Number 683 - 27th July 2013


"Smokin' Aces: Bond stuntman wows crowd with amazing card trick - while on fire. A Bond stuntman has pulled off the hottest card trick ever - blind-dealing four aces while engulfed in flames. Daredevil Steve Truglia from Wanstead, east London, staked his life against his magic skills as he went up in flames. The 50-year-old magician - who had roles in Tomorrow Never Dies and Saving Private Ryan - called it the 'world's most dangerous card trick'..." To read the full story by Sam Webb, with pictures and video, in the Daily Mail, Click Here. See Steve Truglia live on stage in The Card Shark Show at The Royal Institution, London 27.7.13


Rob Zabrecky, John Carney, Christian Bischof, Mike Chao, Sos & Victoria, and Patrik Kuffs have all been added to the line up of the London-based International Magic Convention (November 15th, 16th 17th). It promises to be a great weekend with much of the talent also presenting talks in the Festival of Magic in the week leading up to the Convention. Each day follows a specific theme: Monday - The Magic of Magic; Tuesday - Street and Alfresco Magic; Wednesday - Mentalism; Thursday - Cards and Coins; Friday - Character and Stagecraft. Five fantastic days in which to indulge yourselves and stimulate your magic thinking! Each day includes additional guest speakers, alongside names from the Convention, to cover all aspects of that particular topic. Doors open daily at 10.30am with the day running from 11am - 5pm, with shows in the evening bookable separately (except for Thursday, where the number of performers lecturing means that the day will run later). Find out more and book early via Photo: Rob Zabrecky. 27.7.13


The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible. UK tour. From the producers: Direct from a completely sold out season at the Sydney Opera house in Australia, William Morris Endeavour present the most important live magic show currently touring the world. Seven of the most incredible illusionists on earth enact mind bending acts of magic and illusion, many of which have never been seen before. Each Illusionist is a master in their own field. With an assembled cast of 20 sidekicks, they will perform a powerful mix of their most outrageous and unbelievable acts. Audiences will witness jaw dropping acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and for the first time ever in history, a full view water torture escape. Performed by the acclaimed escapologist Andrew Basso, he will hold his breath for over 4 minutes whilst attempting to escape from his underwater cell. This group of world-class performers take their cue from the showmanship of the great illusionists of the past - such as Harry Houdini – and pair it with a new and updated contemporary aesthetic, whose set and costume design lend the genre a theatricality and artistry that has rarely been seen before. This critically acclaimed production has played to sold out crowds in Australia, Asia, South America, and is currently in the middle of its World Tour. 27th September Blackpool Opera House; 28th September Edinburgh Festival Theatre; 2nd October Nottingham Royal Concert Hall; 4th & 5th October Manchester Apollo; 8th October Wolves Civic Hall Wolverhampton; 11th & 12th October London Hammersmith Apollo. For more information and to book visit Trailer: Click Here. 27.7.13


Fritz Alkemade (NL), Diamond Jim Tyler (USA) and Geoff Williams (USA) and Martin Cox (UK) can all be seen at their very best, live at Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol, this September. Fritz with a Z from the Netherlands is a multi award-winning magician who has performed stunning magic all over the world. He interlaces magic and improvisation in a show that will fool you! The energy, the comedy, and the unique moments he improvises with his audience, makes his magic unforgettable. Diamond Jim Tyler hails from Texas, and will be performing for 2 nights only, while he tours UK magic societies. Diamond Jim Tyler performing his act to lay people, so this is a great opportunity to see him 'at home'. And finally Geoff Williams will be offering mind-blowing sleight-of-hand illusions. Enjoy zany, offbeat comedy that's full of audience participation. Geoff will be ably supported by Britain's Martin Cox. For more information and to book visit or see What's On. 27.7.13


Paul Daniels is Graham Norton's special guest on BBC Radio Two from 10am on Saturday 27th July in the last show before the summer break. And keep up-to-date with the never ending adventures of Daniels (which go back 4 years) in his always entertaining YouTube videos at 27.7.13


Ali Cook to tour: "In addition to his acting work (see below) Ali will take his latest critically acclaimed magic show ‘Principles and Deceptions’ on tour across the UK for the first time this year, with dates running until December 2013. See What's On. His irreverent style and acclaimed sleight-of-hand have made him one of the pioneers of the alternative magic scene. As a result, he has an array of famous fans and has performed at private parties for Damien Hirst, JK Rowling, Minnie Driver and Basement Jaxx, as well as premiere parties for movies including the ‘Harry Potter’ series amongst others." 27.7.13


