Number 740 - 30th August 2014


Guy Hollingworth's The Reformation, caused something of a sensation when it was released on VHS back in '94. Now, twenty years on, the Hollingworth Collection is being released by Dan & Dave, as a compendium of original and updated material spanning The London Collection, Routines, and The Reformation. Everything has been brought thoroughly up to date with expanded content, refinements, new material, bonus footage, interviews and more. Each set boasts eight hours of in-depth footage and an exclusive art deco pack of commemorative playing cards. Signed and limited to just 1,000 copies, the Hollingworth Collection is available exclusively from Dan & Dave. 30.8.14


Dynamo: Magician Impossible series 4. Starts Thursday 4th September on Watch: "The King of Magic returns for the final series. Dynamo arrives in California and takes us along the Pacific Highway, mystifying everyone he meets." See TV Magic. Dynamo was all over the papers last week, for what appeared to be all the wrong reasons, but on Thursday morning, he tweeted: "Loving the speculation about yesterdays #Shard levitation-although things aren't always as they seem ;) All will be revealed #WIRES #Sept4th." So, either all is going to plan, or Dynamo and the team are feverishly working their way out of this one, or it's going to turn out to be world's greatest ever sucker trick... now that would be magic.

"'You can literally see the wires': Sharp-eyed Londoners point out that magician Dynamo's levitation stunt above the Shard is far from magic" Click Here.

"Dynamo’s latest stunt dangling 1,016ft off the Shard falls flat after fans complain they ‘could see the wires’" Click Here.

"Dynamo's Shard levitation stunt fail as Twitter fans blast 'You can literally see the wires'" Click Here.

"Magician Dynamo's Shard stunt criticised by onlookers who say 'you can literally see the wires'" Click Here.

"Watch: Dynamo admits to using wire for Shard levitation but says 'all will be revealed" Click Here. 30.8.14


Houdini - the first in a two-part US drama following the life of Harry Houdini will be shown at 9pm on Sunday 7th September on Channel 4. "Houdini's ability to escape from handcuffs, straitjackets, and water tanks is legendary ― breaking the shackles of his past proved more challenging. Academy Award® winner Adrien Brody and Kristen Connolly star in 'Houdini' which follows the world-renowned master of escape's transformation from immigrant into the world's first superstar. Driven, disciplined, and actively chasing the American Dream, Houdini constantly pushed his physical limits to accomplish feats of strength that amazed audiences in an age of spectacle. And though they saw what he wanted them to see, his reality was more elusive than his escapes." See TV Magic. 30.8.14


11 Weeks and counting.... Who will it be this year? One of the magic world’s most prestigious awards will be presented during The International Magic Convention in London during the weekend of 14-16 November 2014. With past recipients including Juan Tamariz, David Copperfield, Lu Chen, Derren Brown and Uri Geller, the presentation has become one of the highlights of the Convention and helps it make the weekend many top magician’s number one choice of magical gatherings to attend. Each year following the presentation of the International Magic Award by David Berglas, the recipient has agreed to take questions from the audience, which has resulted in a fascinating hour of anecdotes, newly revealed facts, a great deal of humour and a fascinating insight into these great performers lives. Who is the recipient this year? Well you'll have to be there to find out because, as always, the awarded is kept a closely guarded secret until the presentation is made. You can be sure that this will be an event you really don't want to miss. Convention details at 30.8.14


Axel Hecklau's 'Details: Strong magic, high impact and practical!' UK Lecture Tour, 2014. With more than 30 years in magic, Axel is a well-know professional magician in Germany. This lecture (parlour, stage and close-up) contains no 'B' material; everything is taken from his active proven repertoire. "Everything about the lecture was top-notch. His choice of effects showed a lot of variety and great thought. News-Flash was, of course, what brought most people there and it certainly met or exceeded everyone‘s expectations, but they weren‘t expecting all of the other great material. His Center tear routining is so well thought out. The spoon routine and Cola Cap were the best solutions to those effects I‘ve seen. One of my personal favorites was his idea on the One Coin routine and that is going right into my working repertoire. I could go on and on, but I would encourage all of you to see Axel Hecklau lecture. You will be entertained and learn a lot." Marc DeSouza. See


