Number 933 - 12th May 2018


Spun Into Gold - ‘The Secret life of a Female Magician’ by Romany Romany is reviewed by Jay Fortune this week: "The meat, which is very often missing from celebrity biographies, is here in spades. By ‘meat’ I refer to the challenges of simply keeping afloat in a tough world where payment is often low, and even non-existent, especially in the early days of one’s performing career. And, perhaps, even more so for a female performer, especially one who is entering the male-dominated world of magic. This book is vital reading for those who are thinking of following their dreams to being a professional magician or performer of (almost) any discipline..." To read the full review, Click Here. 12.5.18


"Danger Alert: Blindfolded magician throws a knife at Dec! Andrew Lee has travelled all the way from Malaysia to treat us to one of the most dangerous acts we’ve ever seen on our stage." YouTube

"Who is Andrew Lee? Britain’s Got Talent 2018 contestant and magician from Malaysia."
"Declan Donnelly has a knife thrown at him in nail-biting Britain’s Got Talent stunt."
"Dec says he’s 'never been so nervous' as he volunteers for deadly Britain’s Got Talent magic trick."


"Wardrobe wizards! Are these the quickest costume changes of all time?! Ellie and Jeki, possibly the world’s cutest couple, have jetted in all the way from South Korea to treat us to an amazing quick-change act." YouTube.

"Who are Ellie and Jeki? Britain’s Got Talent 2018 acting and magic duo hailing from South Korea." 12.5.18


Tonight on BGT. "First look: Magic Maddox has the Judges under his spell. Magician Maddox Dixon can do incredible things with a Rubik's cube. Whether this is sleight of hand or straight up wizardry we can't get enough of this captivating act!" YouTube. 12.5.18


KFC3... now in it's 3rd great year! The Karl Fulves Convention, organised by Allan Brown, is set up to honour one of the greatest unsung geniuses and giants of close up magic...Karl Fulves. As ever, this highly informal event will take place at the Holiday Inn Express, 30 Jamestown Road, Camden Town, London NW1 7BY (Map). Saturday 21st July 6pm. All attendees must come with at least one magic trick from any Fulves publication that they can share with others. This year, we hope to be joined by Thomas Ellis, Andrew Hockney, and Jerry Mensfield who will be demonstrating a number of items from Rigmarole#5. Free entry, very informal, no need to register... just turn up. Any questions email 12.5.18


"Live magic offers audiences an instant hit" As the Edinburgh International Magic Festival casts its spell on the city this week, artistic director Kevin Quantum looks at the spooky legacy of the capital: 12.5.18


Merlins Magic Festival, A Magic Geek’s Haven, tomorrow, Sunday 13th May at The Academy Theatre, Birdwell, Barnsley S70 5TU (Map) Click Here. "Merlins Magic Festival returns for a 3rd year, and they're moving to a great new venue. Read all about it and the previous successes of this one-day convention from Matthew Cope, one of the attendees, Click Here. For more info on the day Click Here. 12.5.18


Magic Lectures UK present four exclusive lecturers: An underground sensation, A Vegas magician, A genius thinker and a television consultant. Appearing over the next few months, as well as hosting some rare masterclasses.

Think Nguyen: 14th - 30th June
Think is known to make his cards “come to life”, he is now currently lecturing in Europe with his next stop being the UK. The lecture focuses on card magic and the theories underlying magic in general. Besides sharing his favourite routines, Think will briefly cover some of his main work on the concept of Estimation and Jazz Magic.

Paul Vigil: 16th - 30th June
A student of the great Johnny Thompson, considered one of the most influential thinkers in the world of magic. In his lecture he shares unpublished secrets of the technical construction, presentation, and creativity involved in his performances.

Jared Kopf: 1st - 12th August
A magician you've most likely never heard of, but undoubtedly seen much of his work through film, TV and magic. A regular writer for Magic magazine and the author of several books and pamphlets. The lecture covers a variety of topics: sleight-of-hand card magic, classic magic (Cups & Balls, Linking Rings), mentalism, and readings with the Tarot de Marseille.

James Went: 2nd - 16th November
One of the men behind Derren Brown's recently toured shows and the BAFTA winning show 'Help my Supply Teacher is Magic!' presents a brand new lecture that takes a look into working in television and theatre, as both a consultant and performer, as well as examining the material published on his DVD 'Meditations'. Plus a collection of unreleased material, exclusive to the lecture.

To book any of these lecturers for your club or event email for more information.


