Number 476 - 8th August 2009


3 Eclectic Magicians 1 Unique Show. Demon-A-Tricks debuts at Hot August Fringe Festival. Oliver Tabor, Oliver Meech and James Pritchard present their unique show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on August 10th, 17th and 28th at 9.30pm, and August 14th at 8pm. The show takes audiences on a time-travelling tour of magic past, present and future; showcasing vintage dove magic, modern 'geek' magic and futuristic mind magic. Visit for ticket and venue information and for more on this magical trio. 8.8.09


British Ring Convention update, from Bob Hayden PRO: Martyn James joins a fantastic line-up of magical acts by David & Dania, Hayashi, Nechporenko, Timo Marc, Sean Taylor plus the speciality Hula Hoop act of Dania in a fabulous show of mystery and mirth hosted by Aonghus McAnally. To many it came as no great surprise that at the F.I.S.M Magical Championships in Beijing Soma of Hungary was declared winner of The Grand Prix for Stage Magic especially after he took 1st prize in the category for General Magic. To take the Grand Prix Soma had to go head to head with Han Seol Hu of Korea in F.I.S.M’s final show. Both contestants received a great reaction from the audience so it must have been an extremely hard and difficult decision for the judges to make a final choice and decide on the winner. Soma has an individual style of modern magic with his immaculate manipulations with mobile phones. He has long been predicted by his peers as a rising star of magic and last week their prediction was ratified. You will be able to see this top award winning act when Soma appears in the Late Late Gala on Friday evening in the Southport Theatre. It is an act you should not miss. To read the full convention update Click Here. 8.8.09


The Mentalist - Revealed and Inside The Mentalist will be shown back to back at 8pm on Thursday 20th on Five. "Documentary celebrating the character of Patrick Jane, and the equally fascinating Simon Baker, the actor who brings 'The Mentalist' to life. Baker discusses his feelings about the role that has taken him from relative obscurity to global superstardom. Plus, Five's in-house mentalists recreate some of Jane's finest moments from the series out on the streets." Followed by Inside The Mentalist, "an exclusive look behind the scenes of the hit US drama 'The Mentalist', following 24 hours in the life of the show. From early morning make-up to the final call to 'cut', each member of the cast hosts a section of the footage, and reveals the secrets behind the stars and the characters they have created." TV Magic. 8.8.09


Bluto Balthazar's School of Surreal Sorcery - Edinburgh. A place where magic and comedy collide to make… momedy – an audacious show in which audience members compete and perform magic to become the sorcerer’s next apprentice and where no two shows are alike. Come witness the incredible mind-reading python, frog hypnosis and Bluto’s world famous lemon entry mystery. The School of Surreal Sorcery is suitable for the whole family; packed full of magical happenings, musical flights of fancy and bits where you’ll wonder… ‘how the heck did he do that?’ Bluto Balthazar is the alter ego of Glasgow magician, Mark Walbank. His comedy cabaret act has drawn crowds, young and old, in venues across Scotland, showcasing his comic wit and sleight of hand. Belly laughs guaranteed every time. To 16th August at 2.40pm daily (45 minutes) Laughing Horse @ Espionage, Mata Hari – Fringe Venue 185. Free Entry. 8.8.09


Piff-Tacular! Piff the Magic Dragon is at the Laughing Horse Free Festival nightly at 6pm until August 30th (not 17th). 'Piff-Tacular' - armed only with astounding magical skills, a mind-reading fish and a penchant for princesses, can Piff become the greatest magic performing dragon of all time? Come and find out! "Laughing in times of crisis" Click Here See What's On for our Ed Fringe listings. 8.8.09


Double treat for Blackpool members. Members and Associates of Blackpool Magicians’ Club are in for a double treat at their headquarters on Tuesday, 18th August. Mark Raffles, who surely needs no introduction, will be recounting stories from his long and distinguished career as a professional pickpocket and magician. On the same evening theatrical impresario Duggie Chapman (photo) will be treating the audience to film clips of some of the variety acts from day gone by. It promises to be a fascinating evening. Details of Membership and Associate Membership (a mere £25 per year) can be found on the club’s website 8.8.09


