Number 1059 - 10th October 2020


Penn and Teller's First Final UK Tour. From the promoter: 'Comic Magicians', or 'Evil Geniuses' as described by David Letterman, Penn & Teller are celebrating their 45th Anniversary as 'The Kings of Magic'. Penn & Teller's 'The First Final UK Tour' in June will see them start in Manchester at The Apollo on June 13th 2021, then Birmingham at The Alexandra on June 17th. The London run then starts at London's Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith on Tuesday 22nd June through to the 27th.


These shows will feature Penn & Teller's classic magic performed live with their unique brand of humour and audience participation and will feature never before seen tricks in the UK. For over 45 years as magic's most outrageous and innovative team, Penn & Teller are Emmy award-winning TV stars, best-selling authors and Las Vegas icons. Their Showtime series, 'Penn & Teller: BS!' was nominated for 16 Emmys. Past ventures were the highly successful ITV's 'Penn & Teller Fool Us!' hosted by Jonathan Ross on Saturday nights and 'Penn & Teller Tell A Lie' for Discovery Channel and Channel 5's 'Fool Us in Vegas' TV show is in the 7th series.

Penn says "We’ve been working together 45 years and are now coming out of the longest break we've ever had from working together. We are so excited to start touring in the UK playing our favorite theatres. Is this our last UK tour? We don't know, but you're welcome to buy tickets and hope for that, while we'll be hoping for more final tours than the Stones and Cher put together." 13th June - O2 Apollo Manchester. 17th June - New Alexander Theatre, Birmingham. 22nd to 27th June Eventim Apollo, London.


Britain's Got Talent 2020 - The final's going to be magic! The 14th series of the talent search comes to a close with tonight's Final. Steve Royle (comedy juggler), Nabil Abdulrashid (stand-up comedian), Aaron & Jasmine (dancers), Magical Bones (magician, illusionist & dancer) and Jon Courtenay (comedy singer) that the judges put through, will be joined by the yet to be announced five acts that the public have been voting for over the past few weeks. Then, as viewers vote for a final winner, excerpts from some of the West End's finest musicals, Mary Poppins, The Phantom of The Opera and Les Miserables, will be performed by Michael Ball, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Shan Ako and Zizi Strallen and more. Tonight from 7.30pm to 10.10pm on ITV. See TV Magic for details. 10.10.20


Aidan McCann (Britain's Got Talent 2020) appears on Blue Peter on Thursday, 15th October. "Magnificent Magic and Facing Your Fears. Young magician Aidan McCann teaches the presenters how to pull off the perfect illusion. And see how Mwaksy gets on as she attempts to overcome her fear of dogs, with the ever-trusty Henry by her side to help out." Thursday 15th October on CBBC. See TV Magic for details. 10.10.20



The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Penn & Teller on Channel 4's late night show The Word hosted by Terry Christian and Dani Behr. From December, 1993. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 10.10.20


Real Workers Magic Convention - Saturday 24th October online. From the organisers: Fasten your seat belts as we have an incredible line-up guaranteed to blow you away. On the 24th October join the Real Workers Magic Convention. Joel and Andy present a day of magic with a hand picked line-up of international artists and magic creators... Marc Oberon, Etienne Pradier, Mark Eldson, Paul Gordon, Harry Robson and Myles Thornton. Get a front row seat and learn secrets from these world class, close-up and stage magicians. A day cram-packed with magic; no secrets will be left untold. The event will be topped with an exclusive debut performance from Marc Oberon. This is not to be missed.


Close-up magic, mind reading, parlour and more. This will be happening live, via Zoom. Sit back, chat and interact with magicians from around the world. Includes a jam room with a guest host. Line up subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise. If circumstances do arise, a suitable replacement will be organised. 11am on Saturday 24th October 2020. Find our more, visit Organised by Andrew Dean and Joel Dickinson. Email 10.10.20


Video Chat Magic: Final Month. Reviewed as "The most important release of 2020" Video Chat Magic is a collection of nearly 50 tools, tricks, scripts, routines, interviews and pieces of software designed to enhance your magic and mentalism on platforms like Zoom. With contributors like Max Maven, Jim Steinmeyer, Tobias Dostal, Pete McCabe, Richard Wiseman, Marc Kerstein, and Luke Jermay this is a huge collection that you can access right now for just $59, with all the subscriptions donated to charity. Video Chat Magic will only remain open to new subscribers until 31st October so go to today to sign up before it's too late. "As magicians reinvent their performances for remote environments Video Chat Magic is unveiling the most effective ways to succeed in this new medium." Luís de Matos. 10.10.20