18.9.2014 Bristol at 8pm at The Vassall Centre, Gill Avenue, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2QQ
21.9.2014 Southend at 7.30pm at Ekco Social & Sports Club, Thornford Gardens, Southend On Sea, Essex SS2 6PU
22.9.2014 Ipswich at 7.30pm at Holiday Inn, London Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 OUA
23.9.2014 Birmingham at 7.30pm at The Selly Oak Ex-Servicemens’ Club, 8 Selly Hill Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 7DL
24.9.2014 Ealing at 8pm at Northfields Community Centre, Northcroft Road, Ealing, London W13 9SS
25.9.2014 Surrey at 8pm
27.9.2014 Bournemouth at 11.30am at Bournemouth Pavilion, Westover Road, Bournemouth BH1 2BU
29.9.2014 Portsmouth at 7.30pm at Buckland Community Centre, Malins Road, Portsmouth PO2 7BL
30.9.2014 Kent at 8pm at CIU Dunton Green Social Club, 159 London Road, Dunton Green, Kent TN13 2TA

1.10.2014 Leamington at 8pm at Cubbington Club, Windmill Hill, Cubbington, Nr Leamington Spa CU32 7LN
2.10.2014 Hull at 7.45pm at The Sailmakers Arms, Chandlers’ Court, High Street, Hull HU1 1NQ
3.10.2014 Aberdeen at 8pm at The Sportsman’s Club, 11 Queens Road, Aberdeen AB15 4YL
5.10.2014 Buxton at 7.30pm at Buckingham Hotel, No 1 Burlington Road, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9AS
6.10.2014 Manchester at 8pm at Salford Masonic Hall, Hemsley House, 41 The Crescent, Salford M5 4PE
7.10.2014 Blackpool at 8pm at Theatre Club, Rear Of No. 1 Sherbourne Road, North Shore, Blackpool FY1 2PW
8.10.2014 Wolverhampton at 8pm at The ECC Club, Showell Road, Wolverhampton WV10 9LU
9.10.2014 Sussex at 8pm at The Hassocks Hotel, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 8HN.


In 1982 Kate Bush released her fourth album 'The Dreaming' which featured a track entitled 'Houdini'. The cover (left) depicted Kate as Harry's wife, Bess, passing Harry a key during a kiss. A 14 year old Paul Kieve, already a fervent fan of Ms Bush, attended a signing session in London, and took the chance to give Kate a book on Houdini. Some 32 years later, in January 2014, Paul received a surprise call from Kate to invite him to work on her first live show in 35 years. In their initial creative meeting, Kate brought the book along - she had always kept it.

The contents of the live show, which blends Kate's music with theatre, puppetry, and illusion, was kept top secret until Tuesday night, when it opened to rave reviews. Her 22 shows at London's Hammersmith Odeon sold out 77,000 tickets in just 15 minutes. The Independent described 'Before The Dawn' as "undoubtedly the most ambitious, and genuinely moving, piece of theatrical pop ever seen on a British stage." Kate has used magic in her previous concerts, working closely with Simon Drake on her legendary 1979 'Tour of Life'.


London Presents: An Evening with Alex Pandrea at the Hippodrome Casino, London. Friday 12th September 6pm-11pm. "London Presents is proud to host an evening with Alex Pandrea. Creator of The Blue Crown, incredible magician and move monkey king. Alex will tip his hand on material that has never been released or included in his lectures. This special engagement is open to only fifteen people to keep it an intimate occasion, and you will get hands-on instruction and guidance in techniques from one of magic's modern masters. Known for his extreme skill with a pack of cards, magicians from around the globe have requested tutorials on Alex's skillful, elegant, and deceptive card artistry. Don't miss your chance to pick his brain and bring your card magic to the next level. There is no better environment for an intimate workshop on sleight-of-hand card magic than the private room in a casino. Over 18s only." For full details and to buy tickets visit 30.8.14


