Number 1206 - Saturday 5th August 2023


The Invisible Man "not seeing is believing". More than 50 magical illusions and stage effects make up The Devonshire Park Theatre‘s theatrical telling of the H G Wells classic The Invisible Man, adapted by Ken Hill. Directed by Chris Jordan, a cast of West End talent provide songs, comedy and mayhem interspersed with magic and drama to deliver a show where "not seeing is believing". Past president of The Magic Circle Scott Penrose designed and constructed the illusions for the theatre's summer spectacular, that runs until 26th August at The Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne. The trailer can be viewed here YouTube and tickets can be booked here: 5.8.23


"Derren Brown and co. talk all things Unbelievable" "I've Never Seen Anything Like This Before! Inside Rehearsals for Derren Brown's Unique New Show Unbelievable" Unbelievable opened on July 28th at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester - see What's On for all venues and dates. 5.8.23


An Evening of Magic - Eastbourne Convention, 2023. From the convention team: The I.B.M. British Ring No.25 85th Annual Convention 7th-10th September 2023 in Eastbourne. The Saturday Night Gala Show has a fantastic lineup. At great value for money, both the Full and Weekend Registrations include a Gala Show ticket. You can still purchase Gala Show tickets (£15 each) with any Day Registration. If you have family and friends who would enjoy the show, why not purchase additional tickets from the Registration Officer and all sit together!
Yollin Lee from Korea is known for the elegant and theatrical presentation of his manipulation act.
John-Henry has an unfettered creativity and talent for propmaking that makes his act unique.
Adrien Quillien from France delivers his ‘Magic Madness Bartender’. Bubbling with dexterity and contagious rhythm, he creates a real magic potion to shake and raise the audience!
Michael Jordan is a multitalented entertainer and will delight the audience with his fast paced juggling.
Richard Cadell has recently starred in a national theatre tour of Xtreme Magic! He looks forward to sharing one of his most dangerous illusions in the Gala Show.
Louise Andreé loves combining her skills as both ‘magician’ & ‘assistant’ to challenge the traditional stereotypes of magic performance.
Keith Fields and Lady Sarah present their unique brand of comedy magic that has literally taken them around the world. Prepare to laugh and be amazed.
Safire are an exciting, amusing and dynamic illusion act and have appeared all over the globe.

Book on our website or contact the registration officer: 5.8.23


Blue Peter: 'Top Tricks with Magic Singh'. Social media magician Magic Singh joins us in the Blue Peter garden to show us his tricks and teach you at home how to master magical card skills! Meanwhile, Joel and Mwaksy go on an off-road adventure to explore Iceland's volcanic landscape. Friday 11th August on CBBC, see TV Magic for details. 5.8.23


"Edinburgh fringe: Magician Kevin Quantum shows off tricks on Sky News" 5.8.23


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2023. Festival Magic listings featuring 50+ magic / magic related shows: Click Here. 5.8.23


Ed Fringe Magic
Liz Toonkel: Magic for Animals

Subversive, sparkling and witty – revel in a one-woman magic show full of incisive humor, hard-hitting truths and great tricks. Supremely stylish, Liz Toonkel presents a thought-provoking performance that challenges how we treat animals – and each other. Liz is praised as 'daring' while showing 'vulnerability, empathy, and above all humour' by LA Dance Chronicle. Cincy Fringe reviewers call her a 'fantastic storyteller... fearless' ( and 'delightful...polished' (League of Cincinnati Theatres). Liz's skill as a production designer for films like Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and Emily the Criminal shines in dazzling costumes and props.

Greenside @ Infirmary Street - Olive Studio (Venue 236)
11.25pm. August 4th-5th, 7th-12th, 14th-19th, 21st-26th. 50 minutes. Suitability: 14+


Ed Fringe Magic
Kevin Quantum: Momentum

Epic scale stunts and mind-blowing magic in a spectacle that swings from edge-of-your-seat astonishment to belly laughs. Illusionist and inventor Kevin was trained by Penn & Teller, has had sell-outs at Edinburgh Fringe and reached the final stages of Britain's Got Talent with his death defying, stunning magic. 'A mixture of magic, science and derring-do, you're like a sexy Doctor Who!' (David Walliams). 'Astonishing' ***** (Edinburgh Evening News). 'Master illusionist' ***** (Advertiser, Adelaide). 'Epic Stunts' ***** ( Edinburgh Fringe sell-out 2021, 2022. Winner: Best Magic, Adelaide Weeklies 2018, 2019. 2022 Scottish Comedy Awards nominee 2018, 2019.

