Number 544 - 27th November 2010


Actor and comedian Lenny Henry is to host The Magicians, BBC One's new Saturday night entertainment spectacular which will start airing in January next year. US sleight of hand artist Chris Korn, master Portuguese illusionist Luis de Matos, and innovative UK magicians Barry and Stuart will represent the face of contemporary magic against the stunning backdrop of a specially created set at Pinewood Studios. Each magician will perform with a different guest partner each week, with the three pairs performing magic from the classic to the never-attempted-before. Guests include N-Dubz, Ashley Banjo, Chris Tarrant, Rolf Harris, Samantha Womack, Bruno Tonioli, Adrian Edmondson, Peter Jones, Amanda Byram, Sian Williams, Angela Griffin, Martin Kemp, Neil Morrissey and Stephen K Amos.


Lenny Henry said he was extremely excited about the project. "l love magic and the thing about me is that I don't want to know how it's done. You know the bloke with his jaw on the floor throughout most of the show? That will be me!" Magic duo Barry and Stuart said: "The Magicians is the biggest and most ambitious show that we have ever been a part of. We're going to bring the viewers of BBC One some inventive, devious and jaw-dropping new magic that they will have never seen before. As we will be battling with one of America's finest sleight of hand artists, Chris Korn, and Europe's number one illusionist, Luis De Matos, we really have our work cut out!"

Grand illusionist Luis de Matos said: "It was a real surprise when the BBC asked me to participate in the show. It's going to be a joy working with the celebrity guests, but performing magic will be a real challenge for them as it takes a lot of practice, rehearsal and dedication. I believe it will be a really spectacular and contemporary show. Everybody is giving their best and the excitement level is really high."

BBC Controller of Entertainment Commissioning, Mark Linsey, commented: "I'm delighted to be bringing something astonishing and different to BBC One audiences on Saturday nights through winter. Everyone needs a bit of magic in January." And joint Managing Director of Shine TV, Karen Smith, said: "We have assembled three remarkable, internationally respected acts who will astound and amaze the audience and a host whose enthusiasm for the show is infectious. It will be magic like never seen before on TV, huge in scale and a true spectacular."


Filming starts on Wednesday December 1st. To book tickets to see the first live recording at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire Click Here. 27.11.10


The Invisible Man opened at the Menier Chocolate Factory, Southwark last week with a cast featuring John Gordon Sinclair, Maria Freedman, Gary Wilmot and Natalie Casey. The opening night audience included Guy Hollingworth, Derren Brown and 'Family Guy' creator Seth McFarlane. The show features over 40 different illusions and effects created or adapted by Paul Kieve for this live show. Here are some reviews:, and For tickets visit This is the production than in effect launched Paul's career as a theatrical magical consultant when he worked on the original Stratford East production in 1993 and features some of his finest work. Don't miss it! 27.11.10


FISM World Champion of Magic Jason Latimer is the first international name to be announced for next year's South Tyneside International Magic Festival in March. With 17 international titles and awards under his belt (or should that be in his Topit), including three FISM Awards (World Champion Close Up Magic, FISM Award for Best Invention and Design, and 'Grand Prix' World Champion of Magic), Jason will be presenting two different spots on stage including the act he used to win the Siegfried & Roy Masters of the Impossible title with at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, and his astonishing FISM Grand Prix Act using his clear Cups & Balls.

In addition Jason, will present his 'Be a Magician with a Wide Stance' lecture. This is so much more than a lecture – it's a discussion that allows you to pick the mind of a magic creator. It's a discussion that addresses anything and everything, including creating, building, performing, routine design, contests, his illusion show, his machine shop, his consulting for Sony Pictures special effects, his involvement with design firms, tech firms, event companies, universities, charities, business formats... and so on... and how it all comes together under the banner of "being a magician." South Tyneside International Magic Festival: Friday 11th - Sunday 13th March 2011. To pre-register email Karri Facebook Click Here.


