Number 1098 - Saturday 10th July 2021


Wonderville opens in London on Friday! From the promoter: Six incredible acts. A vaudevillian journey of illusion. Wonderville brings its magic to the West End this Summer bringing together some of the greatest illusionists live on stage in a breathtaking display of magic and illusion that will electrify and surprise.


Don’t miss this fresh spin on one of the greatest historical art forms, magic. Five acts will appear at each performance and showcase their incredible talents. The acts are the multi-award-winning Mind Reader and TV star Chris Cox, star of Britain’s Got Talent Josephine Lee, stage illusionists Young & Strange and Magic Circle Champion Edward Hilsum. Amazi and Symoné are our 5th act, each playing selective performances during the run. Amazi is an international hula hooper and Symoné combines hula hooping, roller skating and dance, they both currently hold a Guinness World Record. Be transported to a variety performance like no other – comedy, illusion, magic, entertainment and mystery make it a fun night for all the family.


Guest performers:
Kat Hudson (16th-19th July & 25th-30th August)
Magic Singh (21st-26th July & 11th-16th August)
Emily England (28th July-2nd August)
Harry De Cruz (4th-9th August)
Magical Bones (18th-23rd August).


Palace Theatre, London. 16th July - 30th August.


Box Office: 10.7.21


Laura London: Cheat - the incredible story of Geraldine Hartmann, a card shark, gambler and sleight of hand artist from the 1920s. Geraldine’s passionate affair with poker, whiskey, and a lover, are told through entries made in her personal journal, as are the card cheating techniques she used to part suckers from their money! Laura London will share the secrets of just how to cheat at cards, using genuine techniques employed by hustlers of the time. This is a rare opportunity to delve into this notoriously secretive world in which audience members will be invited to participate. You will be both enthralled and entertained as Laura London lays bare the life and secrets of one of the world's few female card sharks. Laura London: Cheat - 12th, 13th & 15th August 2021 @ Electrowerkz Limited to 25 people per show. For more info and to book visit 10.7.21


Illusion: Impossible, Saturday 17th July, Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells. From the promoters: Illusion : Impossible showcases 5 of the most incredible illusionists in the world including: Britain's Got Talent runner-up Jamie Raven, Britain's Got Talent 2020 Finalists James & Dylan Piper, award-winning magician Oliver Tabor, highly acclaimed magical duo The Glamourists and world speed illusionist Kayden Black. Collectively these performers have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world and with over 500 million YouTube views between them, this production showcases their incredible talents together - live on stage. Illusion : Impossible features exclusive tricks never seen before... a non-stop show packed with breathtaking magic and illusion. Illusion : Impossible touring the UK and Europe. See for more info. Trailer: YouTube. 10.7.21


Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm, Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician. A creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. Already there are nearly 100 interviews: YouTube Talk Magic Play List, with the latest being "Mark Bennett - The King of the Magic Bar" YouTube. 10.7.21


Army@TheFringe Returns to the Stage with Drama, Cabaret, Magic and more. Army’s commander in Scotland looks forward to continuing its support for a great Scottish festival at the heart of cultural life. The programme explores everything from the tales of Gorbals folk heroes, the experiences of a Pakistani family arriving in 60s Scotland and a dramatic escape from the Soviet Bloc to a magic show inspired by the tricks which fooled the smartest minds and a variety show packed with comedy, music and fun.


The Trick That Fooled - Kevin Quantum. A magic show inspired by tricks that fooled the smartest and most creative people ever to have lived. Exploring themes of wonder and escapism, the show travels back in time recreating tricks that fooled Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie and others. The show culminates with the trick that fooled the Nazis, when British magician Maskeleyne assisted the British forces to fool German commander Rommel during WW2 – apparently conjuring a tank battalion from thin air. 6th-8th August, at 6pm; 10th-22nd August (not Mondays), at 8.15pm. Tickets  10.7.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week 'Tommy Cooper: Must See TV with Trevor McDonald' from 8th December 2005. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 10.7.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. This week Mike writes: As Wayne and I celebrate with family and friends the life of Maciek Musialik, know to everyone as Diobo, we have dedicated this week's episode to Diobo. YouTube. A GoFund page has been setup in his honour at 10.7.21