Assembly Rooms - Music Hall (Venue 20)
4.45pm. August 3rd-21st, 23rd-27th. 1 hour. Suitability: 8+


Ed Fringe Magic
Caspar Thomas: The Art of Close-Up Magic

Stunning magic. Unbelievable skill. Elegant Performance. Pure close-up magic and sleight of hand, with no stooges, no electronics, no camera tricks! All presented in elegant style by an understated showman. 'You won't see this level of skill anywhere else in the world. He should be charging £100 per ticket' (Jerry Sadowitz). 'Master of sleight of hand… [Caspar] drew the audience in to the point where he had them eating, almost literally, out of his hand' (

Gilded Balloon Teviot - Billiard Room (Venue 14)
7.30pm. August 3rd-28th. 1 hour. Suitability: 12+


Ed Fringe Magic
Dimis: It's Magic, but is it Art?

How would it feel to watch a conjuror perform in the Middle Ages, when suspected witches and sorcerers were cruelly tortured or burnt alive at the stake? What if you then travelled, via some shamanistic ritual and a shared dream through an imaginary plane… all the way to the conceptual art of today? In this modern magic show, Dimis takes you on a journey to explore the changing meaning of art and magic. He will tell stories and challenge your mind, as good art and magic must always do.

Paradise in The Vault - The Vault (Venue 29)
12.20pm. August 14th-19th, 21st-27th. 1 hour. Suitability: 12+


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week Cheryl Baker and Ali Bongo introduce members of Davenports Magic School, "The Demon Magic Club", from 26th May 1986. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. Thanks to Steve Majes for helping with some of the names that I didn't know. To see more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here DT. 5.8.23


Iain Bailey on Craig Petty's Magic TV: 'Talk Magic'. Every week Craig Petty sits down and chats with a well known magician; a creator, a performer, or someone who has had a positive impact on the Magic Community. This week: "Iain Bailey - Magician and Pickpocket. Fun and practical magic" YouTube. 5.8.23


The August/September 2023 E-Video Newsletter. Just released, Mark Leveridge's latest online video programme runs to 42 minutes and includes: The Teach In – an engaging and humorous effect called Five Times Lucky, which is designed for use in walkabout, is performed and explained. Pro Peeks – extracted from the Top Tips E-Club Pro Archive is this video in which Mark talks about good practice with microphones. The Table Magician Unplugged – this is the start of a new Unplugged series based on The Table Magician advice e-book. The Trick Box – this time Mark explains a really clean version of the classic You-Do-As-I-Do plot taken from vol.3 of the Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge. Web Offers – save money on the Coin and Purse Collection e-book and the Master E-Routine version of the Commercial Sponge Ball Routine. 60 Seconds To Success – Mark talks about why it is important to use spectators’ names when performing. The E-Video Newsletter is free to view, just sign up to Mark's monthly E-Club Lite Newsletter which, amongst other interesting content, will give you the link to the latest E-Video Newsletter plus the previous two editions as well. Go to for more details on E-Club Lite and to sign up for free. 5.8.23


Potter & Potter Auctions' August, 2023 Vintage and Modern Magicana Auction to feature a fine selection of Harry Houdini related materials. This well curated sale also includes a strong offering of century spanning magic props produced by the world's most respected companies and craftsmen. 5.8.23


Marc Oberon Lecture - Perth Magic Circle  Lecture. Adrian Harris writes: Perth Magic Circle is delighted to announce that following on after the pandemic lockdown, we have our first great lecture lined up. Marc Oberon will visit the Perth club for an exclusive Scottish Lecture in which he will show some of his latest effects, some all-time favourites, and some effects which he has adapted for cruise ships. This is a unique opportunity to meet and learn from a well known and respected full time professional magical entertainer, and one which is not to be missed. The event will be held in the Perth Ex-Service Men's Club, 20 Milne Street, Perth PH1 5QL on Wednesday 16th August commencing 7.30pm. Admission for visiting magicians is £10 (pay on the night) who will be very welcome to come and enjoy what promises to be a great evening with something for everyone.


Blackpool Magicians Club Auction - all welcome, no entrance fee. In the clubhouse, 56-60 Caunce Street, Blackpool FY13LE commencing at 6pm this Tuesday, 8th August. Viewing from 5.30pm. All welcome, no entrance fee. 5.8.23


Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun, Magic. New Saydo Park arrivals Carole and Phyllis already love life in Spain but they want to experience more of the community spirit, so they sign up for fellow resident Margaret's mystery tour. Where will it take them? Tree surgeon Rocky faces danger on a daily basis as he tends to the high branches of the Costa del Sol, while young magician Dean faces the first night of a residency at the Chamber of Secrets theatre. (Repeat) Monday 14th August on 5 Star, see TV Magic for details. 5.8.23


Book a magic lecturer for your club today. Visit the MagicWeek Lecturers page! 5.8.23


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