Number 665 - 23rd March 2013


Breaking Magic, new from Discovery Channel: "Is science the secret sorcery to creating a successful magic trick? We're going on a worldwide tour with today's most innovative magicians, who transform pure science into mind-boggling magic tricks. Get ready to learn the chemistry, physics and biology powering the world's greatest illusions. Breaking Magic fuses the showmanship and mystery of street magic with the raw power of science. Watch as each trick surprises unsuspecting bystanders with mystifying results. We've recruited today's freshest and most creative magicians to show you how science works with shocking tricks, including knocking down a wall with the power of one's voice, turning a silver bracelet into gold, slowing the speed of a dropping cannonball and many more. Hidden cameras on the streets of London, Warsaw and New York City capture bystanders completely baffled by these magicians' unexpected tricks. Immediately following these demonstrations, each magician explains the scientific reality behind each illusion." Breaking Magic stars James Galea, Ben Hanlin, Wayne Houchin and Billy Kid. See TV Magic for listings. "New Discovery Channel show for Magic Boy Ben Hanlin" Click Here. 23.3.13


"'True self-improvement relies on being kinder': Derren Brown on why he no longer wants to control your mind - but improve it. The magician who calls himself a 'Spandau Ballet gay leisure pirate' talks candidly about his troubled youth, his sexuality, but is cagey about his forthcoming stage show..." To read the full article by Simon Lewis in the Mail online Click Here. 23.3.13


Northern Magic Circle Annual Convention, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April.  John Russell P.R.O. writes: Join us for a weekend full of magical entertainment, including two close-up shows, Gala Show, Children's Show and a cluster of star lecturers including Greg Wilson from the USA, and to round it off, a celebration show for the 40th Anniversary of the Northern Magic Circle Juniors. Register at for a really magical weekend. Postal applications can be downloaded from the website too. If you have any difficulties with the website, email Su Jayne at Venue: Whitby Pavilion, West Cliff, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3EN (Map) 23.3.13


Gregory Wilson's 'Latest & Greatest' UK Lecture Tour. Steve Gore, UK Tour Manager for Gregory Wilson writes: Gregory Wilson is a two-time FISM award-winner with a number of best-selling instructional DVDs on the market. In 1998, Greg was also awarded the "Most Creative Magician of the Year" by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He has contributed scores of original effects to Magic, Genii, Linking Ring, M.U.M., Arcane, Penumbra, Magic Menu and other magazines, as well as a full chapter in Paul Harris' The Art of Astonishment, a chapter in Harry Lorayne's Best of Friends 3, a chapter in John Lovick's Switch, and a chapter in the wildly popular Magic for Dummies... Just don't hold that last one against him! He has performed and lectured in 44 countries and over a 1,000 cities, and now yours! Here’s is the Schedule for Gregory’s upcoming UK lecture tour, which is entitled “Latest & Greatest” and features his latest killer effects, peppered with a few of his classic effects. The tour starts on March 28th in Hull, and ends on May 9th in Surrey. See What's On for listings. 23.3.13


The Leamington and Warwick Magic Society’s Day of Magic, June 2013. Mark Traversoni writes: The Leamington and Warwick Magic Society’s Day of Magic (Tuesday 18th – Wednesday 19th June) at Cubbington Sports & Social Club, Windmill Hill, Cubbington, Leamington Spa, CV32 7LN (Map) is the main event of our year. This year we are starting on the Tuesday evening to cater for those that travel up the day before with lectures from James Brown, Luke Jermay (including an evening show), Jamie Allan (photo), Shane West (Zoobee) and Mike Gancia. 20 dealers are also confirmed. The site has free parking and food is provided free of charge through the day, all for the bargain price of £25! Spaces are limited so please book early, for more information go to 23.3.13


Blackpool Magicians Club are pleased to announce that Steve Evans has been elected as a full member of the Blackpool Magicians Club for his hard work at the Blackpool Conventions. The President, Derek Lever, the Officers, Committee and all the members congratulate Steve on his appointment and wish him well for the future. Manchester Circle of Magicians enjoyed a superb lecture last week by Steve Evans. Excellent magic combined with Steve's infectious humour created a wonderful 2 hours of entertainment. He received a standing ovation at the end from all the 100 attendees. Derek Lever. 23.3.13


Mark James Edinburgh Lecture. Mark will be performing his only date in Scotland tomorrow, Sunday 24th March. Mark will perform 30 minutes of his cabaret act followed by a two-hour lecture, rounded off with a Q&A session. Mark will have some effects for sale as will G Playing Card Company and Daren Robinson. For more information contact Gary James on 0793 272 8695. 23.3.13


