Number 368 - 14th July 2007


Magic at the Barn is a unique magical experience held in the town of Rochford in Essex. The show itself is set in an enchanting 17th Century barn and features the individual magical and comedy talents of Oliver Tabor and Scott Pepper, who together create an unbelievable mix of award winning magic, hilarious comedy and fun, suitable for all the family. This year's show, as with every year's, is different to the last - plus every performance will feature a special guest together with astonishing pre-show close-up magic. Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July. Visit for details and to book. 14.7.07


Boris Wild, Lennart Green and Michael Close can all be seen at this year's British Ring Convention in September - Bob Hayden profiles all three in his latest Convention update Click Here. 14.7.07


Peer 6: Mind Reading, Can You Hide? Kennedy presents a mind-reading spectacular at the Castle Keep, Newcastle on three consecutive nights from Thursday 19th July to Saturday 21st July. "Each night up to 60 audience members will be taken on a journey that will explore some of the incredible things that we can do when we put our minds to it. July's show will look at dreams, intuition and how we use these skills to maximise our chance of winning games. The show runs for approximately 90 minutes with a short interval, and will have Kennedy's usual trademark mix of high-impact baffling 'mind games', sharp wit, suspense and live interaction." Tickets are available via Kennedy’s website: or via Ticketweb: 08700 600 100. 14.7.07


Win tickets to a VIP magical event with The Illusionist. To celebrate the release of The Illusionist on DVD has teamed up with Momentum Pictures and The Magic Circle Headquarters to give away a magical prize. "Don't miss your opportunity to experience London's most magical venue. Enjoy delicious food and drink in The Club Room where our sleight of hand magicians will astound you. At 7pm visit the spectacular Magic Circle Theatre to see our stage magicians in action for a short stage show and then explore the museum to discover some of the fascinating history of mystery!" Visit for details. 14.7.07


Now that's magic! "He does more than magic - magician Paul Zenon even turns tricks for charity. Tamara Hughes jumps aboard the funny man of magic's wonderbus. According to his internet profile, magician Paul Zenon is the notorious 'sultan of swindle', or 'king con'. He started his career selling fake raffle tickets to his neighbours only to make up an imaginary winner and leg it with the money." To read the full story in Click Here. 14.7.07


Keith Fields's excellent book 'How to Handle Hecklers' The complete guide to dealing with every performers worst nightmare! is now available directly from the author: To read our original review in MagicWeek Click Here. 14.7.07


A pick'n'mix of stunning mind tricks. "Marc Salem's annual spell in London is always an exciting treat. He arrives at the Tricycle, does some astonishing 'mindreading' tricks, sometimes hurts himself (last time he stabbed himself through the hand with a knife by mistake - but hey ho), and then toddles off leaving everyone slightly stunned." To read the full review by Sharon Lougher in Metro Click Here. July 10th - 29th. Visit for to book.


Nick Langham's Ascension is now in stock at Alakazam. "Walk up to someone with two decks of cards. They choose one and deal through the cards to select any one they want. Keep in mind that you are totally 'hands off' at this point. They take a look at their card and just concentrate on the value of it. Now slowly and eerily a single, solitary card begins to emerge from the second deck; forcing its way out of the deck and into view. As the face of the card comes slowly into view the audience can see that it is the exact same card that they are thinking of! Ascension is carefully hand made to be both durable and reliable out of Bicycle stock playing cards. Totally self working and self contained. Instant reset." For more information, to order and to watch a video clip visit 14.7.07


Reel Magic the new quarterly DVD is now available from Mike emails: "Subscribe now for a special one year subscription of only £20.00! Issue one is available now and can be sent straight away! The next issue will be sent in October. Running time approximately 120 minutes, each DVD contains, tricks (performance and explanations) from some of the top names in magic, plus interviews and reviews." Number one features interviews with Paul Harris, Harry Lorayne and John Lovick. Magic from Dan Tong, Paul Potassy, John Lovick tips from Garrett Thomas and product reviews from Wayne Kawamoto and David Regal. Order from 14.7.07