Peter Nardi’s Instant Interchange - preorder now - due to ship Monday 24th August. "This effect is without doubt one of the most direct and cleanest cards in pocket transposition effects ever created. From the ingenious mind of Peter Nardi comes a routine that makes the interchange plot cleaner and simpler than any other version previously released. Four Aces and four kings are shown and the four aces placed into four different pockets about the magicians’ person. Each card really is fairly placed into the pocket and nothing is stolen back out. The four kings are now fanned to display the faces and the backs may also be shown if you wish. Now with no sudden moves, the cards are turned face up again and spread wide to show the four aces! Now without any false moves, the first card is removed from the first pocket to show it is now a king! Then the second, third and fourth cards are each removed to show that all four kings have changed places with each of the four aces!

The cards are now placed on your spectator’s outstretched palm and she is asked to place her other hand on top. Your spectator is now asked to name kings or aces and in this case, we assume she chooses aces. She now lifts her hands apart to discover that the aces have totally vanished and just the four kings remain in her hands! The magician now reaches back into each pocket, totally empty hands each time and one by one, removes the four aces from the four separate pockets once again! All cards can be examined and you end totally clean..." Find out more, visit


Hull Magicians’ Circle with their team of Eddie Dawes, Jon Marshall and Richard Morrell retained the Castle Magical Services’ Inter-Society Quiz Trophy, but only just! Six teams took part with an audience of members and guests at this annual fun night. Merlins’ team from Wakefield with Phil Peters, Mark Lee and Ian Waring were a close second, only two points behind Hull. Mike Shepherd of Castle Magical Services was question master with Bob West as his score keeper. The audience were involved too with non-magical questions for them and Ray Burrell of Hull won a bottle of wine answering the most audience questions correctly. Participating magic clubs were from York, Rex Stott, Brendon Craw and Paul Martin, Huddersfield, Charles Creasey, Barry Senior and Siobhan Jordan, The YOBS team comprised teenagers Joe Harper, Jack Gleadow and current YMOTY Michael Jordan. Last year they were called the ABRA All Stars, all dressed as Walt Lees’ clones, this year their team was YOBS -Young Organisation of British Sorcerers, The Magic Circle’s Young Magicians’ Club, of which they are all members, has nothing to fear from this new, for one night only, organization. Sheffield’s team didn’t make it to Hull and a scratch team called The Wooden Spooners entered with Ian Gaunt and magical parents, Ian Gleadow and Mark Jordan. Jack Gleadow was delighted his dad, Ian was able to answer a magical question – what was Siegfried Fischbacher’s nationality before moving to the USA? Hull MC Secretary, Michael Harrop arranged the night, refreshments were provided by the Sailmakers Arms. The trophy and bottles of wine were awarded to the winning team, Hull Magicians’ Circle by Mike Shepherd – pictured. Reported by Jon Marshall. 8.8.09


Signed Photos, Posters and Collectables. Top Secret Magic have just added to their range of autographed items and collectables. See 'Second Hand' and 'Autographs' on their website: 8.8.09


Window by David Stone - in stock, but hurry! "Card through glass effects cost upward of £150 and usually require complicated setups or bizarre gimmicks. Until now it’s been difficult to gain visual appeal and still keep your wallet full. The trick plays out in real life exactly like the trailer. There are six routines given in the DVD but you'll come up with your own. Basically, a selected card penetrates the glass, then changes into a different selected card while that one is behind glass..." Find out more and watch the video at 8.8.09


MAGIC The Complete Course, by Joshua Jay is to be published in the UK on 21st September, at a price of £14.99. Here are the ten greatest card tricks, tricks to dazzle a dinner date, tricks to perform for the boss, tricks especially for children, and even tricks that can be done over the phone. But what really sets this book apart is the visual element: the book includes 500 full-colour photographs that demonstrate each individual step, and a feature length 2-hour DVD where 35 effects are performed and taught in great detail; the Master Class section teaches the subtle nuances that make each trick come alive. Joshua Jay is one of America's finest young magicians. He has performed and lectured in over 50 countries, is a headliner at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and writes a monthly column in MAGIC. 8.8.09