Victor Voitko invites you to visit his all-new magic shop! "Welcome to our new magic shop A new shop, new design and new magic products! Victor Voitko is a professional magician and produces magic props for fellow professionals. The majority of products are original, thought up by Victor Voitko. The methods, effects, technical details are top-level. We are proud to announce three new products. The Production Table v.2: Many magicians perform trick Sands of the Desert, well we offer a great start to this trick. On an empty table appears a vase with water and three glasses with colored sand! Click Here. Wow Smoke: The clever little device that can magically produce smoke Click Here. Mini Card Fountain: It is the smallest and thinnest card fountain, for either left or right hands, Click Here. 30.8.14


Dead Ringers. Nothing is sacred and no-one is safe on this sketches and stunts impressions show. Witness a rather unusual recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and see Derren Brown hypnotise Piers Morgan. 2am on Friday 5th September (35 minutes) on Comedy Central Extra, see TV Magic. 30.8.14


Javelin by Wayne Dobson. "Wayne Dobson’s Javelin is one seriously clever deck for the mentalist/mind reader. Whether you are a close-up worker or stage performer, hobbyist or pro you will love ‘Javelin’. Imagine a tossed deck that can be examined and shuffled, a tossed deck that works equally well close-up as it does on stage. A tossed deck that allows you to name the exact card that each spectator is thinking of!" For more info and to watch a video visit (saw this just the other day - and it's excellent. DT). 30.8.14


Share A Coke, Magically. Scott Perry writes: Last summer, when Coca-Cola launched their #Sharecoke campaign I made this short video YouTube. Coke contacted me, asking for my permission to use the video and still maintains a relationship with me on Twitter. Shortly after they expressed interest it was announced that Dynamo was becoming the new face of Pepsi Max, ending any opportunity I may have had with Coca-Cola. This year I made a new video YouTube to showcase the utilisation of magic with their product. Several magicians around the world have found success on the marketing scene for various products over the last couple years so we’ll see if this could be the start of the next advert… 30.8.14


Andrew Melia, award winning magician and television greedy guts extraordinaire, has just finished a pilot for BNN, Vara. The show, Kreezie ('Crazy'), aired last week in Holland featuring Andrew, together with Jochem van Nooyen and Luc van Kuppenveld, performing candid camera style magic, plus some nice illusions and close-up material back in the studio. You can view the show here Also see Andrew's site 30.8.14


Piperactive by James Piper. The new 2 DVD Set from RSVPMagic: "Welcome to 'Piperactive' the brand new DVD set from rsvpmagic starring the superb James Piper. These two DVDs feature some incredibly strong magic using just a regular deck of cards and some normal coins, from the working act of James Piper, a rising new star in the magic world. All the tricks can be done in the hands and are perfect for all working magicians of all levels." Find out more and watch the trailer at 30.8.14


Wayne Goodman Associated Conjurers of East Sussex lecture. Nicky Lewis  writes: The Associated Conjurers of East Sussex are delighted to announce a members' choice lecture by superb close-up performer Wayne Goodman from 8pm - 10pm on 10th September. Wayne is responsible for many of the effects used by the professional table magician and we are delighted to have him join us for the evening. Visiting magicians are welcome for £5 on the door. Contact Nicky Lewis Secretary on 01903 532413 for more information. Venue: Thomas A Beckett Church Hall, Cliffe High Street, Lewes, East Sussex. 30.8.14


Pickpocket extraordinaire Lee Thompson heads off to Paris this September. With his unique ability to captivate an audience through the subtle technique of pickpocketing, Lee Thompson has been turning heads (and emptying pockets) for well over two decades. Still, this virtuoso is much more than a mere street performer. Having dazzled no less than 3.8 million fans from all walks of life around the world, he has thousands of live shows under his belt (along with the odd Rolex or two). Now, Mr. Thompson has taken the next big step and will soon be performing with the prestigious Mugler Follies in Paris. Having just returned from a massive 18-month global tour, Mr. Thompson has the skills and the personality to delight as well as mystify. The Mugler Follies opens on September 18th and Lee will be a headline act for one year. Always pushing the envelope a bit further, Lee Thompson will literally give anyone a run for their money and the occasional wallet or wristwatch too! If you are visiting Paris in the months ahead and fancy a coffee, chat or croissant, get in touch with Lee via 30.8.14