South Tyneside International Magic Festival. From the organisers: The South Tyneside International Magic Festival is in the middle of its virtual festival which started on Thursday 8th October, and runs until Sunday, culminating with a Zoom get-together session hosted by John Archer, Steve Gore and Nevin Cody at 8pm. At noon on Saturday and Sunday there will be a YouTube playlist released for you to watch at your leisure, featuring artistes from the previous 16 years. You’ll also be able to see Thursday and Friday's videos too! All free of charge. New faces and friends welcome. If you wish to join in on Zoom there are limited numbers and places have to be booked by emailing Also see Here is the playlist: Thursday: Graeme Shaw, Boris Wild, Freddie Rutz, Robert Baxt, Alex Lodge, Shoot Ogawa, Brando Y Silvana and Charlie Fry. Friday: Jasper, Paul Romhany, Jeton, Brad Manuel, Nicholas Einhorn, Jason Latimer, David Regal, Debbie Magee and Brian Sefton. Saturday: High Jinx, Paul Nardini, Satori, Alana, Paul Megram, Rafael and Andi Gladwin. Sunday: Adam Wilber, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Cai, Mark James, Philip Partridge, Woody Aragon, Javi Benitez, John Archer, Amethyst and Mario ‘The Maker Magician’ Marchese. The Festival magic consultant is Steve Gore. 10.10.20


More magic added to The MagicWeek Video Archive during the week. On Tuesday I added this rare interview with Fay Presto in a guest spot on Wogan from November 5th, 1986. At the time Wogan was running three nights a week and had a large following. See: YouTube. 10.10.20


Hand Cut Stripper Decks - Custom made in the UK. From the makers: The 'Stripper deck' or 'Tapered deck' is one of the most versatile and easiest to use gimmicked decks available. Apparent miracles can be performed that credit the performer with amazing sleight of hand skills. The gimmicked deck allows the performer to locate any required card(s) with ease, even after being shuffled by a spectator. The problem with commercially produced Stripper decks are the cuts! The tapers on these decks are very deep. Spectators cannot get close to, or handle, the deck, without instantly detecting its gimmicking! The answer to this problem started life as an underground secret, used by professional card cheats: Hand Cut Stripper Decks! Visit for more information and to order. 10.10.20


Can you solve it? The art of illusion. A magician asks you to explain his tricks. Alex Bellos writes in The Guardian: "Today’s puzzles are four optical illusions devised by the magician Matt Pritchard. He calls them 'perspec-tricks'. Each image is a photograph that seems to show something impossible. The puzzle is to work out exactly how Matt created the illusion. The magic he used is old school: none of the photographs have been digitally modified. What you see is exactly what the camera saw. All the illusions involve mirrors in some way." See 10.10.20


The magic of...podcast with Paul Roffman. Creative discussions with creative people. From actors and writers to magicians, keynote speakers and behavioural experts. "Listen to an in-depth discussion moving where the conversation takes us. Not your average conversation." On Apple podcasts: and Spotify and watch clips on YouTube. This week: Tim Bran, and on Sunday Nicholas Hoult. 10.10.20


Alan Browne, new President of the Zodiac Magical Society. Alan Browne has become the new President of the Zodiac Magical Society; as the club enters its 75th year, Alan joins the select few who have held this honour. Over the years Alan has worked tirelessly within the society, taking a hands-on role in many key positions. Even during these testing Covid-19 times the Zodiac Magical Society continues to meet every Wednesday at 8pm to enjoy monthly lectures interspersed with varied club nights; not in its usual Ealing, West London home, but online thanks to the wonders of Zoom! Congratulations to Alan from everyone at the Zodiac Magical Society 10.10.20


MLM Web Offers October 2020. Mark Leveridge's download magic range is already great value, but each month he also selects two items from his catalogue to receive an extra discount. For October he has chosen Instant Card Reverse, which is a very clean way to make a freely selected card instantly turn face up in a regular deck (and you finish completely 'clean'), and the second item is the Robin Hood Coins Across, which is a story based presentation for the classic effect. You can find dems of both products on the MLM website and the specially reduced prices are available until the 31st October. Check them out now and save yourself some money. 10.10.20


The Royal Hotel, Southend-on-Sea, relaunches 'Tales from the Shadows' and 'Crime Scene Illusion'. Tracy Wise writes: I’m delighted to confirm that my two shows 'Tales from the Shadows' and 'Crime Scene Illusion' are being relaunched at The Royal Hotel, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. The first show will be our Halloween Special on 31st October with two sittings in the hauntingly beautiful ballroom of this historic hotel. With more space we can ensure social distancing and Covid-19 protocols are observed. On November 19th Crime Scene Illusion will make its first appearance in Southend since it began 10 years ago, in the very same hotel. This event will include a 2 course meal. Ticket information and booking is via The Royal Hotel, Southend. Facebook: or by calling 01702 899 222. 10.10.20


The Magic Collection of Rüdiger Deutsch Part II. October 31st. This Halloween, Potter & Potter is proud to present the second auction featuring the collection of Rudiger Deustch. Known as a master craftsman and consummate collector, this sale will feature many of the finely-crafted props from Deustch's own workshop, along with rarities from the showrooms and factories of Willmann, Bartl, and Conradi. Mechanical masterpieces of yesteryear (and fine recreations as only Deustch could construct) will be chief among the featured lots. Complementing the vintage magic apparatus will be a selection of vintage stone lithographs and early conjuring prints. 10.10.20


