Number 837 - 9th July 2016


Wayne Dobson's 59th Birthday celebration at The Magic Circle. We had a great night at The Magic Circle on Tuesday in an evening with Wayne Dobson and Friends to celebrate Wayne's 59th birthday and to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Paul Dabek, Mike Sullivan, Linda Lusardi, Paul Martin, Andrew Green, Richard Jones, Michael J Fitch, Brian Conley, Bradley Walsh, Ringo Rabbit and Wayne himself entertained on stage, interspersed with video messages from friends from around the world. The evening was full of surprises. Happy Birthday Wayne! Facebook was heaving all week, see: and to contribute to Wayne's 'Let's Make MS Vanish' fund visit More photos, Click Here. 9.7.16


Joshua Jay New and Exclusive London Lecture. Martin MacMillan writes: We have a fantastic surprise for you. Joshua Jay (USA) will be delivering a new lecture exclusively for International Magic. He is not on any tour, and this is his one and only UK lecture. Joshua Jay is one of magic's most dynamic performers, authors, and lecturers. In this lecture Joshua will perform and explain (for the first time) his "Out of Sight" effect that fooled Penn & Teller on Fool Us. Joshua will also detail the closing piece of his show, the best impromptu card effect he knows, his favorite effect without cards, and a host of other mentalism and magic effects. The focus of the lecture is on parlour and formal close-up magic, and much of the material remains entirely unpublished. Join us for an unforgettable evening with one of magic's most acclaimed creators. Make sure you book your place early! 5pm on Saturday 23rd July. Admission £15 per person. Venue: Casa Italiana, 136 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DL (Map). 9.7.16


Ben Earl: Neo-Movement Workshop, Saturday 16th July, Bath. Ben Earl writes: Neo-Movement is a philosophy/system which integrates mind, body and technique; a new way to approach sleight of hand, misdirection and performance that will make you better, much better! Neo-Movement will change the way you think, practice and act, ultimately making your technique invisible, your misdirection truly natural and your performance more powerful. This is something I've been developing for many, many years and I never thought it would be possible to teach, until some relatively recent breakthroughs. This isn't just for close-up performers this is for any magician of any style (including mentalists, manipulators and comedy performers). However, to get the most from this workshop, you must have some knowledge of basic magic principles, effects and techniques. This is an intense 7 hour workshop... be prepared. Saturday 16th July. 10am to 6pm. 20 attendees (only 8 places left). £120 per person. Visit for more details about the day and to book your place. Venue: The Ale House, 1 York Street, Bath BA1 1NG (Map). 9.7.16


Unfathomable. Bull Theatre, London, 19th July. From the organisers: Join David Berglas, Debbie McGee and others in witnessing the most baffling two-person telepathy show this side of history - and it's free. Martin T Hart's 'Unfathomable' starring The Deans debuts July 19th. The Amazing Piddingtons, reinvented: The Piddingtons were an unfathomable husband and wife telepathy act who found fame on BBC Radio in 1949. They could send and receive thought messages without the need to speak, see or be in the same room. They never said that their demonstrations were tricks, nor did they suggest they possessed psychic powers, they would just say: "You are the judge".


Martin T Hart discovered their secrets under strange circumstances and with the Piddington family's permission, published a book for magicians titled Piddington's Secrets ( which fully reveals their methods. On a mission to keep the two-person telepathy act alive in the 21st century, Martin T Hart has reinvented the Piddingtons in the form of The Deans, who claim to demonstrate the most unfathomable form of invisible communication ever to be witnessed anywhere, ever. This is so unfathomable and fair, that you can only be left with one thought, perhaps The Deans are really psychic says Martin. The new show, titled Unfathomable, enjoys a private debut on July 19th at the Bull Theatre in Barnet, Herts, EN5 5SJ. It will be introduced by David Berglas. There are a number of seats available exclusively for MagicWeek readers. To attend, please visit page to request your golden invitation. 9.7.16


Northern Magic Circle Convention. Northern Magic Circle is excited to announce its 61st annual convention. The “Northern Magic Summit” will take place in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd April 2017. The weekend will be filled with a wide variety of magic lectures, an inter-society competition, a dazzling Gala show at the 1,100 capacity Tyne Theatre & Opera House and great dealers too! Having just celebrated its 60th birthday, this event will mark the end of the diamond year of Northern Magic Circle, returning to Newcastle - the home of its very first convention in 1957. Full details, artistes and booking information will be published very soon. Rob J. Temple. 9.7.16