Christmas Magic Night at Madame JoJo's - Friday 17th December. Twisted tricksters Barry & Stuart return for Christmas to cheer the festive season in by turning water into wine; Aaron Sparks splices through the air with his superfine Yoyos in a routine that is part breakdance and part illusion. Anil Desai 'channels' a stream of famous personalities and Mr B "raps up a storm with rhymes that would make the queen cry with pride." All expertly compared by MC Christian Lee who will replace his head with a balloon! Friday 17th December. Doors open 6.30pm, Show starts at 7.45pm. Tickets £12 including after show club. Show ticket plus dinner and club entry: £37. Tickets via or call 08444 77 1000. Madame JoJo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, London W1F 0SP (Map). Tube: Piccadilly Circus. 020 7734 3040 - More info: 27.11.10


Cardworks is an exclusive one-off workshop by Benjamin Earl, taking place on December 12th in which Ben will be revealing the 'real work' behind his routines, techniques and practice methods. Held in a relaxed setting in Winchester, Hampshire, Cardworks is designed to appeal to serious students of the art who are ready to take their card magic to the next level. "It will be an intensive day of focused training and teaching where I will be revealing brand new/unpublished material and some of my most prized underground routines". Cardworks is £250 and there are only 5 places left! For more information visit or contact Ben at 27.11.10


Magicians - Sunday December 5th on ITV1 (and ITV1 HD). "Harry and Karl haven't spoken since the day Harry discovered his wife's infidelity with his magic-act partner and then accidentally cut her head off on stage. But when an international magic competition offers a big cash prize, they decide to re-form." First showing on terrestrial television of Andrew O'Connor's 2007 movie outing that's scattered throughout with pure nuggets and is Andrew Collins's 'Film of the Day' in the Radio Times. British magic's very own cult classic! (DT). 27.11.10


The Puppet Hut Launches! "Aloha puppet freaks! It's been many months in the creation but the UK's barmiest creature shop 'The Puppet Hut' has finally landed and opened up its Hawaiian hut doors this week for business. Magician and Children's entertainer Jamie Clark had spotted a need for a shop that was bursting with creations and characters from some of the worlds best puppet makers. 'The Puppet Hut has a hilarious Hawaiian theme and is wickedly good fun - It's taken a long time to source such talented puppet creators but after a global search over the past year or so we have finally done it! The Puppet Hut stocks all of the items that a professional performer of all levels and would need from starter puppets and instructional DVDs to fully blown one off custom creations - If we don't stock it already then we will do soon - If you dream of a creature or character then we can even get it built to your own specification.' Puppets are hugely popular at the moment and this website offers an awful lot of items that are in stock and ready to be shipped to you quickly - It promises to be a massive hit and with the character list increasing daily there has to be something for you or your show. The Puppet Hut is also proud to be an official UK Axtell supplier. It's zany, whacky and a whole heap of puppet fun - be sure to have a look around the website and aloha for now.... (Yes it means goodbye too!)" Jamie Clark, The Puppet Hut. 27.11.10


The Dreaded Mentalist at Cheddar Festive Night, Friday 3rd December, at 6pm. "Every year, a few weeks before Christmas, the shops and cafes of Cheddar open late one evening. It's an ideal opportunity to buy unusual gifts whilst enjoying the festive atmosphere. This year, not only will there be stalls aplenty, mulled wine, and more people than you can shake a brush at, but also Jez Starr - The Dreaded Mentalist, Cheddar's very own magician and mentalist, performing some escape attempts throughout the night! Find Jez near the BBC Radio bus and challenge him to the 100 foot of rope escape whilst his hands are shackled together. Or watch as he tries to beat his fastest times escaping from a strait jacket! Plus, you might even see something 'mental' as the night comes to a close... Cheddar Village and The Gorge Friday 3rd December, at 6pm 27.11.10


Comedy for Magicians and Mentalists by Nathan Kranzo: 36 Hilarious, and a few dirty Comedy Magic & Mentalism Gas, Bits, Jokes & Effects. "These routines and gags were created by performing for real people in restaurants, bars, elementary schools, private parties, keggers, bonfires, comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events, theaters, trade shows, brothels, bar mitzvahs and after dinner engagements. These routines are very customizable. I'll give you the basic gag so you can take the idea and go any direction you'd like. In this way you will add your own personality and in doing so we will all have something unique. Most of these effects and gags were designed for stand up performances but many can be performed close up and play just as well." There is a special offer on this book right now via this link: Click Here. 27.11.10


Mammoth Magic Auction. On Thursday, 17th February, the day before the start of the 2011 Blackpool Convention, there will be a Mammoth Magic Auction at the Winter Gardens. It will run from early afternoon until 10 o’clock at night. Auctioneers Derek Lever and Mike Shepherd will only accept quality items with a value of at least £20. Each lot will be limited to a maximum of 30 items. Dealers exhibiting at the Convention will be given the first chance to enter items. If you plan an early arrival in Blackpool for the Convention this could be your chance to snap up a bargain! 27.11.10