Congratulations to El Loco, the outright winner of The Carnival Comedy Challenge which took place last week at The Crown Plaza, Buckingham Palace Gate. 100 acts fought for the first place with El Loco wowing the judges: "you are the most original act we have seen in years, you are Vegas material." El Loco went on to win a fully paid cruise plus something which was not really part of the prize; Heffron Talent International have invited El Loco to tour 'The Comedy Zone' clubs throughout the USA (65 clubs in total). The Vice President of Carnival Cruises said El Loco would be a big hit on the Carnival ships and in the USA. So at last all the hard work from El Loco (Wayne Slater) and management Blockbookers Ltd. has paid off. Video: Click Here. 14.7.07


The London Society of Magicians recently held their highly regarded annual Card Magic Competition. Lee Hathaway, Brendan Patricks, Owen Lean, Paul Brown and Paul McMormack competed with some incredible card magic and the packed audience judged. Congratulations to Lee Hathaway who was declared the winner, and to Brendan Patricks, who came a very close second - with only one point between the two! 14.7.07


Week two of The Sorcerer's Apprentice sees the remaining "sorcerees" battle it out - with guests David Penn and Marc Oberon (weekdays, 5pm, BBC1). See TV Magic for full listings. 14.7.07


Every month - the online home of British television magic - offer new special deals on their site. This month they're having a video sale to clear the few remaining copies of their titles on VHS (in both PAL and NTSC formats). This is an opportunity to own some great magic at bargain prices. They have very limited numbers of the titles - so you'll need to act quickly! 14.7.07


Magic Circle Dealers' Day. Saturday, 3rd November, from 10am - 5pm at the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG (Map). Entrance to members and bona fide magicians on the door (small charge for non-members). All enquiries, including stand hire for Dealers, to Dr Peter Altman, Honorary Organiser 01923 404918. 14.7.07


The Ultimate Signed Deck - live on eBay. Graeme Smith spent the last six months contacting magicians around the world to sign a playing card to auction for the Make-A-Wish Foundation - the charity that runs magical experiences/days out for children with life-threatening illnesses. The deck has now been re-assembled and features a great collection of magical signatures from all over the world. To see how the bidding is going Click Here. 14.7.07


Cigarette ban makes magician's act tricky. He has fired up audiences in clubs and theatres across England by smoking an entire packet of cigarettes - all at once. Television illusionist Pete Firman had no hesitation in carrying on his act when the smoking ban came in south of the Border. An exemption means entertainers can smoke on stage when it is 'integral to the act'. But Scotland's refusal to bend the rules means it will still be illegal for Firman to perform his act at the Fringe. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old has vowed to perform the popular finale to his show when he appears at the Smirnoff Underbelly next month." To read the full story by Adrian Mather in the Edinburgh News Click Here. 14.7.07


John Archer will be lecturing at Magical Mayhem, Sun Hotel, Hitchin, Hertfordshire (Map), on Thursday 26th July at 8pm (doors open at 7.30pm) Non-members welcome at a charge of £5.00. Those interested are asked to contact Roger Kelly on 07887 727076. 14.7.07


Noddy Tour! Poz will be appearing with a Noddy themed magic show on this year's Noddy Tour starting with Castle Fraser, Aberdeen on 14th July. The tour lasts for ten weeks. For dates and details visit Poz can be seen lecturing on Children's Magic on September 4th at Kidology. 14.7.07


Wayne Goodman's ASBO 2 is released on July 17th. Featuring three different card revelations and now personalised with your own name. Contact for details. 14.7.07


"L" Live Illusion & Laughter at the Hilton Hotel, Promenade, Blackpool. August 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th, preview show on August 1st.  "The show is billed as 'Family Fridays at the Hilton'. Encouraging families to bring their children to live theatre. A modern live performance of visual effects, comedy capers and interactive fun. Bringing the novelty of today's great TV shows to stage. A fabulous cast consisting of singers, dancers, acrobats, stilt walkers and illusionists Vivo and so much more awaits you!" Tickets are priced at £10.00 Adults and £5.00 for Children - available by emailing or calling 0845 249 413 or alternatively from the Hilton Blackpool. 14.7.07