The brilliant David Williamson can be seen in The MagicWeek Video Archive this week, in a performance first seen 25 years ago (on September 11th, 1991) in John Fisher's Magic Comedy Hour. To subscribe to The MagicWeek Video Archive on YouTube and catch up with previous videos Click Here. 9.7.16


"Yikes! That's my head in a jar! … Derren Brown lets us ride his 4D spook-tacular ghost train. The illusionist is playing mind games with the funfair classic. As his eagerly awaited ghost train prepares to open at Thorpe Park, we climb aboard for a jolting ride..." To read the full story by John Thorp in The Guardian, Click Here. 9.7.16


The Magicians' Podcast this week features Max Somerset. Host Richard Young writes: Epistemic paradigms? Peddling epistemological agendas? I don't know what they mean either, but Max Somerset does, a man who a decade ago was doing more magic on television than anyone else. He was Max in Max Magic on Sky, The Sorcerer on The Sorcerer's Apprentice on BBC1 and then he was mugged and left in a bad way in a brutal unprovoked attack in the street in which he lives. He tells the story of that attack and how it made him re-evaluate his outlook on life in this weeks podcast. Max also talks in detail about his chance encounter with the 1992 Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell who he has helped to recover from a major accident in a racing car by helping him learn magic. Listen to this Podcast and catch up with previous ones at also see 9.7.16


The first Karl Fulves Convention took place in London last Saturday. Jerry Sadowitz writes: I attended the Karl Fulves Convention last Saturday in Camden Town, London and it was the best I've ever attended. Organised by Alan Brown, a small group of magicians gathered at the Holiday Inn to celebrate the genius of Karl Fulves. A lot of great rarely seen close up magic, card magic and gambling scams were shown, and Alan Brown gave a talk about the great man and showed two rare photos. A brilliant day, and I look forward to attending the next. Oh yes..and it was free! 9.7.16


Fifty Three Bicycles - Edinburgh to Bristol bike busking tour. On Monday 11th July Bristol based magician Wilf Keys is setting off on a 500 mile bicycle trip from Edinburgh to Bristol. He'll be performing street magic along the way, using a deck of cards, bicycle accessories and some good fortune. He's aiming to reach Bristol in time to celebrate International Busking Day on 23rd July. Wilf writes: "I've just turned 30 and wanted to do something challenging. I love performing on the streets and I've always wondered what it would be like to try travelling across the UK like the jongleurs and minstrels would have done hundreds of years ago. Being a committed environmentalist, I thought a bike would be a fast and efficient way to travel, and it's easier to manage than a horse and cart! I'm looking forward to meeting new people and performing in lots of unusual places. Hopefully there will be some sunshine too." You can follow the trip and contact Wilf via 9.7.16


Mickey and the Magician a major new Disneyland show opened last week in Paris and Paul Kieve is the man behind the magic, Click Here also see YouTube. The show will be performed five times a day, seven days a week for the foreseeable future! "Disneyland Paris – Mickey and the Magician" Click Here. "Disneyland Paris amplía su oferta con un espectáculo musical de Mickey Mouse sobre la magia" Cliquez Ici. 9.7.16


Chris Wardle Lecture - The Surrey Society of Magicians, Thursday 14th July. Chris Wardle returns with a brand new lecture of simple ideas and 'crafty conjuring'. This is a collection of new material covering close-up, stand-up, children’s magic and mentalism, with the emphasis on cunning, streamlined methods which produce baffling effects. Anyone who has seen Chris previously will know that they are in for an evening of practical material that they can use. Chris is an award-winning member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. His ideas have appeared in books, magazines and have been used on TV, radio and the stage. Members are free and visiting magicians are welcome for a £10 entrance fee. The lecture takes place in East Horsley, Surrey at 8pm. For full details contact Adam Mosley 9.7.16


Now You See Me 2 opens across the nation and Jamie Raven is nominated to be the fifth ‘horseman’, Click Here. 9.7.16


