Number 737 - 9th August 2014


Tabula Mentis XVI – Entangled Minds. Sponsored by Psycrets. Saturday, November 8th, 2014 from 10am – 6pm at Hitchin Priory, Tile House Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 2DL (Map). Featuring lectures and presentations by Michael Murray, Looch, Atlas Brookings and Marc Spelmann. Non-members and like-minded individuals are welcome to Psycrets events, however we do charge an additional fee for admission above that of the Member ticket fee. Ticket sales are non-transferrable. More information: Steve Drury. 9.8.14


Jez Rose: Oh Behave! "Is this the most intelligent comedy show you'll ever see? The award-winning Jez Rose, as seen on BBC1, ITV, the Discovery Channel and Channel 4 is coming to the 540 seat Connaught Theatre in Worthing! Mind reader? Behaviour expert? Mentalist? Comedian? Whatever you want to call him, Behaviourist Jez Rose unleashes his razor-sharp comedy and unnerving observations of human behaviour while playing with your mind! Expect his trademark blend of playful audience participation and high energy comedy - but be prepared to shuffle to the edge of your seat when Jez plays Russian Roulette with a glass bottle. Lean back in amazement as he reveals the thoughts and personal details of volunteers, predicts choices you'll make and influences your decisions right in front of you - without you even knowing. And then there's the mind-blowing finale... A night of hilarious entertainment from a real-life mentalist." 'Hilarious!' Jonathan Ross. 'Brilliant!' Bill Nighy. 'One of the best - prepare for a top time!' GO! Magazine. Connaught Theatre, Worthing, Friday 26th September at 7.30pm. To book visit" 9.8.14


The BBC 'Magic' series, first shown in 2004, that delved into the most popular forms of magic is being repeated on Watch starting later this week (late night Thursday) with 'Mind Magic: The magician gets inside your head'. Modern day mind magicians like Marc Paul have the power to astonish in the most everyday of situations. In the street or the supermarket he can apparently read minds as easily as the rest of us read shopping lists. But this is simply the latest variation in a form of illusion that has been around almost as long as time itself. From the oracle of Delphi, through the age of Spiritualism, to today's Derren Brown who plays on the modern fixation with the untapped power of the human mind, we've always been prepared to believe in 'second sight' because - who knows? - it might just be true! This programme traces the history of mentalism, explains the special power it has always held over us, and shows how often it has been abused by false psychics like Erick Van Hanussen who assumed the role of Hitler's “Psychic of the Third Reich” – and who was finally murdered because his ability to foretell the future appeared to be all too accurate. This programme features American mentalist Max Maven who performs a contemporary version of a second sight act which mystified millions of British radio listeners in the 1950's, David Berglas, who could control his own pulse and drive blindfolded through London, Uri Geller, whose spoon bending so divided the worlds of science and magic, and Derren Brown – today's self styled "psychological illusionist". See TV Magic. 9.8.14


Early Dobson + "Wayne Dobson and Mike Sullivan are pleased to announce the following dates for their new lecture 'Early Dobson +'. This lecture is hosted and performed by Wayne's right (and left) hand man, Mike Sullivan. It is a mixture of early Dobson material (some never performed in over 30 years) and of course some of Wayne's latest creations. For more information email Mike at The following dates are available 8th - 12th September and 16th - 18th September 2014". 9.8.14


Luke Jermay Blackpool lecture. Derek Lever writes: Blackpool Magicians' Club members and associates will enjoy a lecture by star mentalist Luke Jermay on Tuesday 12th August at 8pm in the Blackpool Magicians Theatre Club, Rear of No.1 Sherborne Road, North Shore, Blackpool. It should be a great night. 9.8.14


Manchester Circle of Magicians Jumbo Magic Auction. Monday 18th August at Salford Masonic Hall, Hemsley House, 41 The Crescent, Salford, Near Manchester M5 4PE (Map). Doors open 5.30pm. Auction commences at 6.30pm. Star Auctioneers Mike Shepherd and Derek Lever with hundreds of items to be sold at bargain prices including books, DVDs, close-up, stage and kids' magic. Members free of charge. Non-members £3.00 door charge. Further information from Derek Lever email or phone 01253 810113. 9.8.14


New 1000 Londoners Film: 'Victoria, the transgender magician, from Newham'. The new short film from 1000 Londoners follows Victoria. As a young boy Victoria was inspired by Paul Daniels, and the sparkly glamour of 70s variety. Nowadays, Victoria finds respite from her “grotty, humdrum life”, through her own performances of comic magic under the name 'Princess Victoria Elizabeth'. We join Victoria at the Cheese and Crackers cabaret in Battersea, where she competes against a diverse range of performers. She is pessimistic about her chances, but will Victoria be victorious this time? Victoria is the first transgender Londoner in the 1000 Londoners series. Directed by Oliver Parkin and Nick Shaw and Edited by Mark Currie for Chocolate Films. The film will is available at, or on YouTube. 9.8.14


