Number 692 - 28th September 2013


Troy's Story. Channel 4 have commissioned a six-part magic series, Troy, starring 24 year old Troy Von Scheibner. The show will be co-produced by Zig Zag Productions and GroupM Entertainment and will air in 2014 with international distribution being handled by Endemol. The show's format will feature Troy performing magic and stunts in front of the public using hidden cameras in an effort to really capture the 'wow moment' naturally, together with close-up magic in the studio and a spectacular stunt to close each show. Nine years ago in MagicWeek I wrote "...and look out for Troy in the future... the brightest magic talent I have seen for years" [Click Here]. It's really good to be able to update Troy's story this week. DT. 28.9.13


Current Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year Piff the Magic Dragon, following another hit sell-out show in Edinburgh, will be appearing with his deadpan humour and astonishing magic together with sidekick Mr Piffles, the World's First Magic Performing Chihuahua™, at the Soho Theatre, London, from October 15th - 27th. 'Hilariously funny, tremendously talented, Piff is quite simply delightful.' ★★★★★ Broadway Baby. When asked what the audience could expect from the new show Piff said, “I will be trying to break the ancient curse of the magic dragon, while Mr Piffles performs mathematics, translates French, demonstrates why his heart is heavier than stone and attempts to survive death by 14 razor sharp wooden spears. This year, we also have two guest stars: Darren Gold, The World’s First Mind Reading Goldfish and Mr Fluffles, Mr Piffles’ pet flea who will demonstrate his incredible strength of brawn and memory provided the environmental health agency don’t make us de-flea him.” More info 28.9.13


Magic Moments 13 has come and gone! And what an amazing day it was. Jay Fortune (pictured here with Cash 4 Kids mascot Courage the Cat), organiser of the flagship event, reports a fantastic success raising loads of money for a great cause. "This charity helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children. In the current economic conditions it's difficult to ask others who are also suffering hard times to part with money, but we're delighted so many turned out to help. In no particular order thanks to Richard Leigh, Steve Sampson, Jamie and Anna from Nickelodeon, Magic 105.4's Jamie Edwards, Britain's Got Talent comedy star Kev Orkian, Box of Awesome, OMG for Boys and Girls, Ricky Carusso, Linda Lusardi, Sam Kane, Debbie Arnold, Katy Kerry, Steve Saunders, Mike Sullivan, Lynn Whitnall, Pete Sampson, Alex Smale, Emily Jane, Paradise Dancers, Rye House Go-Karts, Seghire Segways, Peppa Pig, Nik Robson, Pinky, Lennie, Aaron, Craig, Ty, Cam, Matt Boyles, Keith at PSL, Passion for Flavour catering, Mayhem Theatre, Hollyoaks' Anna Phillips, Everyone's A Winner and all of the staff, animals and folks at Paradise Wildlife Park, our friends at Magic 105.4 and everybody else who helped make this a truly special Magic Moments. We'll add an update, total money raised and photo's shortly to our Magic Moments page here on MagicWeek." 28.9.13


Card Magic Course Launched. A complete online card magic video course has been released by current IBM Close-Up Champion Steve Faulkner. With over 130 professionally shot videos, and many more to come, this is a must for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and skill. "Well done Steve for making this course available at such a reasonable price as I have no hesitation in saying that it is the best £35 I have ever spent." Pat Fallon. "...delivered professionally by a guy who knows his stuff, inside out. In short, it really will make you a better magician!" Dave Forrest. “Steve has done a great job putting together this course. I only wish this was available when I was learning” Peter Wardell. To watch an introductory video and find out more about the course visit today! "Steve’s bag of tricks makes him the magicians’ magician" Click Here 28.9.13


The Illusionists. Mike Danata reviews the first performance in the UK leg of The Illusionists tour, seen in Bournemouth last Tuesday, this week: "If the show comes near you do not miss it. It’s fast moving, spectacular, amazing magic. Beautifully produced with great artists and could herald the return of the big spectacular Magic Show..." Click Here to read Mike's full review and see What's On for September and October UK tour  dates. Mike Danata, as most readers know, runs a packed to the brim magic studio in Bournemouth: "The Illusionists - BIC" Click Here. "The Illusionists – seven of world’s top magicians – head to Scotland after stunning show left Dubai royalty spellbound" Click Here. 28.9.13


