Number 599 - 17th December 2011


The Houdini Experience - Starring Hans Klok and Company. For the first time ever, Hans Klok, the Master of Mystery, arrives at the Peacock Theatre, London for a five week limited season. Described as a ‘chilling, thrilling and breathtakingly amazing show’, Hans Klok, his Divas of Magic and a company of world-class variety and circus acts perform illusions, daredevil stunts and wizardry unlike anything ever seen before. Having starred in Las Vegas with Pamela Anderson as his magical assistant, Hans brings a new kind of theatre to London, one for all the family to enjoy this Spring. Escape from reality and get ready to relive The Houdini Experience. Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, Holborn, London WC2. 23rd February - 25th March 2012. To book tickets Click Here. 17.12.11


Two more international acts announced for The Session. Renowned coin magician Eric Jones (photo, USA) will be presenting a new talk for The Session. And while Vinny DePonto (USA) is not a name that many have heard of in the UK, his performance will certainly change that. His smart approach to magic could be described as "a modern twist on a vaudevillian style". He's a professional close-up performer from New York and The Session predict big things for him. These two performers join Dani DaOrtiz (Spain), Chris Kenner (USA), Kainoa Harbottle (USA), Wayne Houchin (USA), Michael Vincent (UK), John Archer (UK), Alex Pandrea (Romania) and more, at The Session, January 14th & 15th 2012: 17.12.11


The Northern Magic Circle are pleased to announce the first names for their NMC 2012 Convention. The convention will have a ‘Best of British’ theme, with many award-winning magicians taking part including Matthew Wright (a Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year winner), Luke Jermay (professional mentalist, consultant and creative coach) and Paul Gordon (Paul has lectured at over 90 clubs worldwide since 1994). The Convention will take place on Saturday 31st March and Sunday 1st April at the Scarborough Spa Complex. For more information and to register visit or contact the registration officer, Alan Clarke, on 01772 685073. This year there's a free-to-enter raffle offering £250 of magic goods. Book before the end of December you'll be given three free raffle tickets, before the end of January two, and before the end of February, one. 17.12.11


Karnival Death Heads, new from BigBlindMedia: "The Karnival Death Heads (Armour Edition) Deck is unlike those normal decks you have at home. They are the ultimate hardcore playing cards. If the Death Heads were a movie, they'd be The Expendables. This deck is nails! Printed on Fournier's world class 100% plastic stock they are designed to withstand outrageous abuse. Washable, resistant to scuffing/tearing/cracking and uncreasable - this is the same renowned stock used in the World and European Poker Tour televised events. With a jaw dropping rock 'n roll design from frequent Karnival Inc collaborator Sam Hayles (from Dose Productions), this deck will turn heads. Exclusively available from BigBlindMedia these cards handle beautifully - they can even be signed with a dry erase marker and then wiped clean and they faro like a dream." Order from and join the party. 17.12.11


A dog is not just for Christmas... it’s for life. Of course, you’re using your Dog Arm Puppet in the run-up to Christmas, or, maybe you’re hoping someone will give you one of these lovely puppets on the Big Day itself. But remember…it’s not just for Christmas! That’s why Practical Magic are advertising their brand new, completely re-filmed Dog-umentary DVD with loads of new footage and ideas for your canine friend. They say you can buy a good dog, but you can’t buy the wag of his tail. Well, you can buy a great puppet, but that doesn’t make it entertaining. You need the Dog-mentary DVD which will show you how to make your performances meaty! Give power to your pooch! Bone-us material included! To read more about the Practical Magic Dog-umentary DVD, all you have to do is Click Here. 17.12.11


Good Design Is Invisible. A short film about the relationship between design and magic. Featuring: Matt Duggan, James Parker and Bill Davenport. Filmed and edited by Kingston University Graphic Design students Jed Carter, Chris Holt and Josh Revan Click Here. 17.12.11


Steve Faulkner's debut double DVD 'Materials' is out now: "Consisting of strong, practical card moves and theory to enhance improvisation or creativity. Amongst the many moves taught are Steve's one handed bottom palm, Lennart Greens' Top Shot, Ernest Earicks' Longitudinal Swivel Steal and Benjamin Earls 4 for 4 switch (all with kind permission)." The DVD is available to order directly from Steve, Click Here, and to watch the trailer Click Here. Steve Faulkner is now taking lecture bookings for 2012 - contact him via 17.12.11