AWS Magic Tabletop Sale & Magic Jam Sessions - Southampton. Darren Holden writes: On Sunday 31st August the AWS are hosting a mini convention at our club from 9am - 11pm. The table top sale starts at 9am. Bring along your old magic items to sell. Entry / Table is £5. Please note that tables will go very quickly and are on a first come first served basis. Under 16 £3. Dealer tables £10 (we are only saving 6 tables for dealers). Workshops and lectures all day. Open mic contest in the evening. Come and join us! Anyone interested in doing a workshop or lecture please contact me. Lectures confirmed and lots more to follow: Sean Boon - The Power of Social Media; David Schollenberger - Balloon Lecture; Tony Hyams - Close-up Magic. We also have the Pig In A Bun Hog Roast Company coming along, as well as Trickett's Funfair. A great day for everyone. Dealers: Magic Tao, Razamatazz Magic, The Magic Attic with more to be added. Venue: Southern Parishes Conservative Club, The Hill, Upper Northam Close, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 4BB (Map). Organised by Darren Holden, The Associated Wizards of The South, email 07980 385 832. See and 9.8.14


The Mark Leveridge August Podcast: Time again for your monthly one to one with Mark and this time topics discussed include why writing is sometimes hard to do, the fact that streamlining plots can be beneficial to your magic, why chasing every new magical fad might not be the best way forward, how to get magical advice when you need it and the reasons why we don't always keep learning as we get older. The 30 minute Podcast is free to listen to online or to download to any mp3 player and a new one is released on the 1st of each month. So pull up a chair and spend a few minutes with Mark by going to 9.8.14


Luke Jermay lectures at the Manchester Circle of Magicians on Monday, 11th August: Luke Jermay has performed magic since the age of 12. At age 15, he wrote his first published book 7 Deceptions (Wonder Wizards, 2000) which launched him as an innovator within the magic community. Since then he has written a total of 34 books on the subject of mentalism and mind illusion. He has performed in more than 20 countries including his native United Kingdom and the United States in venues from local pubs to the London Palladium. Best known for his use of suggestion and covert forms of psychological influence, his trademark routines are a self-induced cessation of his pulse, followed by stopping of a random audience member’s pulse, and The Chair Prediction, a routine in which he predicts which chair a spectator will choose to sit in. His first consulting work was on season 1 of Derren Brown, Mind Control (2000), which he continued on seasons 2 and 3. Luke also worked with Criss Angel on seasons 1 and 2 of Mind Freak, and with Marco Tempest on The Virtual Magician. He also served as consultant for the television series The Mentalist. More recently he has consulted for Dynamo. For details visit Mike Hinde. 9.8.14


'Speed Tricking' & 'Magic Surgery'! Paul Henri writes: "The next East Coast Magic Collective meeting, scheduled for Wednesday 13th August at Kings Wine Bar, King Street, Great Yarmouth is 'Speed Tricking' & 'Magic Surgery'! The first half of the evening will involve members and visitors showing each other their favourite effect, whilst other members offer constructive criticism or opinion. The second half will allow any members to seek advice on any aspect of the craft that is currently eluding them. With many members being pros or semi pros, this will be an invaluable and interesting evening for all attendees. Standard members and visitors £2. Premium members (as ever) free of charge! Hope to see you there." 9.8.14


Four EdFringe magic shows are reviewed by Tony Middleton this week, Click Here. 9.8.14


Stuart Burrell - Chainmail Straitjacket Escape: "Have you ever chased a dream? A Southend man will finally achieve a 10 year long journey when he emulates a master magician at the Dixon Studio at the Palace theatre. On Saturday the 23rd of August 2014, as part of the week long 'As If By Magic' event organised by Southend Sorcerers, Stuart Burrell will attempt to be the first man to escape from a Chainmail Straitjacket whilst hanging upside down indoors, emulating one of his idols. In 1926 the Great Murray, the Australian Illusionist who is considered by many as the man who succeeded the legendary Harry Houdini, performed an upside down straitjacket escape at the Palace Theatre in London Road, Southend. 'There is a difference between being indoors and outside. The former is actually harder. Setting aside the logistics and mechanics, you have no airflow so you get winded quicker, there is a harder surface to fall onto should an accident occur and access issues if you need to be assisted. That’s before we even talk about the actual health risks of doing this escape. It is not outside the boundaries of probability for someone in suspension to suffer a cardiac arrest or blackouts.' Stuart has multiple world records in Escapology and Weight training but considers this his greatest challenge to date. 'Murray is the man that gave this art form, Escapology, its name. Houdini may have set the standard but it is the performers that followed that maintained those standards, and to be in the same building and repeat the same challenge, albeit with a slightly different, more ‘extreme’ straitjacket, is an honour and I am grateful to the Southend Sorcerers for giving me this opportunity.'" A video of the escape can be seen on YouTube. Also see 9.8.14


3rd European Close-up Magic Symposium, 21st, 22nd, 23rd November 2014, Milano, Italy. From the organisers: The most exclusive and original convention in Europe dedicated strictly to the art of close-up magic! This event has attracted the best close-up magic artists from all over the world to Milan, each year since 2010. A two day convention: performances from big stars in magic, free private sessions with your favorite artists, international close-up competition, and a lot more! Free tables are still available at the dealer area, please contact us for availability. The winner of the competition will get an invitation to the 4F (Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic). For more information visit 9.8.14


David Rotheram. Ozzy Dee writes: Children's entertainers will be sad to hear the passing of a true gentlemen, Dave Rotheram, Coz the Clown from Cosmic Balloons. Along with his wife and sons he was always a joy to spend time with at conventions; their DVDs started many entertainers off in the world of balloon modelling. The funeral will be at 4.30pm at Glynn Valley Crematorium, Turfdown Road, Fletchers Bridge, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 4AU on Wednesday 13th August. No suits, only bright clothes, plenty of colour. Should anybody require the family's address please email and I will pass it on. RIP to a man who put the Gentle into Gentleman. 9.8.14


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