Number 954 - 6th October 2018


The Abandoned Room Presents: Dynamo - Times Are Gone For Honest Men. From the promoters: Dynamo is proud to announce a brand new concept which could redefine the traditional magic show: The Abandoned Room. Dynamo himself will originate The Abandoned Room, premiering a specially created show in a purpose-built 90 seat theatre, in a secret speakeasy situated underneath the spectacularly opulent halls of The Mandrake Hotel.

The other-worldly experience can expand to include artisan cocktails, a Michelin Star dinner, a night in The Mandrake, and even a private audience with Dynamo himself. The world's top magicians are most commonly seen on television performing primarily to a camera, or in theatres performing large-scale shows to thousands of people at one time. The Abandoned Room is a concept designed to give the best of the best; a unique and intimate environment in which to push the boundaries of close-up magic and create a penetrating sense of wonder and intrigue which is impossible to achieve in a theatre or through a screen.

Dynamo's rise from a working-class upbringing in West Yorkshire to being one of the world's top magicians has been meteoric, with his television show Magician Impossible attracting over 400 million viewers worldwide and his 'Seeing is Believing' arena tour selling over 700,000 tickets. Now, turning creative producer as well as performer, his new show Times Are Gone for Honest Men will utilise the intimacy of the surroundings, the proximity of the audience, and his total mastery of the performance space to create a live magic experience like no other.

The Mandrake opened in 2017 when it was described by the Evening Standard as 'a study in high octane, surrealist design and hedonistic luxury'. It has hosted events for London Fashion week and has an Artist in Residence role most recently filled by the Hollywood's 'King of tattoo artists' Mark Mahoney.

Dynamo said: "I've spent most of the last decade performing on television and in huge theatres, and now I want to take my magic into an intimate space, where people feel relaxed because their every need is taken care of, and because they can see every corner of the room: it's in spaces like this where we can really create a sense of disbelief and astonishment that hasn't been felt before. There's no better place for this than The Mandrake: it has a real atmosphere of mystical opulence which will make this experience truly one-of-a-kind. In the past few years we've seen Vegas become the world capital of huge scale magic shows: with The Abandoned Room we're aiming to establish the leading small-scale, high-end space for the very best magicians to push the boundaries of the craft."


The Mandrake Hotel, 20-21 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1PG (Map). 15th-22nd November, 8pm & 10pm. Visit for more information and to book. 6.10.18


Malta's Vanni Pulé will be appearing at Belfast MagiCon 2019. James Hobart writes: In his own country, Vanni Pulé is a household name because of his hundreds of TV appearances over the years. His forte, however, was cabaret and, together with his wife, Mary Anne, and his other box-jumpers, he entertained holiday makers and locals in most hotels and clubs. He also performs close-up magic for conferences and corporate events. For magicians, he published various ideas in magic magazines on both sides of the Atlantic and he won the Howard Bamman Trophy twice. He also lectured to various societies. Between 2011 and 2012 he was International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He joins the already strong lineup of Fritz Alkemade, Chris Congreave and Henri White. Registration is due to open by December 2018 but in the meantime the reserved block of rooms in the hotel are already more than half full so should be booked now to avoid disappointment. 3rd-5th May 2019. See 6.10.18


The written word... On his Facebook page last weekend Wayne Dobson announced his intentions to stop issuing Dtrik’s future effects with video instructions (DVDs or online password-protected videos). Here's what he wrote, for MagicWeek readers who may have missed it:

"Our new release sees a departure for us here at dtrik; we’ve taken the decision to put our new items out with written instructions! This may seem to swim against the tide of the current trend to make them available as online downloadable films, but there’s a reason. To be frank I am fed up with the current trend in magic for everyone to appear in the same vanilla, hack style. I firmly believe a big reason for this is that so many magicians watch routines performed on film, and lazily copy what they see. They’re used to watching their magic only from the waist down, instead of focusing on the audience. Added to which the trailers and performance demos all look the same, over-hyped, unbelievable, carefully edited nonsense.

"The huge advantage of the printed word is that it encourages you to develop your own presentation and your own interpretation; that’s why magic books are still popular and such a great source of learning. This harks back to when I started out in magic, when I learned my magic that way, particularly from my friend and mentor Ken Brooke’s beautifully explained instructions.

"It’s the same reason radio can still be a more emotionally engaging medium for a book or a play than television; you have to bring your imagination to bear, and so your internal interpretation will be different from those of other listeners. From such things is Creativity born. I don’t know how I managed to get the wheelchair on to this soapbox, but now I’m stuck here!"