Dave Forrest Scottish Conjurers' Association lecture. George Fitzpatrick writes: The Scottish Conjurers' Association are delighted to announce that Dave Forrest ( will be presenting a lecture on Wednesday 3rd September at 7.30pm. Venue SMPT, 8-10 Balcaress Avenue, Glasgow G12 0QF (Map). Visitors welcome £10. Dave will be known to many as an inventor of card effects and as a producer of DVDs, his own and of other artists. 30.8.14


Method Memorabilia by Steven Palmer: "Method Memorabilia by Steven Palmer is a collection of ten close-up professional performance pieces of mentalism. All the routines are direct, logical and have been used extensively. The routines are simple to perform, leaving the performer to focus on presentation. No expensive gaffs or gimmicks are required to perform the material contained in the book and only basic sleight of hand is needed. Many of these items could have been sold as stand-alone items, but are collected here in this single of volume of modern mentalism. The book is 115 pages and perfect bound." Visit for more information and to order. 30.8.14


Portsmouth Jumbo Day. Philip Smith writes: The biggest second hand magic sale in the country is on Sunday November 2nd at the Portsmouth Jumbo Day. With over 250 buyers and nearly 100 sellers it's a great place to pick up a bargain and sell all that unused magic in your bottom drawer. This year's Jumbo Day is even bigger; with lectures from Andi Gladwin, David Gemmell and Jon Armstrong from the US and a gala show featuring Ben Hart (from TV's Killer Magic) and Martin Cox. A new innovation for 2014 is the inter-clubs magic competition with contestants from southern clubs and the audience voting for the winner. Discounted tickets at only £18 only available until September 30th. More details at 30.8.14


Leicester Magic Circle, celebrating 90 years. Glenn Fielding, PR Officer, The Leicester Magic Circle writes: This year Leicester Magic Circle is 90 years old making us one of the oldest Magic Clubs in the world. We're celebrating this special year with a great night of magical entertainment, awards and a superb 3 course dinner. We have fantastic performances lined up including Jasper Blakeley and James Parker, and compere Mark Shortland, together with two walkabout magicians. Along with our great entertainment and dinner we'll have an auction which will include some fantastic prizes. We want to share this special night with everyone so it is open to the general public. Don’t miss out on this great night! Saturday 20th September 2014 at the Lingdale Golf Club, Leicestershire LE12 8TF. Tickets are £37. For more info email Barry 30.8.14


Marc Kerstein's MagicWebFX is reviewed by Ian Rowland this week (and you're going to love it!) "...this is a miraculous ‘think of a card’ effect that is simply magnificent. In fact, if I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it’s possible" Click Here. 30.8.14


Massive Hats for Mental Health. Street Performers and Buskers all over the world will be performing street shows for charity in honour of Robin Williams on the 13th September. The initiative, titled Massive Hats for Mental Health or MH4MH, is designed to raise awareness for mental health issues – as well as raise money for local and national mental health charities all over the world. Several performers couldn't wait until the 13th to start and already the initiative has raised over $700, with the final total expected to be much higher. The death of Robin Williams, a former busker himself, sent a shockwave through the street performing community as much as it did the rest of the world. The initiative was started by Owen Lean, the holder of the world's first degree in street magic who said “I, like all of you, have been shocked by the death of Robin Williams, an inspiration, a wonderful comedian, and one of our own. This is a chance for us to stand united, raise awareness for the issues that one in four of us suffer from, and do our bit to pay tribute to one of our busking family.” Performances will be taking place in London, Dublin, Galway, Vancouver, Toronto, and Chicago to name just a few places. 30.8.14


The Approach by Jamie D. Grant is reviewed by Phil Sweeting this week, Click Here • The ‘Paper Magic’ Lecture by Geoffrey Newton is reviewed by Mike Sharples this week, Click Here • "Dynamo: ‘Magic makes you feel like a kid again’" Click Here • "Watch 5 worst magician fails after Dynamo's Shard levitation stunt" Click Here • "'Wizard Wars' magicians even manage to surprise judges Penn & Teller" Click Here • "David Blaine performs for prisoners" Click Here • And finally, "How Dogs React to Levitating Wiener" Click HereYour UK magic news is always welcome, thanks to everyone who contributes. See you next week, Duncan. 30.8.14