Jamy Ian Swiss Cups & Balls Masterclass. Magic Lectures UK write: Magic Lectures UK are proud to present a masterclass on the Cups & Balls, by one of magic's greatest teachers. Very few people get the opportunity to study with Jamy Ian Swiss. This masterclass gives you the opportunity learn about a subject in which he is an undisputed master: the Cups & Balls. The day will comprise of: His routine (which is based on Dai Vernon’s classic routine), but also highlights moments and ideas from other influential past masters and Jamy’s final load sequence, which includes a terrific and detailed discussion on liquid loads, as well as timing, misdirection, and routine construction. You will learn the Cups & Balls along with Jamy, and on a more fundamental level, you get a chance to observe a master at work, learn hands-on and ask questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a day with one of the living greats, as he entertains, instructs and informs you with his distinctive and expert handling of the Cups & Balls. £60 Per Person. Limited spaces available. Locations: Leeds 2nd June, London 16th June. Venues TBC. See for updates. To reserve your place email: 12.5.18


John Guastaferro Lecture, Friday 18th May, at the Ramada Encore, Belfast. George Bleeks writes: The Ulster Society of Magicians is delighted to let you know that we have secured an exclusive Belfast lecture from the one-and-only John Guastaferro on Friday 18th May commencing at 7.30pm in the Oscar Wilde Suite, Ramada Encore Belfast, Saint Anne's Square, Belfast BT1 2LD. John Guastaferro is a world-renowned magician, creator, author, and columnist for Genii magazine. John has appeared in over 50 cities and 8 countries. In this 2-hour lecture, John will perform material from his best-selling book One Degree and his newest book, En Route. The lecture will focus predominantly on cards, plus a few non-card effects using a straw, a ring and string. John will share how small changes can make an extraordinary impact in your magic. John will also share how to strengthen your magic and your personal brand. Learn a visual opener, a hands-off Ace production, a three-phase Card to Pocket routine, and many other amazing effects. The charge will be £10 for USM members and £20 for visiting magicians. This is an opportunity not to be missed. For further information contact George Bleeks on 07860 115611 or email 12.5.18


Nick Einhorn and Craig Squires have just released the Android version of Digital Force Bag (DFB). Originally released in January for iOS users, it has been receiving rave reviews. This amazingly powerful, yet invisible, app allows you to force any one of 100 items listed in your Notes app. Force: a celebrity, shopping list item, colour, place, product, literally anything! This app is fully customisable so you can create bespoke magic for your audiences and clients in minutes. (You can also customise your language for non-English speakers). For android users, Click Here for iOS users Click Here. Some of the world’s top magicians are using this already. Find out why! 12.5.18


Bexley Magic Society will be hosting James Brown on Wednesday 16th May. In this lecture James will share some of his favourite close-up effects, old and new, along with his views on the psychology of performing. Plus, James will share some of the principles behind the art of suggestion and how we can use it to enhance our magic. Bexley Magic Society can be found at Barton Hall, Barton Close, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 8JP (Map). Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Visiting magicians are very welcome at £10 on the door. Roy Marsh. 12.5.18


The Expert At The Chard Table by Daniel Chard. Daniel Chard writes: I’m excited to announce my latest project “The Expert At The Chard Table by Daniel Chard” from Flat Cap Productions and Murphy's Magic is now available. Commercial, practical and achievable card material designed with laymen in mind. Truly something for everyone, available at your local deal or direct from Daniel at 12.5.18


Does your website pass Google's 'mobile-friendly' test? Take Google's test via to see if your website makes the grade. Recent mobile-friendly makeovers from Trilltec include - The UK Directory of Magicians. Trilltec specialise in producing affordable, engaging, mobile-friendly websites for magicians. All sites include a year's free business class web hosting, together with a free domain name registration to get you started. See DT. 28.4.18


The Mark Leveridge May Podcast. This month Mark offers some Podcast Gold! Looking back over the previous 12 Podcasts, Mark has selected six of his favourite topics and put them together in this special compilation. Whether you heard them when originally broadcast, or whether this is the first time you've come across them, you are bound to find this selection of interest and hopefully some use. The topics are: Fee negotiation - do you allow your rates to be a subject of discussion with a potential booker? Mark offers a theory about when you should hand write a prediction and when it is OK to have it pre-printed. Mark explains why he thinks going back to tables more than once is not a good idea. Comedy is as much about consistently selecting appropriate lines to suit our performing personality as it is about the lines themselves. Your credibility as a magician is important for potential bookers, so Mark offers a way to ensure you get some. Card to wallet - is it better to go down the palm-and-load route, or are the no-palm versions just as valid? You can listen to this Podcast Gold edition for free by going to either or from where you can also sign up as a 'follower' so that you receive each new Podcast when it is released at the start of each month. 12.5.18


Hoffman Memorial Lecture winner 2018. The Magic Circle has announced Dr Matt Pritchard as the winner of the Hoffman Memorial Lecture competition. The award celebrates original research into magical history and how that affects contemporary magic performance. This year's topic was on the compatibility of science and magic. Matt's essay focused on how both scientists and magicians share a sense of wonder even if their methods differed. With particular emphasis on the developments of the 19th Century, case studies included IK Brunel, Robert-Houdin, Walford Bodie and Nikola Tesla. Matt is now touring this demo packed lecture alongside his existing Science Magic Shows. For more info visit 12.5.18


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week, Simon Darnley on 'The Warehouse' from August 1997. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with past weeks and the occasional 'bonus' video Click Here. 12.5.18


Amy judges strippers, lands a plum movie role, and gets intimate with a magician... Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central, Late night May 15th, see TV Magic. 12.5.18


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