Four in a row from Dynamo! All four shows from the new Dynamo Magician Impossible series are being screened back to back on Saturday 3rd August and Sunday 4th August on Watch (see TV Magic). In show 1 Dynamo goes to New York but becomes swept up in the backlash from Hurricane Sandy. In show 2 Dynamo visits Ibiza and makes friends with the locals. Show 3 sees Dynamo in Johannesburg and Cape Town and in show 4 he returns home and meets up with Samuel L Jackson, Keith Lemon and Jessica Ennis. 27.7.13


Lior Manor - High Level London Workshop. Lior writes: I am doing a very high level workshop for professional mentalists and magicians. It will be 5 hours long on the 3rd August in London. The list of topics will be sent by request. Featuring the best routines from my mentalism show and from my MC work." Email Lior for more info: PEA Dave Lederman Award 2009. PEA Dunninger Award 2001. 27.7.13


Bruno Copin UK Lecture tour. Steve Gore writes: "Bruno is an amazing creator of magic, famous for his invisible thread work. He is touring the UK from 10th May to 30th June 2014 with his lecture titled 'It's really full' - a rare treat for your club. Bruno has recorded a special welcome message for his UK tour here Click Here. Bruno Copin could be described as a magical puppeteer. His work with threads is both original and unusual, akin to stories, played out on the tabletop with cards, cigarettes and other objects. His routines feature truly magical moments that will have you shaking your head in wonder. Take for example The Butterfly Effect where Bruno Copin talks about the flap of a butterfly’s wing that starts a tornado across the other side of the world. In this tabletop dramatisation the spin of one card sets other card spinning in the hands of the spectator. Everything is immediately examined. These are the hallmarks Bruno Copin’s work, a poetic and elegant story that culminates in an impossible and memorable moment. I found this link on YouTube Click Here filmed simply at his home which demonstrates some of his skills. He has lectured around the world, for the FFFF convention in 2013 and at the Essential Magic Convention in Portugal. He can also offer masterclasses if your club or a few of your friends are interested. He can also perform in close-up shows for conventions and he even has a stage act. For booking enquiries email" 27.7.13


Creased by Arnel Renegado - New from RSVPMagic: "When you watch the trailer (Click Here), you'll think that it can't really be that good. It is! It looks like trick photography, but it isn't! This is truly one of the most visual card rises that we've ever seen and best of all the signed/creased card can be handed out for examination immediately!" Pre-Order Now and receive one extra free Creased gimmick: “Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen every ambitious finale, up pops this amazing visual rise... Floored me completely. The method is absolutely ingenious and also extremely practical.” John Carey. 27.7.13


The Secret World of Charles Dickens, mirth, marvels and the mysterious. Ian Keable, winner of The Magic Circle Comedy Award, performs the favourite magic tricks of Charles Dickens and divulges the spooky practices of Victorian psychics. Charles Dickens, in addition to being one of the world’s greatest writers, was an expert conjurer. He was also sceptical about spiritualism, which was a popular pastime in the 1800s. This humorous and mystifying show recreates, in the authentic parlour room atmosphere of the 16th century Lauderdale House, how Dickens deceived his audiences and why, to quote a famous contemporary, Elizabeth Browning, he was “fond of Ghost stories so long as they were impossible.” Venue: Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, London N6 5HG (Map). Tuesday 30th July at 8pm. Doors open at 7.30pm and pre-show refreshments are available. Tickets: £15. Box Office: or telephone 020 7263 0261. 27.7.13


Magic on the Fringe. The 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from 2nd - 26th August and tickets for all events are now on sale. "There's a myriad of unique experiences and emotions waiting for everyone at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and our short films capture many of them. Be inspired or lost for words. Cry your eyes out or laugh your head off. But above all else, enjoy every second." This years festival features more magicians than ever. Peter McLanachan has complied a list, see What's On, and visit to book. 27.7.13


British Magical Champion Mark Shortland engages his audience with a mixture of magic, mirth and audience participation. His infectious personality and unique brand of comedy are blended with an individual style of magic, in an act that the edge of your seat was made for! Mark can be seen live at Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th August in his 90 minute one-man show. Tickets are £12. More info: 27.7.13


