Number 960 - 17th November 2018


Luke Jermay presents An Evening with Max Maven. From the promoters: Orson Welles wrote that Max Maven has "the most original mind in magic". People magazine hailed his "new form of participatory theater". The New York Times stated that his "category-defying mind-reading show veers into conceptual art". Variety praised his "serpent-like humor," and The Stage found him "delightfully droll". If there is such a thing as a "normal" mentalist, clearly Max Maven is not one. And now, Manchester will have the opportunity to find out why. This will be an event in three parts:
1. Max Maven will perform a full-length stage show, and you’ll learn why he’s received such accolades as what’s quoted above, and astonished audiences in over three dozen countries.

2. Luke Jermay will conduct an interview with Max; an opportunity to learn more about the man described by the Chicago Tribune as "wonderfully esoteric". This portion of the evening will also be open to your questions.

3. The night will conclude with a lecture, during which Max will show effects that will fool you first, and delight your audiences later. Practical ideas, offbeat plots, and intriguing methods.
Recently, Derren Brown wrote that Max Maven is a "living legend". Catch Max while the first part is still true. Monday 7th January 2019 at 7pm at Theatre Impossible, 36 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR (Map). For more info and to book Click Here.


David Nixon's Magic Box and Christmas Magic - set for release on DVD. Over a thirty year career in television, David Nixon's subtle brand of magic, music and comedy was loved by millions and is fondly remembered to this day. In his heyday during the 1970s, Nixon was hardly ever off-screen and his shows were firm favourites with the viewing public.

David Nixon's Magic Box: This special four-disc set (with a running time of 714 minutes) contains all the existing episodes of David Nixon's Magic Box, with David showcasing illusionists, magicians, escapologists, shadowgraphers, prestidigitators and... performing budgerigars! He is ably assisted in the music and comedy stakes by Anita Harris, Billy Dainty, Arthur Askey, Les Dawson, Jimmy Logan, Fred Emney, Joe Lynch, Clodagh Rodgers, Aimi MacDonald, Mary Hopkin, The Beverley Sisters, Ted Rogers, Vince Hill and Jack Douglas. Pre-order:


David Nixon's Christmas Magic: For Nixon, though, Christmas had its own special magic – as can be seen in these two classic festive specials (with a running time of 107 minutes) from the mid-'70s, whose guests include the lovely Aimi MacDonald, famed illusionist Robert Harbin, pop chanteuse Lynsey de Paul, vaudevillian comic George Carl, international singing star Caterina Valente and ventriloquist Shari Lewis with her feisty sock puppet, Lamb Chop! Pre-order: 17.11.18


An Evening with Harry & Matt. From the promoters: Prepare for a club night unlike any other. Two of British Magic's biggest names combine to bring you an evening packed full of magic, laughter, performance, business, stories and philosophy. Three-time FISM award-winner Matthew Wright is the only magician in history to win all 4 major British close-up magic competitions. Along with being a creator of many highly acclaimed magic product releases he is the owner and director of The Chamber of Secrets Magic Theatre in Spain. Harry Robson is lovingly referred to as the "Godfather" of British Magic. He has had an unparalleled career as a working magician performing at weddings, corporate events and black-tie events for well over three decades and his knowledge and know-how has helped launch the careers of many of today's top working pros. These two powerhouses come together for a one-off tour of magic clubs sharing their knowledge of the business, performance and intricacies of the magic world today.