Terry Herbert and his amazing clockwork automatons. Mike Ingham writes: Magic legend Terry Herbert is appearing at the Kent Magicians Guild to present his amazing collection of clockwork toys and automatons. This is a rare opportunity to see Terry's amazing collection and hear some of his hilarious anecdotes of his life in magic. Don't miss this, it is a great lecture. To book contact Mike Ingham on or message me through the Kent Magicians Guild Facebook page. Guest tickets are only £5.00. Tuesday 27th July at 8pm. Venue: The Kent Magicians Guild, The Stag Theatre, London Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1ZZ. Website: 10.7.21


David Penn and Wayne Fox Double Lecture - Northamptonshire Magicians' Club. David Miller, Treasurer, NMC, writes: Northamptonshire Magicians' Club are delighted to announce our first meeting after lockdown, a double lecture by David Penn and Wayne Fox at 8pm on Tuesday 20th July at Brafield Working Mens Club, 35 Bedford Road, Northampton NN7 1BD. This is a free event, but you must register on our website in case we still have to limit the numbers. No entry without prior reservation. David Miller, Treasurer, NMC. 10.7.21


David Britland's Cardopolis Newsletter. Always excellent, the latest Cardopolis has just been published. Magic, notes, trivia, and other fragments from the deceptive art. It's free, but a click on the 'Buy Me A Coffee' link is a nice thought. Subscribe at: There is also a Cardopolis Instagram account that will alert you to new content. You can find it at www.instagram/cardopolismagic. 10.7.21


An Evening with Simon South and Cody Clark - Tony Junior's free Zoom Magic Lecture Evenings. Tony Junior writes: Thank you to all those who attended last week's Zoom event. Sadly due to a bereavement I was unable to make the lecture and rather than cancel, would like to thank the wonderful Philip Partridge for hosting the evening. You are invited to my next event this coming Monday, 12th July, "An Evening with Simon South (UK) & Cody Clark (USA)". The virtual doors open from 7pm UK for general socialising, with the first lecture starting at 7.30pm. Limited to the first 100 logins, on a first come basis. As usual the Zoom links will be here: For my next event on August 9th I have a special guest all the way from Las Vegas! Look forward to seeing you this Monday. Magical wishes, Tony Junior.

7.30pm: Simon South (UK) an international comedy magician who has travelled the world performing, from Skegness to Saudi Arabia. With 6 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals under his belt and his award in 100 metre swimming at school prepare to learn some hardcore card tricks, silly gags, properly worked stage material and some tips on creativity.


9pm: Cody Clark (USA) 'Inside My Different Way of Thinking' - A Full-time professional magician/autistic self-advocate Cody Clark has a different way of thinking. He thinks of magic as a form of personal expression, that there's room for a wider variety of magic characters on stage, and most importantly, he thinks differently about performing for disabled audiences. Join us as we learn how Cody takes the effects on the market and uses them to share his heart with his audience as well as insights from the on-stage choices, he makes across all his show offerings and how you too can start performing for disabled audiences! By the end of our time with Cody, we'll see that magic doesn't have to just be about tricks, but it can also be about authentic expression and empowering your audience! A different way of thinking indeed! 10.7.21


Don't Everybody Leave - A talk show with Mac King and his friends. "Tune in, hang out and laugh with this hilarious group of friends. Each week Mac King and his pals are joined by a guest to ostensibly talk about magic, showbiz and a whole host of other stuff that they love." Episode 23, with Jeff McBride: YouTube. 10.7.21


Smoke & Mirrors Magic Shop opens! Our new Magic Shop is now live on our website where you can grab some exclusive vintage themed Magic T-shirts, hoodies and more. All orders are delivered to your door and no minimum order amount. 10.7.21


Hide & Seek plus Cerebral Steal bonus, James Brown - RSVPMagic Instant Downloads. James Brown's 'Hide & Seek', a superb collection of routines using James' version of an old Pat Page idea. Playing Cards, Credit Cards, Books and Phones are all used in a series of superb magic effects that will blow your audiences' minds. Best of all no gimmick or device is used to accomplish any of the routines! Simply click on the link and download the video onto your computer for you to own right now! 10.7.21


