Number 1080 - Saturday 6th March 2021


Blackpool Magic 2021 Virtual Convention - online, Sunday, 18th April. From a locked down Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Special Guests. Only on Facebook. Details to be announced. Sunday, 18th April 2021. YouTube6.3.21


Tommy Cooper - The Magic Circle Unlocked - online, Friday, 19th March. March 19th sees the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tommy Cooper. An icon in the world of both magic and comedy, his influence is still felt today and his appearance and catchphrases very much a part of popular culture. The Magic Circle, of which Tommy was a Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle, is celebrating this anniversary with a special online event featuring fellow artists who worked with him, contemporary performers who have been influenced by him, and some of the highly creative people who worked behind the scenes providing him with props and gags. With a view to warmly remembering and acknowledging his immense contribution to the world of magic, this 2 hour event will be shown on The Magic Circle Unlocked Facebook page where one can also see their previous production this year which celebrated 100 years of the famous Sawing in Half Illusion. This Tommy Cooper celebration will remain online for just one week; but watching live will give you the opportunity to win a unique "Tommy Cooper" prize! Friday, 19th March at 7pm. 6.3.21


Penn & Teller Fooled! MagicWeek favourite Noel Qualter had great fun on Penn & Teller: Fool Us last week, traveling backwards and forwards through time in a brilliantly inventive routine. Marty McFly and Doc Brown would have loved it! See YouTube. "A Global Pandemic Can’t Stop UK Magician Noel Qualter From Fooling Las Vegas Legends Penn & Teller" Also see www.noelqualter.com6.3.21


Derren Brown in Epigram. "World-renowned psychological illusionist Derren Brown gives an exclusive insight into his surreal time at Bristol University and how it set him up for a 20-year career of manipulating minds and performing the outrageous and unexplainable..." To read the full interview by Georgiana Scott in Epigram, Click Here6.3.21


John Guastaferro Zoom Lecture - Blackpool Magicians' Club. World-renowned magician John Guastaferro lectures for the Blackpool Magicians' Club via Zoom this Thursday, 9th March. The lecture will focus predominantly on card magic, but will include a few non-card effects using a straw, ring, and a piece of string. Items include a visual card opener, a hands-off Ace production, and effects that work really well over Zoom. Throughout the lecture, John will share how small changes in presentation or technique can lead to greater impact. Learn more about John at Thursday 9th March at 8pm GMT see to book. 6.3.21


Magic Room 101. Mark James writes: After the first show last Sunday I'm thrilled to say that Magic Room101 is continuing. It'll be every Sunday at 10pm UK time. (That's 2pm PST, 5pm EST USA) Live, not recorded, on Clubhouse. Each week my guests will choose three things that really annoy them in magic. I'll attempt to argue against their grievances (whether I agree or not) and then give you the chance to have 'one minute on the mic' to do the same. Then we decide whether or not that thing goes into Magic Room 101 to be banished forever. Join us in March to hear great chats with Harrison Greenbaum, Carisa Hendrix, Taylor Hughes and Benzi Train. Huge thanks to Andi Gladwin for being my first guest too. He had some really fun choices and the arguments were passionate but fun. I can't wait to do it again. Follow on Clubhouse at MARKJAMESMAGIC to be notified of events. 6.3.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week, from 20 years ago 'The Houdini Myth' with Al Hirschfeld, Ken Silverman, David De-Val, Ruth Brandon, E L Doctorow, Don Wilmeth, David Copperfield, James Randi and Dorothy Young. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 6.3.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start their Fridays with a chat and a coffee. This week's special guest is Bob Gill. YouTube. 6.3.21


Mark Mason - Talking Shtick with Mark James. Talking Shtick with Mark James. Mark writes: In 2004 I was lucky enough to walk into JB Magic and find Mark Mason standing behind the counter. I didn't know that I was about to be treated to a performance by the greatest magic demonstrator alive. A statement that's as true now as it was then. Three years later I was entirely obsessed with magic and even found myself working behind the counter in that same store. The years I spent working with Mark were easily some of the happiest in my life. I laughed more than I thought possible and learned more than I could ever say thank you for. Standing next to Mark making gimmicks or watching him demonstrate magic every day was really a gift. We talk about those days in great detail as well as Mark's beginnings as game operator turned magician. We discuss the evolution of JB Magic as a physical store and all of his favourite routines for stand up and parlour shows. I genuinely cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to bring you this chat. I hope you love it as much as I did. Via your favourite listening platform including Podbean. 6.3.21