Nothing is off limits as they share stories of their successes and failures, along with untold tales of famous magicians. There will be performances of some of their greatest effects and routines along with explanations of why, when and where the routines work. All aspects of competition magic will be covered from both sides as a performer and as a judge. You will learn how to create, develop and then market new effects. There are no trick explanations in the lecture, so non-magicians can attend. Proposed dates: January and February 2019. Booking enquiries: or Mobile 07745 905500. 17.11.18


The Home Counties Magical Society wishes to thank all competitors for their excellent performances in this year’s parlour competition. Particular congratulations go to Stan Airey, winner of the Pearman Cup for best act, and to Michael Wilks, winner of the Burford Award for originality. Huge thanks go out to everyone in the audience for creating a lively, enjoyable and memorable evening. Kevin Hutchinson, HCMS Competitions Secretary. 17.11.18


The MagicWeek Video Archive. This week Doug Henning's World of Magic (1977) starring Glen Campbell and Sandy Duncan, as broadcast by ITV on 26th May 1986. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with past weeks and the occasional 'bonus' video Click Here. 17.11.18


Become a MagicWeek Backer. As MagicWeek heads towards its 1,000th edition, and as I'd like it to continue from there to the 2,000th edition, I thought I'd introduce a 'MagicWeek Backer' scheme. Click Here to find out what it's all about. DT. 17.11.18


Steve Short Supreme Magic Lecture - Northamptonshire Magicians Club. Mark Paul writes: Steve is presenting an evening on The History of Supreme Magic on Tuesday 20th November. Supreme Magic was one of the largest magic suppliers. This will be a fascinating evening for all ages. Visiting magicians welcome, £10 charge. The lecture starts at 8pm at Northamptonshire Magicians' Club, Brafield on the Green Working Men's Club, 35 Bedford Road, Brafield on the Green, Northampton NN7 1BD (Map). 17.11.18


Dynamo: Magician Impossible is currently being repeated on W. The acclaimed magician Dynamo travels the world, dazzling those he meets with his illusions. Sunday 18th November on W. See TV Magic for details. 17.11.18


3SM James Brown Lecture. Tony Dawson writes: The very talented and very cunning James Brown will be lecturing at 3SM this coming Monday. So if you would like to find out more about pickpocketing, hypnotism, or just magic in general, please come along and join us for an amazing evening. Open to visiting magicians, £10 on the door. Monday 19th November at 8pm. 3SM, Longford House Beefeater Restaurant, Watling Street, Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 1SJ (Map). Email 17.11.18


I Draw Clouds, a new magic show by Neil Kelso - The Nursery Theatre, London. A magician's ideas escape from his notebook. Reality starts to unravel around him. Prepare yourself for bizarre, surreal, and unforgettable moments of mystery in this brand new musical magical show by Neil Kelso. Wherever Neil goes, strange and unexpected things happen. 21st November, The Nursery Theatre, London.
"An incredible stage presence." Broadway Baby
"Astonishing! One of Britain's Ten Best Cabaret Stars."
Bored Panda
"He invariably has the crowd eating out of his hand"
On In London
"Hilariously charismatic"
Loverboy Magazine
More info and tickets: or


E-Club Pro Live Lecture now booking: The current Mark Leveridge clubroom lecture provides a professionally presented evening of great magic and entertainment. Bill Groves from the Anglian Magical Society said, "Thanks once again for a fantastic lecture. Your style, skill and professionalism were a joy to behold". Paul Gordon saw it recently at the South Downs Magicians and posted on Facebook afterwards, "Brilliant! So funny, too. Mark was professional, well rehearsed and engaging. Yes, a top evening of commercial doable magic you'll do". Hugh Newsam of the Cambridge Pentacle Club wrote afterwards, "Mark’s E-Club Pro Live lecture is packed full of workers, all well explained and very clear. Highly recommended". The great thing about E-Club Pro Live is that it is a genuine lecture where everything is properly performed and fully explained. The magic is practical and well within the skill set of most magicians. There are no associated product sales afterwards either, so it's a genuine lecture and not a thinly disguised dealer dem. For more information and to enquire about dates for 2019, clubs should email Mark 17.11.18