Need an injection of spirit? Noel Britten writes, "Perhaps one of the down sides of being involved in magic whether professionally or as a hobby is that we can find it difficult to recapture that sense of wonder that our audiences so often experience. Knowing the techniques that we achieve our magic through, we can lose sight of what a powerful thing magic can be, as a vehicle beyond just entertainment and laughter and become slightly 'wonder-blind'. The Monday daytime session of The London Festival of Magic (November 11th, The Bridewell Theatre) plans to redress the balance with an eye opening and inspirational set of presentations and talks, to explore some of these areas. Whilst there will be no tricks explained and only one 'performance' during the day, I defy anyone not to attend this day and come away with a new found respect for our craft. If you already love magic you will come away prouder of being a magician and for those who are going through a 'magic-weary' stage it will provide a springboard to get you back on track. I have organised many events and Conventions and this is the day that I am proudest of putting together in terms of presenters and material. I think it should be on everyone's list to attend and as such I'll offer a personal money back guarantee to anyone who fails to leave inspired at the end of the day - so what have you got to lose? I promise this will be a reality and attitude changing day for anyone interested in, or who cares about how magic is perceived. I really hope, for your own gain, to see you there." Tickets:, where you can also check out the other days of The Festival programme as there are discounts available for the more days you book, whether your interests are in close-up magic, mentalism or street magic, or if want to work on your character, presentation and showmanship. 28.9.13


Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects by Colm Mulcahy. From the publishers: "Mathematical card effects offer both beginning and experienced magicians an opportunity to entertain with a minimum of props. Featuring mostly original creations, Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects presents an entertaining look at new mathematically based card tricks. Each chapter contains four card effects, generally starting with simple applications of a particular mathematical principle and ending with more complex ones. Practice a handful of the introductory effects and, in no time, you’ll establish your reputation as a 'mathemagician.' Delve a little deeper into each chapter and the mathematics gets more interesting. The author explains the mathematics as needed in an easy-to-follow way. He also provides additional details, background, and suggestions for further explorations." Mathematical Card Magic may at first sound like a rather heavy read, and it could have been, but it isn't. If you think back to some of the most mind-scratchingly amazing magic you've ever seen, then you'll often find some very clever maths (disguised in the 'presentation') behind it. This is clever stuff. I've only had a short time to dip into this impressive 380 page volume, but 'wow' there's some really brilliant magic in here. With a foreword by Max Maven. Highly recommended and available from (DT) Click Here. 28.9.13


Superstars and Superfans - Paul Daniels. "Brendan Lambe is obsessed with magician Paul Daniels and will go to any lengths to meet him face to face. What will happen when they finally meet?" Find out on Superstars and Superfans at 10pm on Tuesday 8th October on TLC. See TV Magic. 28.9.13


Surrey Society of Magicians Auction. John Field writes: "One of our members has decided to 'retire' from Magic and has asked us to auction his props, books, DVDs etc. There are about 200 items and like so many of us he appears to have bought the trick, opened it for its secret and then put it back unused! In other words, many of the items are in pristine condition. The auction will take place at 8pm on 17th October in Bookham, Surrey. If anyone is interested in attending they can do so at no cost. If they contact me I will pass on the venue details and the list of items." Email: John Field 28.9.13


Christmas Colour Change Waistcoat, new, from Lee Alex's Magic2Wear: "Only 10 weeks to when the busy Christmas period starts! This is your opportunity to present a brand new design "Colour Change waistcoat" quick change into your festive season show. The original Colour Change Waistcoat was introduced by Lee Alex in 2006 and since then has been performed by magicians, celebrities, dancers, jugglers, quick change artists, singers, actors and even a snooker player all over the world, making it the best selling ready to wear quick change item. This new Christmas design incorporates the magic of quick change with the familiar "Magic Painting" theme. A white waistcoat is worn throughout the performance. A black and white picture of Father Christmas appears on the waistcoat. After performing your favourite "Magic Painting" routine (optional) the picture of Father Christmas becomes coloured on the waistcoat. A bright array of colours and crisp, clean artwork. The waistcoat is made to the highest standards. For those familiar with the original Colour Change Waistcoat the technique applied to the 'Christmas Colour Change Waistcoat' has been altered to allow for an even faster, smoother change with no risk or fumbling. The waistcoat is supplied with spare buttons and a pictorial instruction sheet! The waistcoat is available in three sizes M, L and XL in a new longer length to fit most performers. Only 100 pieces of the 'Christmas Colour Change Waistcoat' available - once they are gone, they are gone!" To order and find out more visit 28.9.13


DVDs allowed! We've made some changes to the terms and conditions for our free For Sale ads on MagicWeek. The sale of Magic DVDs is now allowed so long as they are, of course, originals. We have also changed the number of words allowed from 200 to 250 and have changed the 'maximum one ad per week' rule from 'one' to 'two'. The free classified ads are a great way to turn unwanted items into magic spending money. MagicWeek and our classified ad section has never been busier (see For Sale/Wanted) but please fully read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your ad. DT. 28.9.13