Travelling Deck By Takel - Free worldwide delivery for all orders placed this weekend! "Hold a pack of cards in your hand. Instantly, and visually, in front of the spectator the whole deck disappears leaving you with just one card! Imagine the scene - you take the pack of cards out of a card box. Then the entire deck vanishes with the exception of one card! You explain to the spectator that the deck has gone back into the card box... and it has! This is just one of many routines possible with the ‘Travelling Deck’ gimmick. Each gimmick is custom made by hand. The accompanying DVD explains a number of possible Travelling Deck routines and you will find it hard to put the Travelling Deck down. It’s fun to perform and the reactions are just out of this world! No pulls, topits or difficult sleights. The perfect opening for any table hopper." Visit for more info and to watch a demo video. 27.11.10


The Master Pushoff  - Andi Gladwin. "The Master Pushoff is a 2 DVD set from magic mastermind Andi Gladwin. It's the most indepth and mindblowing teach-in on the Pushoff move ever. Crammed with lessons, awesome routines, moves and more it aims to revolutionize the way you use a deck of cards. And if you pre-order before the launch date of December 3rd you will get a free copy of Steve Reynold's kick-ass 'Seek 52' DVD too (Worth £25). So for just £24.99/$40 you get Andi's 2 disc extravaganza and Steve Reynold's 'Seek 52'! This is not your average magic DVD. This is some serious work on a move that can change the way you do everything. Honestly. The first time you see Andi's double lift you realize that that is how it's supposed to be done. No breaks. No get readys. No weirdness. And the pushoff allows you to do almost every move in a cleaner, less suspicious manner. Watch the trailer for Andi's second deal and tell me that doesn't look like real magic! Owen Packard, Big Blind Media. "Andi Gladwin is the authority on the multiple push-off, and I think he's the perfect instructor for this invaluable technique. This DVD should be in everyone's collection." Joshua Jay. Find out more! Visit today! 27.11.10


Magicseen. From Editor Mark Leveridge: Magicseen are pleased to announce the release of our 5th free Taster Issue. In this edition we offer you, extracted from the latest issue (no.35 Nov.10), the articles on feature stars Jon Allen and Kennedy, our round up of the reviews of magic acts from this year's Edinburgh Fringe, some of the product reviews, a Masterclass trick from Aldo Colombini and a great piece on YouTube Magic Unboxers - and if you don't know what they are, download the free issue and all will be revealed! Then we also include, from some of our back issues, an interview with Jay Sankey and an interesting and unusual feature on Contact Juggling. Not many things in life are free, but our 5th sampler issue truly is, so feel free to download your copy now from 27.11.10


Axel Hecklau's Newsflash - The optimisation of a classic. Tear up a newspaper and restore it. Lightning fast and extremely visually, at chest height, full-sized and with totally natural movements. Learn the new and simple method from Axel Hecklau. Current Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year winner Michael Jordan mastered this routine for his award winning act last year. Watch a video: Click Here and visit for more information and to order. 27.11.10


Multi-character entertainer and magician, Jasper Blakeley (aka the Russian Kockov), entertained at the Christmas light ceremony in Merythr Tydfil last week, alongside colleague Russell Wells. The Victorian mini-farthing riding duo, 'Francis & Phileas', wowed the crowd with their banter, whilst top designer Julien Macdonald flicked the switch. Look out for Jasper in Abergavenny today as his Victorian street magician, Archie Grott, and as a Victorian parlour magician in a Sigmund Freud-based musical play at Wales's leading arts centre, Chapter, in Cardiff next week 27.11.10


Paul Dawson (aka Scoop from Camelot Theme Park), will be performing comedy magic at this month's 'Organised Mike' in Preston. The comedy, poetry, magic and music show starts at 8pm at The Black Horse, Friargate, Preston on Thursday December 2nd and tickets are just £3 each. For any further information ring 07855 406702. 27.11.10


Electric Acts. Michael Diamond emails: "Does anyone out there have any info about 'Electric Acts'? I am particularly interested in Walford Bodie, Bobby Voltaire, Prof Sparks and Thelmina or any more obscure acts. Looking for props, books, photos, letters etc for a forthcoming book / DVD project! Thanks, Michael Diamond 07836 385069 27.11.10