Alex Lodge joins entertainments team at Flamingo Land, Yorkshire. This week Alex moves up to Yorkshire to join the entertainments team at Flamingo Land in Yorkshire. Flamingo Land is a theme park, zoo, and resort, attracting about 1.8 million visitors per year and is also the 12th most visited theme park in Europe. Alex will be a general entertainments host and will also perform his magic on stage and throughout the park. Alex will also be playing Abanazar in Aladdin and also perform in the Comedy Circus show staring comedian Sue Sweeney and The Bongo Warriors show. Alex said: "I've always wanted to do my magic at a theme park, so this is a dream come true because not only is it a theme park, but a zoo and live entertainment venue, all wrapped into one great day out or holiday for all the family." 23.3.13


Michael Gee had the pleasure of performing magic backstage at The BBC Television Centre for the Comic Relief after-show party last week. This was a particularly special occasion being the 25th year of Red Nose Day and the last transmission from Television Centre. To keep up to date with Michael's news, and to see more photos, visit 23.3.13


Morgan & West's Magical Menagerie with Chris Cox & Andi Gladwin. "Morgan & West's Magical Menagerie is back! Returning for another four dates on the first Tuesday of each month at the Old Fire Station, Oxford. Morgan & West have travelled to the four corners of the empire to bring back the greatest specimens the magical world has to offer. Each show sees two new dabblers in the dark arts unleashed upon the audience, presided over by conjurer-collecting duo Morgan and West. Minds will be read, impossibilities realised and thoroughly good times had by all. The April line-up features Chris Cox, the mindreader who can't read minds and world-class close-up magician Andi Gladwin." Tuesday 2nd April at 7.30pm. Tickets £8.50, book via Venue: Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, Oxford OX1 2AQ (Map) 23.3.13


Paul Gordon Lecture - Northamptonshire Magicians Club. Paul Gordon lectures at 8pm on Tuesday 2nd April at The Northamptonshire Magicians Club, Yeoman of England, High Street, Wootton, Northants NN4 6LP (Map). Paul will be presenting an evening of entertaining 'worker' card magic that you can really use. Visiting magicians welcome £8 for non-members. David Miller, President. 23.3.13


Fifth Dimension are delighted to once again be swapping the cold weather of Scotland for the 30 degree heat of sunny Singapore. This is the second of three events that the duo, Jeff Burns and Ivor Smith, are delivering for an oil company with their magically enhanced safety presentations. The sessions combine magic and key behavioural safety messages to both engage and energise their audiences. Jeff commented "Our first trip to Singapore was only two weeks ago and we had simultaneous translation going on as most of the audience is from Thailand. It was an interesting challenge and meant we had to slightly change the timing of our routines." Ivor added "Feedback from the first event was tremendous and we were delighted to be invited back to deliver another two events." The duo will arrive back in the UK on Saturday 30th March. 23.3.13


'Paul Harris Presents UK' morphs into 'Saturn Magic'. Mark Traversoni writes: "Paul Harris Presents UK has evolved to become Saturn Magic. Our success during 2012 has seen an increase in the range that we stock and the Paul Harris items are now a small part of our offering. Evolution to “Saturn Magic” reflects the fact that we are now a global magic shop with an ever increasing stock range. We will still be working closely with Paul Harris and supporting the PHP brand. Visit Saturn Magic at" 23.3.13


Happy to announce that Kevin McMahon came first in the Edinburgh Magic Circle Sonny Day Close Up Magic competition last Monday evening, 18th March. Kevin said: "I'm delighted to have my name on the trophy alongside so many other amazing, revered magicians, such as Paul Wilson, Professor Richard Wiseman and Peter Lamont, it really means so much to me. It was also an absolute honour and surprise to have a relative of the late great Scottish magician John Ramsey in the audience, especially as I performed some of his magic as part of the coin routine I used." 23.3.13


The Order of the Magi (Manchester) present a lecture from their member, the well known magical historian, author and performer Trevor Dawson on Tuesday 26th March at 8pm. This will take placed at their headquarters, the New Irish World Heritage Centre, M8 0AE. Trevor’s lecture will include many items and attendees are requested to bring a pack of cards with them for the ‘teach as you go’ part of the lecture. During the evening, signed copies of Trevor’s new book “Charles Dickens Conjurer, Mesmerist and Showman” will be available at a special discount price. Door charge for non members. Geoffrey Newton PRO. 23.3.13