News from The Twins: "As well as performing all over the world this year, the Twins have been planning and manufacturing special effects for over 30 pantomimes and musicals at venues in Aberdeen, Poole, Glasgow, Bradford, Belfast, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dublin, Liverpool, Sunderland, Birmingham, Plymouth, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Southend, Northampton, Southampton, High Wycombe and Portsmouth. Twins Worldwide's magical special effects will be helping to break box office records in Christmas productions across the UK this year. What the papers are saying: 'WOW, if you loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you’ll love this' The Journal. 'Creating a true spectacle and a delight for all ages' The Stage. 'Dazzling...I felt a shiver of excitement' Daily Telegraph" More info: and 17.12.11


Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2011. "Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? Have you ever seen a face in a piece of burnt toast, or given your car a name? Why do you feel pain when someone else is hurt? Why are people so obsessed with other people? In the last of this year's Christmas Lectures, Professor Bruce Hood investigates how our brains are built to read other people's minds. With a little help from a baby, a robot and a magician, Bruce uncovers what makes us truly human." 8pm on Thursday 29th December on BBC 4. See TV Magic for details. 17.12.11


Tenyo at Merlins. Merlins of Wakefield have just received stock of the fantastic 2012 Tenyo range of magic from Japan. All pre-ordered items have gone out, and limited stock now remains. Order today, and your magic should arrive in time for Christmas. For further information call 01924 339933 or visit The perfect magical stocking filler. 17.12.11


Young Magician Lewis Fuller is seen here entertaining JLS at JB's 25th birthday party in London last week. Lewis was the only entertainment besides the band, entertaining everyone including pop stars, VIP's and celebrity guests... look out Dynamo! 17.12.11


Dirty Tricks. Dirty Tricks is currently being repeated on 4Music. Here's a taster from one show: "Barry and Stuart get to levitate Debbie McGee, Pete Firman gets to blend vermin and horrify Josie D'Arby and escapologist Jonathan Goodwin gets to drown himself." See TV Magic for listings. 17.12.11


Theatre-Rites Mojo. 16th - 31st December at the Barbican. Silk Street Theatre "In an enchanting new presentation for families, a riot of dance, puppetry and music takes us on a spectacular journey through the magic and mayhem of growing up. Bursting with energy and evocative movement, objects come to life and characters discover their mojo, igniting visual transformations devised by the award-winning team of Arthur Pita and Sue Buckmaster. A dynamic ensemble, including pulsating percussionist Adriano Adewale and singer and trumpeter Leo Altarelli, enliven this extraordinary world." Renowned for creating high-quality theatre for young people, Theatre-Rites makes a welcome return to the Barbican this Christmas after the success of The Thought That Counts in 2005. John van der Put is the man behind the magic in the production. 17.12.11


Owen Lean will be performing in cabaret at the Spiegel Saloon, Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London, this coming Monday. Also performing Pippa the Ripper, Rollicking Richard Sullivan and Leilani - with host Edwin Flay. Entry is free, and food and drink will be served 17.12.11


'Legend: An anecdotal tribute to Ken Brooke'. Steve Cook emails: "Important announcement. My book: 'Legend: An anecdotal tribute to Ken Brooke, was originally to be released as a limited edition of 1,000 (signed & numbered) copies worldwide. I have now, reluctantly, decided this is no longer a viable proposition, therefore, I have limited it to only 285. If you have purchased the book then email me , and I'll forward you confirmation of this altered number. An attachment will then allow you to print-off the page and insert it in the book, to authenticate this new greatly reduced limited edition. I would like to thank those purchasers of 'Legend', it is truly appreciated by myself, Ken's partner, Barbara McNaughton, Ken's immediate family, his friends, magical colleagues and his many fans worldwide. You have helped not only to keep alive the name of the greatest magic demonstrator in history, but also, you have fostered awareness one of the funniest, talented, most generous and charismatic figures ever to grace this planet. Thank you." 17.12.11


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