Seduction at the Hilton Hotel, Promenade, Blackpool. August 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th, preview show August 2nd. "Twice Artistes and Productions are proud to present 'Seduction' at the Hilton Hotel, Promenade, Blackpool. An adult only party of musical, burlesque intentions! Be thrilled, chilled and let your hair down with a cast of mysterious performers from strap acts to strippers! Vivo feature with dramatic illusions. Gothic, Glitzy and Glamorous!" Tickets are £10.00 email or call 0845 249 413 or alternatively buy from the Hilton Blackpool. 14.7.07


Rare job opportunity. Alakazam Magic are looking for someone to join their team in Ashford, Kent, to help with the running of the shop, their busy mail order department and to get involved with some exciting new projects. The right candidate must be familiar with word processing packages, have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), and a good knowledge of magic. They must also feel comfortable demonstrating magic to customers. If this sounds like the job for you email your CV to or for further information call them on 01233 663636. 14.7.07


Magic business for sale. Carl McCarthy's website is for sale: website, domain name, logos, software, email and database of over 240 children's magic products. "Profit making, with everything you would need to begin trading immediately. I ran this as a successful sideline but a change in job has meant that I just can't carry on. A genuine opportunity for someone to become the owner of one of the biggest children's magic dealerships in the world." Contact Carl McCarthy for details: 14.7.07


Master Locksmith Mick Hanzlik has been granted worldwide manufacturing rights for The Grismer Lock, by Steve Cook. Steve Cook has the worldwide marketing, selling and distribution rights. Ray Grismer has officially endorsed Mick's version of the famous Grismer Lock, an ideal tool for mentalists. For details and availability visit: 14.7.07


The Loch Ness Magic Challenge. "Imagine a contest for Magicians... A contest with £3000 prize money to be won. A contest where the only judges are the general public. A contest with no stage, no seats, no lights, no microphone. A contest where the only rule is to be the best! No stage, no lights, no music, no microphones, no seats, no big view screens... just the general public to entertain and their votes to seek. With some of the biggest prize money ever offered for a UK magic competition (£1500 first prize), The Loch Ness Magic Challenge takes place on 4th August in the village of Fort Augustus beside the world famous Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal. Picking up the challenge are Aberdeen Magical Society, Perth Magic Circle, Glasgow Magic Circle, Edinburgh Magic Circle and the Scottish Conjurer s Association. The Challenge is organised in association with NessFest, a major Celtic music festival run by local arts group Feis Gleann Albainn, of which challenge organiser Jan Culshaw, a professional magician and resident of Fort Augustus, is a director." For more information visit: 14.7.07


Luke Lamont would like to make contact with an old friend, magician Steve Meredith, who used to work at Rookley Country Park on the Isle of Wight, Luke's hometown. Steve was also an actor, he had a part in the very first episode of Red Dwarf. After performing magic on the island he moved to Manchester. Please email Luke if you can help: 14.7.07


Tom Rose had his car broken in to, in West London, last Saturday and emails a few warnings: "They simply smashed the rear window, lifted the parcel shelf and helped themselves. I was on the way to two gigs so I had all my magic kit, suits, shirts, sat nav, etc etc in the boot. They stole the lot. This is a note on two points, firstly in case anyone gets offered a black leather briefcase full of magic tricks incased in foam to please let me know, and secondly to remind all the pro workers that it is unlikely that their possessions will be covered on their insurance. Neither my car, home or Equity insurance covered me." Tom has sent a link to a kind of 'safe cage' that can be installed in a car which may be of interest to performers (Click Here) although really unless it is totally unavoidable I'd suggest never leaving anything in your car, regardless of whether it is in view or not. 14.7.07