Looch Lecture - Sheffield Circle of Magicians. Andy Cooper writes: "On Thursday the 1st of August, Sheffield Circle of Magicians are proud to be hosting a very special lecture by 'Looch'. Looch will return to his home town for a one night only mentalism lecture. Covering some of his incredible established material and also sharing some new unpublished work, Looch will present an evening of minimal mentalism focusing on strong, powerful and simple effects. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or are a seasoned pro, you will be sure to learn something. Venue: Magick Enterprises, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield S2 5GT. The lecture will begin at 7.30 pm and is free to paid up members of the Circle and £10 for guests." 27.7.13


Harry Robson is now taking bookings for his 2014 lecture, "A Laugh A Minute With Harry Robson". Harry has lectured countless times over the past 15 years for societies in both UK and Europe. Aimed at magical societies the lecture consists of two halves; both featuring a performance followed by an explanation. At the end of the evening Harry is happy to hold a workshop for half an hour with members, so that they can instantly put in to practice some of Harry's effects. Harry's working commercial effects are for sale at the end of the evening. Harry's lecture dates do fill up quickly so do get in touch as soon as possible so as not to be disappointed. Book now via 27.7.13


Royle Variety Show: Saturday, 27th July. Comedy hypnotist & mind magician Jonathan Royle will be joined by singers, bands and other artistes including Danny Kay, Miss H and Brendan Decko for a night of fundraising for Rochdale's Spring Hill Hospice. With a full live show, buffet, raffle, celebrity auctions and much more. From 6pm onwards at The Flying Horse, Town Hall Square, Rochdale. Tickets £7.50. See Facebook Events Page: 27.7.13


SIRO-A. Technodelic entertainment on a whole new frequency! The international multi-award winning spectacular is coming back to London! Often described as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group, SIRO-A is a revolution in live entertainment, fusing mime, groundbreaking visual effects and an electro soundtrack to create a mind-blowing theatrical experience that is a feast for the senses. Through dance, mime and puppetry, the company of six SIRO-performers interact with technology in a way never seen before. Featuring spectacular video projection, light animation, stunning laser effects and a pulsating electro beat, SIRO-A is family entertainment like no other. “A mesmerising mix of techno, high-tech light engineering, performance art, dance, comedy, animation and futuristic shadow-puppetry” Daily Star. For dates and to book visit: 27.7.13


The Date: "Ali Cook plays a magician trying to woo a lady in the silent comedy short The Date with expert magic consultancy from Scott Penrose. The film has been entered into The Virgin Media Shorts competition and there is an opportunity for the film to get a special number 13 ranking if it gets enough votes on Twitter. If you like the film you can vote for it on Twitter before 28th July - just state the name of the film 'The Date' followed by #VMShortsVote, or via the Twitter 'share' option found underneath the film. Here is the film:" Also see 27.7.13


Justin Higham and Joseph Barry’s West End Card Session, Sunday 28th July 2013: "If you'd like to have sessioned with the likes of Marlo, Vernon, Elmsley, or Jennings but never had the chance, then come and session with someone who did, along with one of magic’s exciting new card stars. Justin Higham and Joseph Barry are hosting a 6-hour workshop on card magic in the heart of London’s West End on Sunday 28th July 2013. The West End Card Session will include in-depth discussions and tutorials on card magic and sleights, including passes, false deals, controls, false shuffles, and improvisation, as well as some of Joe Barry's unique, unpublished material. Registrants themselves will help create the programme for the day by suggesting workshops on sleights and effects they wish to master and improve on. Spaces are limited to 10 people to be held at a public venue (to be confirmed with registrants). Price is £150 per person (drinks/food not included) via PayPal in advance via 27.7.13


Derren Brown Svengali DVD. Derren Brown presents the truly magical, award-winning theatre show that won him the 2012 Olivier Award for Best Entertainment. The master persuader and entertainer extracts secret confessions from the audience, paints an extraordinary portrait, and has an audience member possessed by a two-hundred year automaton. To order via Click Here (MagicWeek receives a small commission on all sales via this link). 27.7.13


Does you club plan ahead? Book a Lecturer for 2014! Visit the MagicWeek Lecturer's Page. 27.7.13


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