Wayne's Facebook page quickly filled with over 100 'likes' and 30 comments, that were overwhelmingly in favour of the move. Perhaps Wayne has struck a real chord here?


The Magic Circle Dealers' Day, Saturday 20th October, London. From the organisers: This year, The Magic Circle Dealers' Day is returning to the Royal National Hotel, Russell Square on Saturday 20th October. 2018 will see more dealers than ever before, including several new dealers from across Europe! Doors to Galleon Suite C will open at 10am - 5pm. £5 entry (free to members of TMC). There is still limited space available for dealers interested in a booth at the event. And for those who haven't been a dealer at a convention before, but have quality products to offer, there is space as part of the New Talent Area. To apply Click Here. 6.10.18


Harry De Cruz brings his one-man show to London. After a smash hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Harry is bringing his show 'Harry De Cruz Gets His Act Together' to London for 2 dates only: Sunday 14th October & Sunday 2nd December at The Hen & Chicken's Theatre, Islington, London. Everyone has a party trick. Harry has 374 and counting. Sharing his incredible skills and telling the compelling and charming story of what possessed him to learn these stunts he brings his show to London for the first time. "The King of Party Tricks" Dynamo. "The Real Harry Potter" JK Rowling. Tickets: 6.10.18


"Now You See It, Now You Don't" An Exhibition of Photographic Illusions. Prepare to be mesmerised by the uncanny illusionists from Edinburgh Young Carers. In collaboration with MagicFest and Professor Richard Wiseman they will be creating Magic in a Photo! How? You might ask, well join us on a journey of discovery where the old history of Edinburgh and the magic of young minds collide! Witness the magic at Storytelling Centre, unlock the secrets at Museum of Childhood, The Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR (Map). See 6.10.18


Witness 'The Miracle of Christmas Future'. From the organisers: We’re delighted to announce the return MagicFest Christmas Special for a third year! Just after Christmas, from 27th-30th December, the Traverse Theatre will again host our Christmas show. This year we present a thrilling futuristic production by Scottish magician-scientist hybrid Kevin Quantum and Swedish high-tech wizard Charlie Caper – 'The Miracle of Christmas Future'. In this show magic, robots and humans come together to create a glimpse of the not so distant future, fusing age-old sleight of hand with the state of the art tech and phenomenal illusions with futuristic science. The show is suitable for all intelligent life forms aged 5+ who want a special festive experience! Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. More info, see 6.10.18


Comedy Legends. Barry Cryer pays tribute to the heroes of comedy who he has worked with over his many years in the business, starting with Tommy Cooper. Wednesday, 10th October, on Sky Arts. See TV Magic. 6.10.18


Manchester Circle Jumbo Auction, Monday, 8th October. From the organisers: Magical bargains galore on Monday 8th October at Salford Masonic Hall, 41 The Crescent, Salford, Near Manchester M5 4PE (Map). Organised by Manchester Circle of Magicians. Free for members, £3.00 door charge for non-members. Doors open at 5.30pm, viewing commences at 6pm, auction commences at 6.30pm. Star Auctioneers are Derek Lever and Alec Powell. Hundreds of items being sold, many without reserve, such as kids tricks, mentalism etc. See you there. 6.10.18


West End Magic - Leicester Square Theatre, London. From the organisers: Celebrating 5 years, October's show at the Leicester Square Theatre offers a packed show full of top UK magic and variety acts including BGT’s Matt Edwards! This exciting, family friendly show, features phenomenal magic, extraordinary juggling, impossible mind reading, comedy and a bloke with a big balloon on his head! Starring TV magician Matt Edwards from Britain’s Got Talent, the visual award-winning magic of Oliver Tabor, the comedy magic of Fritz Alkemade and gentleman juggler Ian Marchant. All compered by Christian Lee. Guaranteed to deliver the best in magic, illusion, comedy and variety. 3.30pm on Saturday 13th October Click Here to book. Box Office 020 7734 2222. 6.10.18


The Davenport Collection website. Recent highlights include: The illustrated talk which Paul Freeman gave at the European Magic History Conference in Turin last year. The title is Chevalier Ernest Thorn – “King of Illusionists”. The addition of many programmes from the 1870s onwards. There are now over 100 programmes, many from the Egyptian Hall in London. They can all be searched by performer, date, name of theatre, etc. Take a look at if you have ever wondered what Chung Ling Soo’s dove pan looks like. And finally, lists some other items which have just been added. 6.10.18