Zodiac Magical Society launches 'Pandemic Cup'. William Spencer writes: A competition with no rules? Surely not. The Zodiac Magical Society experimented with a new type of competition to celebrate the changing styles of magic enabled by Zoom. Stooges? Oh yes. Camera trickery? Bring it on. Contestants were even allowed to go over the time limit. The evening was a massive success, with many creative entries. Mark Chudley, who dreamt up the competition, came first with some stunning card routines. It was his first ever competition entry. William Spencer came second, producing 91-year-old Denis Clark from a dove pan - celebrating the PanDenis Cup. The Zodiac is a weekly magic club in west London with fun competitions, 'Bring a Trick' nights and lots of star lecturers. Guests and new members are always welcome. Please email or visit for club info. 10.7.21


The July Mark Leveridge E-Video Newsletter. The latest free-to-view 30 minute online magic video programme is now available, featuring: The Teach In – four Jokers magically change to match the value of a selected card. Pro Peeks – learn a coin routine extracted from the E-Club Pro Archive section. Keeping Control Unplugged – part 13 looks at the key things to consider when setting up a children’s show in an unfamiliar venue. Web Offers – pay less this month to own a feature children’s routine and a strong walkabout card effect. 60 Seconds To Success – why overrunning your allotted show time might not be viewed as a bonus by the booker. The Review Corner – taking a look at the book entitled The Conjuror’s Conundrum by Jamy Ian Swiss. To get access to the E-Video Newsletter you simply have to be signed up for MLM's free E-Club Lite. You will then receive Mark's monthly email newsletter which contains, amongst other interesting content, a link to the latest E-Video Newsletter. For more info go to 10.7.21


Slide Project by Sebastien Calbry - Alakazam Magic. An ultra visual card change in which the magician does not even touch the card! It slides by itself and transforms in front of your spectators eyes! A card is freely chosen, it can be signed, and is lost in the deck. The magician bets 50 dollars that he will find the card. Unfortunately, he is wrong. No problem, he offers to double the bet and takes out a $100 bill from his pocket. The wrong card is then put into the bill and it starts to come alive and slowly changes into the signed card! A true miracle, the magician puts the bill away and the spectator has won a unique experience. For more info and to watch a video visit 10.7.21


Four Queens Jumbo Size for stand up - Mr E Enterprises. A super Queen version of the evolved B'Wave effect and Dream Queen. You take out a folder containing four playing cards and say: "here are the four queens of diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts. I would like someone to choose one of these suits, and I predict that you will choose the hearts, but you can change it to a clubs, spades, or diamonds if you like."

A spectator comes forwards and makes her own free choice, and you retort, "I thought you would pick that suit!". Then to prove your statement you take out the cards from your folder so everyone can get a closer look. There are no other cards left inside the folder which can be tossed empty to one side. You fan the four cards and let’s say her choice is the Queen of Clubs. "When I fan out the four cards, only the Queen of Clubs card is face up!". As further proof that you correctly predicted the choice in advance, when you turn the card face down, the back colour of the chosen card is different! For more info and to order visit


Hypnotism Exposed. From the promoter: Join Hypnotist and Mentalist Jonathan Royle today, Saturday 10th July, for a free 2-hour live training session on 'Secrets of Stage Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Mentalism Mind Control'. Going live from 8pm UK time which is 3pm EST or 12pm PST on Clubhouse. 10.7.21


David Jonathan Zoom Lecture - new date, Wednesday 14th July. From the organisers: Owing to the football match on 7th July South Downs Magicians rescheduled their David Jonathan Zoom Lecture to 8pm on Wednesday 14th July. David, who will be speaking to us from the United States, is a lecturer, inventor and performer with many marketed items to his credit. He will be lecturing on general magic, close-up and mentalism. South Downs Magicians invite visiting magicians to this lecture free of charge. Anyone interested should contact Jonathan Cann: or call 01444 230409 or 07850 917126. 10.7.21


The UnXplained with William Shatner. Stories of escape that defy explanation, referencing Harry Houdini pulling off numerous escape acts and an attempted prison break from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Tuesday 20th July on Sky History. See TV Magic for details. 10.7.21


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