Channel 4 magic documentary. Film maker Jamie Roberts writes: "Calling all Magicians or Budding Magicians. Are you struggling to make your dream of becoming a Magician a reality? Do you want to become bigger than Dynamo? Are you often on the road touring your routine, giving lectures and selling tricks? Have you ever had a problem where magic has come between you and something else in your life? (Religion, friendship, family, love?) or do you or a friend of yours have a great story to tell? Or are you currently going through difficult or interesting times? I am currently developing a documentary for Channel 4 focusing on magicians. If any of these points to these apply to you or anyone you know then please get in touch, I would love to meet you and hear your thoughts. Please contact me via email or telephone - or 0787 983 4562. 28.9.13


The South London Magic Society is pleased to announce that Scott Penrose will lecture for the club on Tuesday 1st October at 8pm. As usual all are welcome, however there is a small fee of £10 payable on the evening. The venue is South Norwood and Woodside Social Club, 12 Enmore Road, London SE25 5NQ (Map). 28.9.13


Jon Allen lectures for the Society of Irish Magicians, following their AGM, at 8.45pm on Tuesday, October 1st. The lecture will feature routines and advice from his acclaimed book and DVD set. Admission is free for all current members. Non-members welcome for a cover charge of €20. SIM meeting room, Cassidy’s Hotel, Parnell Square, Dublin 1. 28.9.13


Mark Elsdon is pleased to announce the release of his super-practical Workers Diary. This audience tested new effect solves all of the problems of previous versions, making it a must-have for performers who do any kind of walkaround, banquet or restaurant work. It is available directly from Mark: Also, Mark will be performing and lecturing exclusively at Rodney James Piper's The Deviant convention in Salou, Spain on October 8th-10th, where he will be presenting exclusive new material from his forthcoming Equivoque Book and debuting a new silent comedy routine. The event is 'invitation only', but anyone who is serious about wanting to attend may contact RJP by emailing 28.9.13


Following Chris Dugdale's triumphant return to the Edinburgh Festival in the summer, which saw his show smash all of his previous box office records, Chris was flown out to The Seychelles for an exclusive one night performance of "Magic and Mischief". Last week saw him in Guernsey, London, Dubai and the Seychelles and next month he will be supporting Simple Minds and Madness in another special performance. 28.9.13


Dave Forrest will be presenting his new lecture at Winchester Magical Society this Thursday, October 3rd. This lecture caters for all skill levels with a great mix of strong original material featuring a mixture of close-up and mentalism, with some material suitable for parlour and nothing technically difficult. Visitors welcome for a nominal £5 fee. The lecture starts at 8pm at Badger Farm Community Centre, Winchester. See for details. Phil Smith 07545 173038. 28.9.13


Alan Shaxon Sophisticated Sorcerer: The Life and Magic of an International Magician. Scott Penrose and Steve Short are completing this book, with the help of Anne and the Shaxon family, which Alan had almost finished before he sadly died last year. Scott and Steve will have a limited lecture tour, visiting clubs to promote the book, in which Steve will be showing images and film clips of Alan’s life and career in magic and Scott will be performing and explaining a selection of Alan’s effects. Contact Steve Short telephone 07803 125180, for booking details. 28.9.13


Dastardly Discoveries: A Weird History of Llandovery: Dr Nicolas Grimoire will be taking the format of his successful new walking tour "Creepy Carmarthen" to the nearby town of Llandovery this weekend for the annual Sheep Festival. "One of the organisers joined the walk earlier in the summer," says Nick, "and was blown away by the 'spooky town tour' and asked me to recreate it for the festival." The free ninety minute walk, which leaves the town's Heritage Centre each day at 1pm and 3pm, blends magic with the bizarre true history of the ancient town including a Butler who really did commit a murder, the horrible torture and execution of a true Welsh patriot and a conspiracy to murder which led to six men being hanged. Oh - and there's the tale of a randy old goat and a drunken vicar as well. Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th September 28.9.13


David Ginn lecture. Brian Banwell writes: Well known Children's Entertainer David Ginn is doing his only lecture in the west country on Friday 25th October. 7pm start at the Claverham Church Hall, BS49 4LP between Bristol and Weston Super Mare. A great night not to be missed. Tickets £10.50. Refreshments provided. Call Brian on 01934 835275 if you would like to attend this one off night. 28.9.13


Charity Magic Show. Magic Circle Member Danny Lee Grew, presented a special children’s magic show at the Hub Community Centre in Newham recently. The event raised £300.00 for children’s charity Masons Magic. Mason is 8 years old and has an inoperable brain tumour, the money he raises through his charity helps other children with brain tumours; spreading positivity. The event also included character appearances, face painting and magic themed crafts. It was a huge success with every ticket being sold. and 28.9.13


John Calvert. August 5th, 1911 — September 27th, 2013. Sad to report that the boundless John Calvert died on Friday morning at the age of 102. I first saw him on stage at an early International Magic Convention making ping pong balls magically appear, endlessly, out of a line-up of volunteer's mouths on stage - it looked amazing! John Calvert had an incredible career in both film and magic. DT. "John Calvert: A Century of Magic" Click Here. 28.9.13


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