy Davenport lectures at the London Society of Magicians on Friday 20th June at 7.30pm - details from Davenports on 020 7836 0408. 16.6.07


Etienne Pradier lectures in Southampton on June 19th for the Associated Wizards of the South. Starts at 8pm prompt. For more information call Phil Wedgbrow on 07739 407147 or email 16.6.07


Viva España! Andrew Murray entertained thousands of physicians this week at the EULAR Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Andrew's sleight of hand skills were showcased by his client for 4 days with each live set being broadcast to the attendees on giant 106" plasma screens. 16.6.07


Jonathan Lovett - new close-up champ. As usual the Leamington and Warwick Magic Society’s Close-Up Competition for the Frank Allen Cup attracted several talented members and the skill level was high. At the meeting on 6th June seven members competed for the cup and in the event the winner by one point was newest member Jonathan Lovett with some amazing card magic done to very amusing patter. Second was Alan Cooper and only 2 points away from him was Mark Traversoni who came third. Picture: Jonathan on the left with society President Mick McCreath. Reported by Martin Key. 16.6.07


Calling all ex-Demon Magic Club members. Oliver Tabor emails: "If you were ever a member of the young magicians club, that used to meet every Saturday afternoon in the Davenports Magic Studio, please get in contact, we would love to hear from you, to form a mini reunion." Call either Paul Henri on 07701 040990 or Oliver Tabor on 07900 543384 or email 16.6.07


"Watch Alex get tricksy" Click Here • "Line-up for the eFestivals Cosmic Comedy Tent at Guilfest announced" Click Here • Finally, if you enjoyed The Apprentice, and you like a bit of Star Wars Click Here • That's it for this week, see you next week, Duncan. 16.6.07