Number 652 - 22nd December 2012


Blackpool Magicians Convention (22nd, 23rd, 24th February, 2013) has an incredible line up of international talent. From Korea: Yu Ho Jin (FISM Grand Prix Winner in Stage Magic), Yuji Yasuda, Zeki Yoo, Haon Gun, Lukas, Ted Kim and Kim Hyun Joon; from the USA: David Williamson, Dirk Losander, Simon Lovell, Joe Monti and Mark Mason; from France: Yann Frisch (photo. FISM Grand Prix Winner in Close-Up) Les Chapeaux Blancs; from Finland: Marko Karvo; from Germany: Patrick Lehnen, Mark & Alex, Sonny Hayes & Co. and Jan Logemann; from Australia: Phil Cass, Jay Scott Berry, Tony Frebourg; from Sweden: Johan Stahl; from Canada: David Merry; from Switzerland: Natalie & Eli; from Italy Vittorio Marino; from Holland: Prince of Illusions; and from the UK: Wayne Dobson, Anthony Owen, Colin McLeod, Mel Mellers, Matthew Wright, Nicholas Einhorn, Michael J. Fitch, Andrew Birtwell, Magic Sam and Ken Dodd.


There are 3 Gala Shows. Friday 22nd, the Korean Magic Show with Yu Ho Jin topping the bill compered by Vittorio Marino. Saturday's Gala has Prince of Illusions topping the bill compered by Jay Scott Berry. Sunday's Gala Show is compered by David Merry and features Tony Frebourg, Les Chapeaux Blancs, David Williamson, Yann Frisch, Ken Dodd, Marc & Alex, Sonny Hayes & Co., and Marko Karvo. The Registration Desk opens at 8.30am on the Friday and the Dealers' Fair opens at 11am. A Dealer Demonstration also opens at 11am, with the first Lecture starting at 1pm. Book early! Visit or call Arthur Casson on 01253 393688. 22.12.12


The Session is just three weeks away and only a few tickets remain. Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin, Dan & Dave Buck, Simon Aronson, Jay Sankey, Bill Abbott, Alex Pandrea, John Archer, Luke Jermay, Chris Rawlins, Quentin Reynolds, Yoann Fontyn, Rune Klan, Mark Elsdon, Morgan & West and Piff the Magic Dragon will all be there for one of the most intense, exciting magic conventions in the world. January 12th and 13th 2013, Cheltenham. The Session is now close to selling out. Book via 22.12.12


Now that's Magic! Paul Daniels will be one of the headline acts at the South Tyneside International Magic Festival, when it returns for the 10th year in March 2013. The week-long event, organised annually by South Tyneside Council and magician Martin Duffy, will feature a three-day convention designed specifically for practicing magicians and the most dedicated magic fans, as well as a series of public performances at the Customs House, South Shields. Paul and his wife Debbie McGee, who have supported the festival since its launch in 2004, will compere one of the event’s signature Gala Shows on Saturday, March 9th, featuring a line-up of renowned magicians from around the globe. Paul will also host a special VIP reception alongside the Mayor of South Tyneside on Sunday, March 10 for festival sponsors and invited guests. Entry to both events is included in the convention’s delegate package, which also offers access to a second Gala Show, an exclusive Midnight show and a series of lectures and close-up sessions led by performers from around the world. Tickets for the South Tyneside International Magic Festival’s three-day convention, which runs from Friday, March 8th, are priced at £65 per person and are available by emailing or by calling 0191 4247987. More details about the festival’s public events, including the individual Gala Shows, can also be found at 22.12.12


Pete Firman can be seen on Celebrity Mastermind at 6pm on Tuesday 1st January on BBC 1. Pete joins 'Flog It' presenter Paul Martin, gold medal-winning Olympian Pete Reed and actress Jaye Griffiths to take television's toughest test, answering questions on rock drummers, Ayrton Senna, Tommy Cooper and the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Forget kid's shows and drunken office parties... this is what I'd call a really tough gig! Best of luck Pete. DT. 22.12.12


Magic Nights @ Madame JoJo’s, London. "Magic Night returns in 2013 with a new bag of tricks along with some nifty pirouette work, a silent trick, a record breaker, unusual assistants, fruit and clever sleight of hand with mind tricks. The hilarious John Hicks attempts to break the world record with help from his unusual magical assistant by performing the most tricks in 5 minutes. Ben Hart will blow your mind silently whilst Stephen Barry uncovers your thoughts and Madame Galina pirouettes and prances to find her Nureyev and The Stupendous Crapini brings the art of cheesy trickery to new heights. Pete Heat will rock the house with some fine trickery and Christian Lee will oversee the proceedings in true Tommy Cooperesque style." January 18th. Doors open 7pm, Show starts at 7.45pm, Tickets £12 for seated show. Show ticket plus dinner £25. All tickets include entry to The Good Foot club night after. Tickets: Madame JoJo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, London W1F 0SE (Map) 020 734 3040. Visit for more info. 22.12.12