The Mark Leveridge July Podcast. Mark writes: Another month, another podcast! For July I am offering you a fresh mix of interesting topics for you to ponder. For instance, I give an opinion as to why Richard Jones came first in BGT, while Jamie Raven came second. I consider just how much luck is involved in any of us ever getting a show booking! I talk about crowdfunding and how some magicians have been trying to use it to provide the capital for start up projects. I ask the question of whether you would take on any type of show if the fee was right. Plus I suggest that sometimes we need to put the brakes on when performing in order not to overstep the mark in the excitement of the show, and I explain why I think necessity often really is the mother of invention - even in magic. So, if you have 30 minutes to spare while you sit in the sunshine or relax with a cuppa or a glass of wine, why not download or listen to the latest Podcast online, it's free and it's ready for your attention. You can find the podcast at either or at 9.7.16


House of Houdini. Magician John Field spotted a link in MagicWeek just a few weeks ago ("The House of Houdini – museum opened in the castle about the Budapest-born illusionist" Click Here) which by chance coincided with an upcoming trip. This week John writes about his visit to The House of Houdini, Click Here. 9.7.16


Pete Turner British Magical Society lecture, Tuesday 19th July. "Peter Turner is one of the most prolific thinkers in mentalism right now. The future of mentalism is here. The trick Peter Turner has pulled off is making magicians believe his miracles have no method. He makes us believe he truly has supernatural powers... at least that's what I thought when I first met him. His magic is hard enough just to believe, let alone explain. And I'm not alone. Legendary entertainers like Uri Geller and Kenton Knepper have been fascinated with how innovative Peter's modern approach is." "There is no doubt in my mind that he will fascinate you" Uri Geller. "Peter is at the forefront of a new generation of mentalists to whom, in a very real sense, the torch has been passed. When you’ve read and tried Peter’s material, I’m sure you’ll agree that the torch is in the right hands" Bob Cassidy. Visiting magicians: £10 payable on the door. 7pm for a 7.30pm start. British Magical Society, Selly Oak Ex Servicemens' Club, 8 Selly Hill Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 7DL (Map). 9.7.16


John Carey Lecture, Hertfordshire. "In recent years, John Carey has become internationally respected for his minimalistic, streamlined approach to close up card magic. With 6 DVDs and 2 hardbound books to his name, including his recent release, Minimalistica, John is in constant demand in Europe to present his lectures and private card workshops. John's lecture is a 2 hour event, comprising a myriad of practical, powerful and doable commercial close-up items. John says if he can do them, then so can you!" Thursday, 14th July. For details visit 9.7.16


Johnny Fantastica. The BBC will be filming Johnny Fantastica's award winning comedy and mentalism show 'The Phantom Mind' on 16th July at Gloucester Deaf Centre, Colin Road, Barnwood, Gloucester. Doors open at 7pm for an 8pm start. Bar, free entry, but limited - all welcome. 9.7.16


At last week's 'Magic at the Barn', multiple World Record Holder Stuart Burrell attempted to add a further two records to his collection, as part of a fundraising effort for Chelmsford Community Radio. Whilst Stuart was successful in rolling 15 frying pans into tubes in one minute, topping the World Record by one pan, two of his attempts were discounted due to not being rolled tightly enough. "First off, it was an absolute honour to be part of Magic at the Barn and have my name associated with those on stage. To be part of the same event with the likes of BGT semi finalist Christian Lee, Richard Griffin and Oliver Tabor is amazing. If you get the chance to see any of them live then, please, do so, you will not regret it." said Stuart. "The feedback on the day and on social media has been fantastic and, most of all, we raised over £600 for a local community group by attempting what we did. That was always the motivation for me, to raise money and I can only just keep thanking the team at Magic at the Barn for their help and support which meant I could do that." Photo by Rebecca Taylor. 9.7.16


John Hostler presents Magnum Opossum a few decades of untamed magic. An uncompromising Book of Magic. 21 Routines and Effects. The Marsupial's Choice for Sleight of Hand. Find out more via: 9.7.16


News Deadline change next week. Please note the news deadline next week will be 24 hours earlier than usual. Please submit all items by 12 noon, Thursday 14th July. Many thanks, DT. 9.7.16


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