Dave Jones on Magicians' Advice Podcast. "Phil and Ian had the pleasure to be joined by the one and only Dave Jones. Dave is an amazing magician who is very well known in the industry here in the UK for his close-up and cabaret work. Not only is he a Member of The Magic Circle but he is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. A true master who others go to when they need advice and help to make their magic better. He has consulted for TV and is one of the best at making sleight of hand fun and entertaining. It was a real pleasure talking with Dave." Podbean6.3.21


Have you joined the Alakazam Hub and Hangout yet? Alakazam Magic write: We have some great events planned for the coming weeks and they are all free to members. It's great fun meeting magicians from all around the world, chatting, sharing ideas and just sitting back and watching some of them performing some awesome magic! If you haven't joined already, do it today. Remember this is your 24/7 365 magic club!


Meridian Ring Cabinet - Merlins of Wakefield. Merlins write: We have just received the latest Magic Wagon item, the Meridian Ring Cabinet. This is a great effect, for details Click Here. We  are also selling the Mikame range which is being reproduced in small numbers and can now be ordered... Click Here to see what's available. Finally, we are still collecting "10 in 2" videos, that's 10 things in 2 minutes that most people will not know about you Click Here for examples and then make your 2 minute video and send it to us at Once we've reached 100 videos, we will draw a winner for £100 worth of magic - send in yours now! 6.3.21


New Release from Mark Leveridge Magic. The magician spreads and freely displays a deck back and front and gives it an overhand shuffle. A spectator touches any four cards and these are left in a fan on the table. A snap of the fingers and the fan is lifted away to reveal four coins! Casino Cash is a simultaneous four coin production that is achieved without any palming or sleight of hand. It is intended to be performed on a close-up pad. The reset is quick but needs to be done away from spectators. As a lead in to a coin matrix routine it is ideal. This is a Premier E-Routine, which means you receive a downloadable set of PDF colour photo illustrated instructions fully describing the set up and handling, plus there is an embedded link which takes you to additional online video footage featuring a performance and explanation. For more details and to watch a dem go to


An Evening with Canadian Magician Ryan Pilling via Zoom. Tony Junior writes: I invite all magicians, of all skill levels, to my next event on Sunday 14th March at 7.30pm: An Evening with Canadian veteran performer, creative magician Ryan Pilling, hosted by myself, Tony Junior. The event is free for all magicians and the Zoom link, code and id is available on my website: All events are limited to the first 100 entrants, that includes myself and Ryan. The virtual doors will be open half an hour before the event at 7pm. 6.3.21


Tony Griffith Zoom Lecture. Tony Griffith writes: Following on from my successful Zoom lectures to The Home Counties Magic Society and The Leicester Magic Circle I will continue to offer my Zoom lecture until we are all back to normal. This lecture offers practical, easy to do commercial magic, well within the scope of the average magician. Emphasis is upon routining and entertainment with the layman in mind. Available to all magic clubs and magic minded groups. Contact: 01275 835463. 6.3.21


Clown Who Lost His Head - Mr E Enterprises. Based on the wonderful Forgetful Freddie trick invented by the legendary Milbourne Christopher. This is a classic effect that has remained popular for decades and for good reason. The colourful clown's head is removed, as you explain that clowns are always changing their face. A balloon is substituted and you draw a face on it with a marker pen. The clown's head is then hidden underneath a cloth and you 'accidentally' lose it - it has vanished. The balloon on the clown suddenly pops and his head is magically back in place once again! Delightful magic which makes both the children and the adults present laugh and applaud.