West End Magic at the Leicester Square Theatre: "A unique show featuring some of the UK's finest magical artistes. Taking magic back to the heart of the West End and to the original site of its golden age in London, featuring an amazing array of top British acts, some of which represented Britain in the FISM World Magic Championships. Acts appearing so far include stage illusionists High Jinx, comedy magician Christian Lee, the elegant artistry of Oliver Tabor and top ventriloquist Steve Hewlett, with more to be announced. Saturday 9th March at 7.30pm. Tickets £16.50. See and 22.12.12


Magicseen invites you to spend Christmas with the stars! From the publisher: The latest issue of Magicseen (iss.48 Jan. 13) is on its way to subscribers and is available also right now as an instant download. Choose this option and you can sit back on Christmas day after your turkey and relax in the company of top mentalist Luke Jermay, USA super-smoothie Gregory Wilson and spookily odd bizarre magician Dan Baines. You will learn exactly how to work your magic at weddings if you follow the advice of Damian Surr, Nick Reade and Noel Qualter, you'll discover what makes up a typical week for pro close upper Gary Jones, and Anthony Boe will tell you why you should be grateful that your local magic club books lecturers. Then with an eye to spending some of that gift money that you've been given, you can run your eye over the product reviews, keep up to date with what's happening in the UK and beyond in the news sections, and see if you agree or disagree with this month's letter writers. And that'll leave you with just enough time before the Queen's speech starts to cast your eye over our quick chat with celebrities Neil Sedaka and Doug Jones, and to make a New Year's Resolution to try the tricks in the Masterclass. Magicseen - designed to provide what Santa didn't think of. 22.12.12


Introducing The Invisible Deck, with a normal deck of cards! With thanks to Asi Wind: "A revolutionary system enabling an ultra clean performance of the invisible deck... using a normal deck of cards. 'This really is invisible – nothing to see! Excellent!' Wayne Dobson. No force, completely free choice of card; You never have to look at the cards once they are out of the box; The spectator can even spread through the cards; There is only one card reversed; No rough and smooth, use any deck; Instant reset; Unique 'portal' learning system to get you up to speed fast; Plus Bonus sections: A Close Look At The False Overhand Shuffle; Explanation of the Dynamic In Hand Zarrow Shuffle; First ever footage of “Reorder” Chris Dugdale's dynamic routine from 'Best of British' and full explanation..." Take a peek at it looks great! 22.12.12


The Hands Off Wallet, From Harry Robson Magic: "Harry Robson is releasing a brand new wallet. A completely new handling of the Card to Envelope inside a wallet. For the first time the spectator holds the secret in their hands! The spectator holds the wallet, the spectator opens the wallet, they remove the envelope and they remove the card. The magician remains completely Hands Off! This is the first time a card to envelope has been done in a hip wallet, and its design even allows for a borrowed ring to end inside the envelope, with no problems. This is the result of years of research and testing. It also features Harry's Instant Reset concept, which means it's perfect for real world workers. 'I'm a self confessed magic wallet junkie and Harry's is the very best that I've seen. It takes the card in wallet to an entirely new level and features an instant reset, making it perfect for workers! If I sound enthusiastic about this, it's because I am - I absolutely love it!' Iain Moran. Stock is very limited so it is a good idea to pre-order, especially with the Blackpool Convention coming up in February!" To pre order and watch the trailer visit 22.12.12


The Quest for Mastery: Michael Vincent. The forth installment in this DVD series is reviewed by John Carey this week, Click Here. 22.12.12


More iCandy from RSVP: "Released in time for Christmas, More iCandy is the brand new 2 DVD set from rsvpmagic. Starring Lee Smith and Gary Jones, More iCandy also stars some amazing magicians from around the world including James Brown, Arnel Renegado, Mike Stoner and Brendan Rodregez. On this 2 DVD set, you'll learn some fantastic, practical magic that is used by all of these performers in their live commercial work! There are routines featured on these DVDs that we know we could have released as stand-alone projects, but at rsvp we believe in giving our customers real value for money and so have included them on this two disc set. More iCandy is our biggest project to date! Both DVDs feature 17 routines and have a running time of over four hours! Each DVD also features a comprehensive toolbox section where Lee and Gary sit down and explain their favourite sleights and moves that are used in their daily professional work and are part of the featured routines." Visit for more info and to order. 22.12.12