Extrasensory Deceptions: Livestream show by Christopher Howell. From the organisers: Grab the front seat and belt up for an online experience of magical extrasensory connections. Join Christopher Howell for one of ten interactive shows on Zoom to raise money for Breathe Magic for their 10th birthday celebrations. It's an unexpected journey full of magic and stories delivered to the comfort of your home. The show is family safe however only those over 15 years may participate. Viewers must have Zoom on their device to watch. Your camera video will need to be on for this performance. Duration: 50 minutes. All proceeds from this show are in support of the Breathe Magic programme run by Breathe Arts Health Research. The show is free to attend and a donation will be welcomed after the show. October 10th, 11th, 18th, 20th, 21st, 30th. November 3rd, 4th, 7th. To book Click Here. 10.10.20


A Lifetime In Magic, Devin Knight. 130 pages, photo illustrated, soft back. From the publishers: The amazing mentalism and magic of internationally renowned performer Devin Knight. Volume 1, features full details of 9 routines from Devin's personal repertoire. Devin's ideas are always unbelievably well thought out, with every possibility analysed and the best and most convincing methods selected. He leaves nothing to chance, and creates plots that are amazingly varied, and which produce effects that are inexplicable and real reputation makers. This trilogy will offer you the strongest mentalism and magic achieved with practical, commercial methods - if you haven't seen this material before you are going to be stunned! For full content details and to order visit and click on the book! 10.10.20


Hanky Juggling - Mark Leveridge Magic. This is a wonderful participation routine for children’s entertainers using the simplest of props – a wand, a silk and an unprepared bag! Two children come up to assist. A silk is made invisible and handed to one child, while the second helper examines and then holds onto a bag. The invisible silk is ‘blown’ up into the air, caught on the end of the magic wand, which is then used to flick it over to the child holding the bag. The silk is supposed to now be inside the bag, but the child holding the bag seems to be unable to find it inside. Realising that the silk must still be invisible, the performer uses magic to make it become visible again so that the child can now genuinely pull it from the bag.

This easy to do routine lasts around 6-7 minutes and is ideal for the 4-7 year old age bracket. You will need to supply a regular wand, an ordinary cloth or opaque plastic bag, a 12″ silk and a small easily obtained well known gimmick. Full instructions are supplied as a Premier E-Routine, which is a downloadable PDF text file, and these instructions also come with a link which enables you to watch and/or download a live video recording of the complete presentation. See


Economicon book test by Al Smith - Merlins. Two spectators are given a book each. They can fully examine them, read some passages if they wish and confirm they appear to be ordinary paperback books. A third spectator is asked to call out any page number (there are 125 pages in each book). The spectators turn to the freely selected page and note the first word. You now tell each of them what the word is! Direct, no fishing, no questions. You can then ask a spectator to open there book to any page, and select any word they wish. As there are over 30000 words in the book, you ask them to call out the first letter of the word. Instantly, you can tell them the word they have chosen! This is a fantastic book test by Al Smith. No difficult calculations, always direct, no fishing for clues, always ready to perform. Ideal for walk around, stage or cabaret. As used by Dynamo on the London Underground. Direct mindreading at its best and great value for money! For more info and to order visit 10.10.20


Robert Temple The Hypnotist: Live & Outrageous. From the promoters: Robert Temple presents the return of his show The Hypnotist: Live & Outrageous (socially distanced edition) streamed live from the Tyne Theatre & Opera House in Newcastle on Saturday 17th October 2020, at 7.30pm. Forget tired old pocket watches and people clucking like chickens, this is a cutting-edge, thrilling show featuring incredible hypnosis and never-before-seen side-splitting sketches... guaranteed to tickle the very naughtiest parts of your mind. Directed by Kennedy. Get notifications and tune in completely free: 10.10.20


Coin-O-Matic 2.0 by Steve Cook and Mark Lee - new from Merlins of Wakefield: Merlins write: This effect originally used coins and a box which was not always easy to carry around and manage. The latest version uses specially printed cards and an envelope, eliminating the need for coins, so is much simpler to carry around and re-set. For details Click Here. Our new ‘Mail’ has been delayed at the printers, but should be out next week. Those who have seen the PDF version have given us some positive feedback, see the PDF copy Here. Our shop is currently open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 4pm. We have also just added over 100 used magic items to the website, and are adding more every week: Used Magic. 10.10.20


Les Douglas. Chris Cross writes: Broken Wand. I'm sad to report that a former Northern Magic Circle President, Les Douglas, has passed away at the age of 90. (22.02.1930 - 19.09.2020) Les was a lovely man and quite a character - he spoke over half a dozen languages fluently, loved Italian food, always had a few tricks up his sleeve and a joke on the tip of his tongue. Up until his final days, he enjoyed live shows. He watched my show at the Tyne Theatre Show last year and he spent his 90th birthday evening at John Archer’s show! If any of Les's friends have any messages for his family, (who are not in the magic world) I am happy to pass them on to his daughter, Joanne. Thanks, Chris: 10.10.20


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