Special E-Club Pro October Sign Up Deal. Mark Leveridge's online magic and information resource, E-Club Pro, has currently over 650 pages of content - enough to satisfy even the most voracious of magical appetites! It matters not whether you are a beginner looking for basic effects, moves and advice, or whether you are a full time pro seeking commercial routines and more advanced marketing and performance help, E-Club Pro taps into Mark's 37 years of full time experience to provide exactly the right content. With many updates every single month, with access to Mark's E-Video Newsletter at no extra charge, and with the opportunity to learn and be inspired by Mark's practical material and advice, E-Club Pro is a wonderful way to give your magic life a regular boost. Normally membership is paid for on a rolling monthly PayPal payment, and with no fixed membership period, it gives you maximum flexibility to remain part of the club for as long as you wish. But maybe you would like to just give it a try? Well, if you sign up for 6 months starting in October you can make a one-off payment that is half the normal price. It means you get full access to everything E-Club Pro has to offer right through to next April, thus giving you plenty of time to decide whether it is for you. To get more information and to sign up at the special one-off half price rate, go to and become a member before the 31st October. 6.10.18


Creating the Impossible - Methods for Magic is the title of the newly published book by Chris Wardle and James Ward; both award-winning members of The Magic Circle, with a long list of credits devising magic for books, magazines, television, radio and the stage. In this new book they share their simple and practical methodologies, whilst using examples of their own creations to illustrate their points. Inside you will explore workable, practical ways to devise your own magic and methods for making effects ‘your own’ so as to be able to offer something unique to your audiences. "Chris and James have done a wonderful job with this book which I don’t think has existed before. Useful for both creators and those who are new to creating magic, this book will inspire and educate the reader on the creative process. I feel all magicians should read this book. I love it!" Angelo Carbone.

Included are a brand new take on ‘The Jigsaw Card’ and a Date Prediction with a kicker finish by Chris and an ingenious name matching idea and a memory cheating effect ‘Eye Witness’ from James, to name but a few. This book will inspire you and set you on the right path for creating the impossible. From the Foreword by Geoffrey Durham: "Creating the Impossible is that rare thing, an original and practical handbook for magicians...Chris Wardle and James Ward have taught themselves to be inventive, resourceful and sharp. In short, they are the right kind of expert. They are creative. They are ingenious. Read this book carefully and I believe their ingenuity will start to rub off on you." Available now from your favourite magic dealer.


The Mark Leveridge October Podcast. As the nights close in, what better way to spend a half an hour of your time relaxing with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while listening to the latest audio podcast from Mark Leveridge? This month the topics under discussion are as follows: Mark reflects that it's not easy as a self employed business person to clear the desks before going on holiday. Mark discusses Wittus Witt's question about whether close up magic really has any place at modern large conventions. Creativity is all about making choices, but this can present you with a dilemma, as Mark explains. Shin Lim brings a theatrical importance to his visual close up miracles in America's Got Talent. How much do you value magical advice? Cancellation clauses in performance contracts can cause more problems than they solve. Mark's podcast are an easy listen, yet they provide plenty to make you think and often provide little pearls of wisdom to take away. You can listen for free by going to or alternatively you can link to from where you can also sign up as a follower and automatically receive each new edition as soon as it is ready. 6.10.18


2018 Ryder Cup: Magic in Paris. After his performance at the 2010 Ryder Cup Celtic Manor magician David Redfearn was delighted to be asked back, to perform at the European players team dinner in Paris. Of course all the magic was supplied by the amazing European team, who went on to win the Ryder Cup in style! 6.10.18


Houdiniana Potter & Potter Auctions, 20th October. This finely curated, 430+ lot auction features once-in-a-lifetime magicana offerings from the Houdini scholar John Bushey and German illusionist Kalanag collections. For more information visit 6.10.18


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week, Trevor Cline on 'Give Your Mate A Break' with Paul Zenon, from 17th July 1999. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with past weeks and the occasional 'bonus' video Click Here. 6.10.18


Book a magic lecturer for your club today. Visit the MagicWeek Lecturers page! 6.10.18


Shin Lim, following his AGT win YouTube, YouTube • "Debbie McGee: Strictly star’s nephew recalls magician Paul Daniels’ strict career warning" Click Here • "From TV studios to flats… just like that!" Click Here • "A Master Illusionist From Israel Wows Global Audiences" Click Here • "Magician Sylvia to Hold London Horror Festival Spellbound" Click Here • "Brightons magician just keeps pulling awards out of the hat" Click Here • "World-class card master Shawn Farquhar finds magic trick to staying home" Click Here • "Local magicians to cast a spell on the US" Click Here • Your UK magic news is always welcomed. See you next week, Duncan. 6.10.18