The Magic of Houdini with Alan Davies, Saturday 17th November on PBS America UK. Having had a fascination with the world of magic since he was a boy, Alan Davies explores the extraordinary life of illusionist and stunt performer, Harry Houdini, the man who against the odds became one of the most successful entertainers in the world. In a bid to understand why Houdini felt compelled to perform such terrifying death-defying acts, Alan visits New York where the young Eric Weiss arrived as a child with his Hungarian immigrant family, made his entry into show business and ultimately performed some of his most death-defying stunts. Immersing himself in the world of Houdini, Alan tries to hold his breath under ice cold water, lies on a bed of nails, gets strung upside down in a straitjacket and takes an exclusive look at David Copperfield's priceless collection of Houdini artefacts in Vegas. Alan talks to Houdini enthusiasts and delves into the family history of a man driven to conquer his rivals and be the very best. Repeat, see TV Magic for details. 17.11.18


The Mark Leveridge November Podcast. Your monthly fix of Mark Leveridge chat and opinion awaits your attention the next time you have 30 minutes to spare. Topics this time: The CCC rebrands as the OCCC but the meeting provides the same great stimulus as always. Online booking agencies make for lazy enquiries and encourage potentially unfair price comparisons. Does it matter that explanations of many of our tricks are openly available on YouTube? Magicians sometimes get too hung up on moves and procedure and can easily forget what is far more important. Online video instructions provide both the best and the worst type of trick explanation. Do you feel a bit uncomfortable performing for people who know you very well, such as family and friends? Mark looks at why this might be. The Mark Leveridge podcast is free, and has been published every month since January 2013. You can access the current recording as well as all the back issues from, or alternatively from where you can also sign up as a follower and automatically receive each new edition as soon as it is ready. 17.11.18


The Magic Clips Christmas Social - Fleet, Hampshire. From the organisers: The Magic Clips events are back and better than ever. The Line Up so far: Stephen Dodger Simmons, Simon Caine, Glenn Spiro, Kieron Lefever and Rus Andrews. A free Unconventional Convention so to speak. A chance for us magicians to let our hair down and socialise with our peers all under one roof. This time it's being held in Fleet, Hampshire, at a gorgeous venue called The Hart House. We have a dedicated lecture room with its own private bar, with audio and visual facilities. We also have access to the modern spacious main bar area with lots of high top tables to jam away and talk magic with your fellow magicians. As you might or might not know, the events have been fantastic in the past.

We have some amazing mini lectures lined up already, but the day is not just about that. It's about mixing with like minded people, learning, being inspired and overall having fun! We will reveal the lecturers over the next couple of weeks. The venue will be open to us from 11am to 11.30pm. Your first drink will be free when you walk in and I will be providing a 'taxi service' from Fleet train Station to the venue between the hours of 11am and 1pm for the early birds, but it's not a long walk... about 10 minutes from the station, or there is a taxi rank outside. If you're planning on getting a hotel, prices are from as little as £50 per night. Here is a link to show some the hotels and B&B's in the area: Click Here 

The event is free to attend, but some of the lecturers may be offering their products and possibly at discounted rates, so if you're looking for new material, bring some money along to support your fellow magic folk. All the lectures will be filmed and recorded, and made available via a private website which only the attendees will have access to for future reference.


The previous events (The Dog & Partridge, Smoke & Mirrors and The Purple Turtle) have been outstanding, with many a lifelong friendships formed. I sincerely look forward to seeing you there, Richard John. As it's a bar, it is strictly Over 18s only. If you are lucky enough to look young, please bring ID as you might be asked for it when approaching the bar. 20th November 2018, 11am till 11.30pm. Venue: The Hart House, 335-337 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 3NT (Map) Facebook. Organised by: Richard John Edgell & Tom Brooks Richard phone: 07722184775. 17.11.18


Keep Calm and Perform Magic. Adam Edgeley, magician and author, writes: Everything you need to know for the performer who suffers with nerves, severe anxiety and stage fright. Having suffered with severe anxiety and depression for many years I know only to well the struggles faced when performing magic and suffering with these problems. I will share with you the hints and tips that I have picked up along the way to help make you a more confident performer. Tips on: worry, shaking hands, making telephone calls and approaching strangers, together with some great workable magic. To order Click Here. 17.11.18


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