We have been trying to get our hands on this fantastic item for several years and have finally succeeded in acquiring a limited supply. Buy yours now and feature it in your next show. You will find plenty of inspirational performance videos online. Comes with Devil's handkerchief, Clown prop (16" x 8") and instructions. See


Original Magic That Captivates the World: Hara / Illusionist. "Hara is an illusionist who has performed live and on television in over 30 countries, winning numerous awards - we speak with him about how he strives to conjure up 'magic that only I can do'. Tuesday 16th March on NHK World." See TV Magic for details. 6.3.21


Magic Tricks with Coins, Cards and Everyday Objects by Jake Banfield. Do you know your riffle shuffle from your French drop? Can you make a bottle disappear or read someone's mind? Learn the greatest magic tricks around and astound your friends and family, all without buying fancy props or equipment. With over 50 step-by-step magic tricks of varying levels of difficulty, this book is a great insight into the popular world of 'street magic' – where magicians specialise in up-close, informal tricks to bamboozle their audiences. You can perform incredible tricks with everyday household objects as you learn how to turn them into sources of bewilderment and wonder! You’ll never look at a packet of chewing gum in the same way again. For more info and to order visit


Maurice Roberts. Maurice Roberts, also known as Ratty Roberts passed away suddenly on Sunday the 28th February 2021. We are trying to let people know and I understand he was a contributor to various magic forums. If anyone wants to get in touch they can do so on Sam Roberts, Daughter. 6.3.21


"Illusionist & comedy magician Vinny Grosso opens new show in Las Vegas" Click Here • "Magician Derek DelGaudio Traces His Journey From Card Cheat To Illusionist" Click Here • "A.R.T. Announces Magicians Appearing in The Conjurors' Club Live Interactive Magic Experience" Click Here • "Dawlish magician Tony has a trick to deal with lockdown isolation" Click Here • "Dozens of magic props from Criss Angel Studios up for sale" Click Here • Many thanks for your UK magic news as always, see you next week, Duncan. 6.3.21


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Number 1079 - Saturday 27th February 2021


Little Nightmares II - Nightmares Explained with Derren Brown. How powerful are bad dreams? Are they simply tricks of the mind, or is something more sinister at play? Who better to teach us about them than master mind manipulator, Derren Brown? Little Nightmares II on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and also on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later in the year. For all platforms see Watch the trailer with Derren Brown: YouTube27.2.21


Don't Everybody Leave - A talk show with Mac King and his friends. "Tune in, hang out and laugh with (or at) this hilarious group of friends. Each week Mac King (often called the #1 comedy magician in the world) and his pals (in alphabetical order, so no one gets too offended) Nick Diffatte (young comedy magician--and yo-yo savant--seen on The Late Late Show), Jason England (world renowned magic and gambling sleight-of-hand expert, and golden retriever and goldfish rescuer), Michael Goudeau (Emmy nominated comedy writer and Las Vegas's longest running juggler), Vinny Grosso (two time Penn & Teller fooler and past President of The Society of American Magicians), and Jacob Jax (Comedic sleight of hand guy, and our authority on Motown in general and The Temptations in particular), are joined by a guest to ostensibly talk about magic, showbiz, each other and a whole host of other stuff that they love." YouTube27.2.21


The MagicWeek Video Archive. A new magic clip or show every week! This week some sleight of hand card magic from Michael Vincent on The Paul Daniels Magic Show from 16th January 1993. See The MagicWeek Video Archive. To catch up with more from The MagicWeek Video Archive Click Here. 27.2.21


Farnham Maltings present 'Magical Bones: A Kind of Magic' via Zoom. From the organisers: A live and interactive virtual magic experience. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a bit of magic! Your sofa is the best seat in the house for this very special live and interactive magic experience. Join your host, internationally acclaimed magician and Britain's Got Talent finalist Magical Bones, as he invites you to not just watch, but to take part, in this truly unique show, live via Zoom. 7pm on Friday 12th March (45 minutes). Price £18.00. See "Magical Bones casts a spell during dazzling hour of Zoom tricks" www.theguardian.com27.2.21


Wayne & Mike’s Coffee Morning. Wayne and Mike start their Fridays with a chat and a coffee. Episode 2 featured special guest Jeff McBride, Episode 3 Joe Pasquale, 4 more chat, and today's, Episode 5, Paul Zerdin. Every Friday. Now on YouTube27.2.21


Danny Buckler: Talking Shtick with Mark James. Danny fell in love with performing almost as soon as he could walk, but it was at college, when called upon to perform a self devised piece as part of a drama course, that Danny realised this was something he could do with his life... Talking Shtick with Mark James. Via your favourite listening platform including Podbean27.2.21