Kid-Ability: The Ability to entertain children with magic and Games-Ability: The Ability to entertain children with games, have just been released by Jimmy 'Jimbo' Carlo on DVD. Terry Herbert and Dennis Lucas review both discs this week, Click Here. 8.8.09


Chris Cross is 'Escaping from Reality' August 8th-13th, 16th-23rd, 25th-26th. "Chris Cross travels the world performing his act mixing stand-up comedy, magic, contortionism and escapology to create a high energy show! In Escaping from Reality, Chris performs his trademark 'freaky but funny' body tricks followed by his big escape finale. August Ed Fringe, see What's On for details. 8.8.09


Columbo's 1976 TV movie Now You See Him is being shown again on Sunday 16th August on ITV1. "I gotta take off this coat. I can't think in this coat" (it was a new one!). Columbo was a master of misdirection - what a great magician he would have made! Shot at The Magic Castle. See TV Magic for details. 8.8.09


Twisted Reality. Tony Hyams has just released a 40 page PDF eBook entitled Twisted Reality featuring 5 balloon models including a magician and a 'bird in a cage' - they look great! For more info and to order Click Here . 8.8.09


News from Carl & Claudine 'The Deans of Magic': "...just filmed a TV/radio/internet interview and performance. Some of it is in answer to many questions some people had about our appearance on BGT last year and other questions about showbiz in general, so I hope that some of your readers might find this appearance we did of interest (the recording is in live format so a bit worse for wear but I am told will have a clearer copy online soon) it's a long show so be warned!" Click Here. Produced by 8.8.09


Magic Relocation Sale - Including brand new Ken Brooke Collectors Series items. Paul Stone will shortly be relocating to Las Vegas. As part of the process he will be holding a special Relocation Sale this Tuesday 11th August at the Pheasant Inn (Pub & Restaurant), 20 Moss Lane, Hightown, Liverpool L38 3RA (Map) between 7pm and 10pm. Included in the sale will be magic props and books - including some really smoking deals, as he has to get rid of everything! There are even a number of brand new Ken Brooke Collectors Series items that Paul will be selling at less than half price because he just don't have the space to take them with him. For more info contact Paul Stone by email: 8.8.09


Faust's Great Magic Show Sale. Granville Taylor (Faust) emails: "Please send four first class stamps for Granville Taylor's latest 10-page list of tricks and illusions still for sale from Faust's Great Magic Show, plus close-up magic, magic books, and memorabilia. Write to Granville Taylor at 11 Victoria Avenue, Brierfield, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 5RH. 8.8.09


Who's Fooling Who? The magic forums last week were discussing Shawn Farquhar’s recent FISM win in some detail. Most UK readers will instantly associate the card routine that he performed (sitting on a stool, on stage, to Sting's "Shape of My Heart" track, whilst performing close-up card magic) with the routine that Russ Stevens first presented in his Mystique illusion show and on BBC1 television back in 1993 (sitting on a stool, on stage, to Sting's "Shape of My Heart" track, whilst performing card manips). Shawn Farquhar has always stated that he'd never seen Russ's routine until years after he'd put his routine together, and Russ took that in good faith, but this has now been challenged by magicians who know Shawn that are based in Shawn's home country, Canada (see for details). For me the real issue here wasn't how close the two routines were (although, theatrically, I'd argue very close), but that fact that Shawn had always maintained that he hadn't seen Russ's version before developing his. Take care when developing an act, and do the right thing, otherwise you too could end up with a trophy in your hand and egg on your face (DT). 8.8.09


Dynamo appears on Skillicious on Tuesday 18th August - see TV Magic • "Paul Daniels magic show coming to 1066 Country" Click Here • "Potter watch. Magician John Styles has entertained for 60 years" Click Here • "David Copperfield explains to Helen Pitt why his illusions give people hope." Click Here • "DEJA VU: What was old is new again as shows settle into new digs" Click Here • "Winchester teen-magician pulls smiles out of a hat" Click Here • "‘Enchanted’ art: TV’s Derren Brown conjures familiar faces out of paint" Click Here and to order a copy from Click Here • Many thanks for your news contributions and see you next week, Duncan. 8.8.09