The Surrey Society of Magicians held their final meeting of 2010 last week and finished the year off in style with the ever popular Stage Magic Competition. As always the event was well attended by both members and guests, with the standard of stage magic being particularly high this year. In a tightly fought contest the eventual winner on the night was Stephen Baker, closely followed in second place by Theo The Magician. The title of third place, and winner of The Bernard Weller Comedy Trophy (as voted for by the club membership) was awarded to Terry Lambert. The Chairman of the Judges was Peter Scarlett MIMC. Stephen and Terry are pictured here with their trophies. For more information on the Surrey Society of Magicians visit or contact Club Secretary, John Field 27.11.10


Coventry Magic Circle. Mike Price emails: "The Coventry Magic Circle would like to thank all the magicians who performed at their magic Christmas Show last Tuesday. A special mention and thanks to Sean Carpenter, Dave & Carl, Viva, Dave Oakley and the very entertaining Steve Evans who kept the proceedings moving compering. Funds were raised for two local charities, Coventry Mind and Kronze & Colitis Society." 27.11.10


Comedy Magician Rob Hendy entertained magicians and their guests at the Exonian Magic Society and Devon Magic Circle Christmas party diner on Friday November 19th. It was a great evening, enjoyed by all. Pictured here is Exonian President Bob Usher, Rob Hendy and Devon Magic Circle President Ozzy D. 27.11.10


Popular Magician and Comic Luke Lamont is the first performer to pledge support to the Owl and Monkey Haven on the Isle of Wight Luke says "there are actually Owls who were taken on as pets then abandoned. Many of these came about as a result of the interest created by Harry Potter and press reports on this have not helped the image of magic. I feel it is good for magicians to involve themselves with this project." Luke is planning a number of fundraising activities and would like to extend a warm welcome to other entertainers who may wish to support this cause. There are various ways to help, from a yearly adoption (makes a lovely gift for someone) to cage sponsorship, or holding a fundraising event. Donations are always gratefully received either as funds or items suitable for auction or prizes. For more information email Dawn Sherratt (Fundraiser) 27.11.10


Patrick Page Magic Company. The Page Family is delighted to announce the launch of the Patrick Page Magic Company and website,, at the International Magic Convention this weekend. Patrick Page Magic has been set up to celebrate Pat's life and to promote and sell authorised versions of his work. PPM have taken a dealers stand at the convention and will be selling some of Pat’s magic effects, DVDs, CDs and books, including a brand new publication, The Pageboy Speaks …. Again, a collection of all Pat’s articles originally published in Pabular magazine. Visit the stand this weekend, where they'll also be having a Free Champagne Draw! 27.11.10


Two news items from The Academy of Magic: "27th January 2011 will see another world first from The Academy - an open mic lecture. Streamed live across the world, hosted in Davenports Magic Studio, London, the lecture will feature 10 up-and-coming magicians from across the UK, each sharing their favourite effect. The most popular lecturer on the night, as voted for by the viewers, will get the chance to host a full length lecture later in the year. There are a couple more spaces for lecturers and full details of the event are on facebook Click Here. Secondly, The Academy are looking for an intern to join them part time in their brand new London offices. Contact them via for more details on how to apply." 27.11.10


Dove Magic Lecture Notes. Henk Linders has produced three lecture A4 25 page booklets with illustrations on dove magic and emails "If you are interested I will gladly mail the full contents of each lecture to you. Covers everything from feeding, handling, training, routining, clothing, harnesses, act building, dove effects, staging, tips, books, etc. Price £20 each incl p&p or £50 for the set of three. PayPal accepted." Email Henk Linders for details. 27.11.10


The Magic of Hypnosis. Jonathan Royle emails: "The Magic of Hypnosis. British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle was fed up with the state of UK Stage & Street Hypnosis Training so he ran the most comprehensive training event ever aimed at magicians and mentalists and now the DVDs are ready for you! 16 hours of video, 8 hrs of audio and many bonus items including ultimately how to be legal and safe." Click Here Review Click Here. 27.11.10


"Magic and the brain" Click Here and for the book Click Here • "Blackburn schoolboy wins top magic prize" Click Here • Paul Stockman's recent lecture at the Riviera Circle of Magicians is reviewed by Jay Williams this week, Click Here • Ian Keable's Magic Shows: 30 Years of Programmes from Daniels to Derren is reviewed by Elliott Hodges, Click Here • "Alan's got a magic touch" Click Here • "The man with the magic touch" Click Here • "Teenager finds new best a white dove" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always very welcome, but please remember the 12 noon Friday deadline for all news submissions - see you at Ron's, Duncan. 27.11.10