Zee's Magic Collection For Sale. Andrew James writes: "Once again the power of advertising on MagicWeek is outstanding. My close friend Zee has been visiting from Bangkok, here in Manchester, giving me the most wonderful opportunity of selling for him in the UK, his fabulous collection of remaining smaller props, framed posters from all his shows internationally, and a collection of magic books and illusion plans still in mint condition. However, I am delighted to be selling for him, his close friend and mentor The Late Robert Harbin's Original Magic Box, on which Zee had made as his huge Dice Box production, and The Magic Circle Maskelyne Award presented to Robert Harbin in 1970. Both these items are a great and rare addition to a serious collector. We now have photographs for those interested. Thank you to all who have been in touch with enquiries and sales already, the number of enquiries has been amazing. Thanks MagicWeek for all you do for the magic fraternity week in week out! With Best Wishes, Andrew James. Manchester. Mobile: 07925 825 136." [Andrew's ad for Zee's items can be seen in our For Sale section. DT]. 23.3.13


Mark Leveridge's Magic Marketing Masterclass. Jay Fortune reviews the first three DVDs from this new release: "In October 2012, Mark Leveridge hosted a one-day 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' for magicians to learn more about the business-side of being a magician. Three expert speakers offered seminars, the first for review being Julia Bramble. Julia is the media expert for a large national organisation devoted to helping business move forward by embracing social media platforms such as Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube..." Click Here to read the full review. 23.3.13


Maltese magicians were very fortunate to have an evening of superb magic presented by British Magic champion Marc Oberon. Marc, who won prizes in FISM, IBM and other competitions, combined his lecture with some new ideas, parts of his performances and incisive tips on presentation which members of I.B.M. Ring 202, young and old, relished and absorbed. Vanni Pule`. 23.3.13


The FUNtastic Magic Show. "Simon Sparkles and The Magnificent Johno are proud to present The FUNtastic Magic Show, a fun-packed family show featuring Wacky Inventions, Silly Games, 'Ozzy' The Naughty Puppet and of course plenty Amazing Funny Magic. Will Simon and Johno's amazing magic work? Will the wacky magical inventions cause mayhem? Is 'Ozzy' the naughty Emu going to behave himself and will the Marvellous Magical Wishing Box make a special surprise for the entire audience?" Wednesday 27th March at 2pm at Metropole Cultural and Conference Centre, Mitre Street, Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent NP13 1AL (Map). More info: Simon Sparkles, The Magnificent Johno and 23.3.13


Ashley Turner aka The Table Top Trixta will now be performing each and every Friday night at La Dolce Vita, Luton, from 8pm to 10pm. The restaurant is a fantastic family run business, which was a former 17th Century coach house! Great food, great prices, great entertainment! See and visit To book quote 'magic' and call 01582 611029. 23.3.13


Scottish Conjurers Association Close-Up Competition 2013. Nine entrants competed in this year's competition on Wednesday March 19th, with the cup being awarded to Club President Jim Kelly for the second year running. In a closely fought competition second placed was awarded to Paul McAtear and third to Junior Member Luke Cunningham . The photo shows Jim Kelly being awarded the trophy by competition organiser Harry Gallacher. Brendan Kirk, Secretary to the SCA. 23.3.13


The MagicWeek team went to see The Incredible Burt Wonderstone last week. Here's our review of Burt Wonderstone in a nutshell (inside an egg, in a lemon). First what they got right: About 15 minutes... there are some really funny moments and some great throwaway lines, and they got the casting of the two young magicians, the agent, the old magician, and the assistant right. What they got wrong: The other 85 minutes, the 'goes nowhere' story that offered few twists or turns, the use of CGI which should be an absolute no-no in a 'magic' movie of this nature, the casting of Jim Carrey (best performance, but the character really needed an actor 20 years younger), Steve Carell (very funny in places, however although we 'believed' in him in The 40 Year Old Virgin we don't believe in him as, an albeit naff, Las Vegas illusionist), and Steve Buscemi (an excellent actor, but totally miscast here), and finally, the oh so weak ending. Real shame. Some wonderful moments though. DT. 23.3.13


"New Poster for 'Now You See Me' Integrates Entire Ensemble Cast" Click Here • "Film Visits David Copperfield’s Secret Warehouse/Museum to Learn The Magic History Behind ‘Burt Wonderstone’" Click Here • "Who'd have thought David Copperfield could do comedy? Piff The Magic Dragon chooses his favourite clips" Click Here • "A Magician's Library Full of Secrets" Click Here • "Magician Dynamo shows support for Luca" Click Here • "Ask a Magician: How Hard Is It to Make It in the Illusion Game These Days?" Click Here • "Math + magic = ‘mathe-magician’?" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always welcome - please remember our 'Thursday if possible - absolute deadline 12 noon Friday, no exceptions,' submission policy. See you next week, Duncan. 23.3.13