News from Hollywood! "Chris Dugdale and Phil Jay have just signed an exclusive 18 month contract with a leading Hollywood producer. Due to the non-disclosure agreement signed we cannot reveal more details at this point, suffice to say that after having spent 4 months with legal teams, watch this space..." 22.12.12


An Audience with Ken Dodd. First transmitted in 1994, Ken Dodd entertains a celebrity audience to celebrate 40 years in show business. Guests include Frank Carson, Paul Daniels, Warren Mitchell, Kevin Whately and Coronation Street stars Liz Dawn, Bryan Mosely and Peter Baldwin. 9pm on Sunday 30th December on Channel 5, see TV Magic. 22.12.12


International News: Jeff McBride’s Magic Wonderground celebrates its third smash year! Jeff McBride’s Wonderground at The Olive on Sunset, Las Vegas, celebrated its third anniversary on December 20th. Each third Thursday for the past three years, a diverse group of magicians, variety artists, body painters, musicians, burlesque stars, slam poets, belly dancers and others have come together to entertain an ever-growing audience of in-the-know Las Vegans and out-of-towners as part of Jeff McBride’s Wonderground. On a given night, one might spot Mac King, Lance Burton or Criss Angel at one of the tables. Jan Reuven often drops by, as well as Kevin James and Kevin Burke. Even Siegfried has been spotted on more than one occasion. “I love creating a space where all my friends in magic can come and feel comfortable whilst visiting with one another. And of course, the star power in the room adds another level to the experience for the general public who comes to experience this always changing, one of a kind event each month!” Said Jeff. Be sure to visit on your next trip to Las Vegas. For more info see 22.12.12


The President of the IBM British Ring John ‘Sly’ Smith and his Lady, June send greetings to magicians throughout the world and wish them a peaceful and happy time. They would like to remind British Ring Members that there is an early bird registration at £110 for the Buxton convention (4th – 8th September) running until 31st January 2013. (On 1st February it goes up to £125 and on 2nd July increases again, this time to £140. Please be aware of the cancellation policy). The ladies day will be a visit to Chatsworth House by coach and there is a small extra charge for this. A registration form was enclosed with the last Budget or you can register on The main British Ring website is Buxton has ideal convention facilities and there is a preferential rate at the Palace Hotel. A two page spread detailing Buxton and its surroundings will appear in the January Budget, available to members soon. If you are not already a member, perhaps now is an ideal opportunity to join. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy your magic and save money too! Geoffrey Newton PRO. 22.12.12


What Lies Inside by Florian Severin is the greatly expanded and updated English edition of the best-selling German book on mentalism. "His opinions and material are often shocking and always insightful. You'll find a balance of methodological ingenuity, presentational inspiration, and technical innovation. And thanks to Florian's casual, witty style, you will enjoy the journey. With a foreword by Ken Weber and an introduction by the publishers (Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay), this is a beautiful, thick hardback book that will delight magicians and mentalists alike. Florian Severin's approach is perhaps a little different to most mentalists and we think that his book will offer a brand new perspective to presenting mentalism." For more info and to order visit 22.12.12


The Order of the Magi (Manchester) send Seasonal Greetings to magicians and their families and friends throughout the world and wish you all a very successful 2013. You can keep in touch with us on Geoffrey Newton PRO. 22.12.12


"Prepare Yourself for the Magic of These First Stills from ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’" Click Here and watch the trailer Click Here • "Magician reveals insider's tricks" Click Here • "Shoot Ogawa makes magicians believe in magic" Click Here • "Derren Brown's 'Apocalypse': Preparing For The 'End Of The World'" Click Here • "Russian illusionist makes boiling water 'disappear' in subzero weather" Click Here • "Few takers for illusions" Click Here • "Derren Brown heads to Kent for eight-day stint" Click Here • "Derren Brown: I'm terrified of spiders" Click Here • And finally... "Magician Proposes To Girlfriend While She Films His Trick" Click Here. 22.12.12


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers worldwide from the MagicWeek team, Duncan, Keiko, Amelia and Louis. It's been a great year... Thank you to everyone who submitted magic news, reviews, reports and photos, it is really appreciated, and thanks also to all our magic dealer advertisers (the finest on the web). Last, but not least, thank you too, for reading MagicWeek every week - we couldn't do it without you! Have a great Christmas. 22.12.12