Magicseen Issue 97 March 2021. From the publishers: The very latest edition of the UK's only independent magic magazine is now ready. On the cover is the Amazing Johnathan and inside you will find the first part of an extensive interview with one of magic's most colourful characters. We also go behind the scenes with Boris Wild during his successful appearance on Fool Us, and we catch up with Chris Cross, who reveals how he has been diversifying his magic activities during the pandemic. This issue also has a fascinating article in which we question Shawn Farquhar, Marc Oberon and Edward Hilsum on how they have each managed to win high level magic competitions on several occasions, and Jay Fortune speaks with Abigail McBride on her approach to magic and the part she plays in husband Jeff's Magic and Mystery School. Plus we have a Masterclass that includes a routine from Andi Gladwin's new book The Boy Who Cried Magic, plenty of product reviews, letters, In The Phonebox and so much more. You can get your copy as part of a 1 or 2 year printed copy or download sub, or simply purchase the single issue on its own from www.magicseen.com27.2.21


Cards in a Bottle by Chris Harding. Chris Harding writes: The Cards in a Bottle is a version of what are widely referred to as "Impossible Bottles" - a bottle (usually glass) that contains fully functional everyday objects inside that are far too big to have conceivably passed through the neck of the bottle. The master and pioneer of the concept was the great Harry Eng and it is to him that myself and fellow "bottle makers" around the world owe a huge debt of gratitude for the concept and inspiration. "Eng's Bottles" as they are known, are now highly collectible items and are still, in my opinion, the finest pieces of impossible craftsmanship of the genre. My own "Cards in a Bottle" work is a bug that bit me in my early teens after reading about Harry Eng in a chapter of a magic book, in the late 90's. Each bottle I make takes many hours of patience and care, however I have come to find it extremely therapeutic work; almost a sense of escapism from the often high-energy lifestyle of performing, not to mention taking care of a wife, two children, three dogs and a cat! For more information and to see the range on offer visit


The UK’s first major Zoom magic competition. From the organisers: On 23rd February thirteen magicians battled for supremacy in the UK’s first online Zoom magic competition, drawing performers from all four societies in the newly formed West of England Federation. Exonian, Cotswolds and the British Magical Society joined forces with the host, Bristol Society of Magic, to field fifteen entries across two categories: 'Card Magic' (pre-recorded packet tricks) and 'Live Zoom'. An audience of 75 magicians scored in real time after each performance, on 'Strength of Magic' and 'Entertainment'. Callum Weaver, Bristol’s 23 year old President won the Card category with a beautifully executed novel packet trick using Uno cards and the prestigious title of Live Zoom Performer 2021 went to Cotswolds member James Pockett who presented a well honed close-up set with lots of live audience reaction and repeated strong impact within the strict 8 minute time limit. James’s professional experience shone through.

The standard was high with several of the clubs running knockout rounds prior to this final. A huge range of magic was on show, including a highly novel visual illusion from Bristol’s Damian Surr and a dramatic cinematic Oil and Water, shot in an Army maintenance depot, from Cotswolds Matthew Collenette. A trio of Covid inspired presentations included one from BMS President Bob King who also snatched Runner up prize in the live category.

Chris Payne, the organiser, thanked sponsors Vanishing Inc., Mark Leveridge and Magicseen for providing prizes while expressing delight at the level of participation and originality "I was really keen that all members had a chance to grow some magic, rather than falling into a trap of passive consumption of lectures – it has really worked well". 


Close Call eBook & Video by Looch - Read My Mind. In September 2017 Looch was flown out to Cologne, Germany to give a very special lecture at Mind Summit. The lecture, entitled ‘Close Call’ has been described as the blueprint for successfully entertaining at close-up events around the world. In it Looch outlines the top 3 logistical problems that can destroy a performance, and teaches how to tackle those problems to ensure a smooth an effective close-up show.

‘Close Call’ consists of the physical lecture that was filmed live at Mind Summit 2017, along with a detailed eBook of lecture notes that breaks down each problem and arms the reader with a wide range of tips and techniques to utilise at your own gigs to ensure a smooth and successful performance. In addition, Looch teaches a range of subtleties that he uses at each of his close up bookings. The goal is to maximise the impact your performances will have on your audience, and to ensure a smooth and trouble free event for all concerned. ‘Close Call’ by Looch: Online lecture (filmed live at Mind Summit 2017), 44 page detailed eBook (eBook contains link and password to video). See


The Mark Leveridge Podcast. Catch up with the latest free magic podcasts from Mark Leveridge. Released on the first of each month, Mark provides a fascinating mix of comment and opinion on all manner of topics magical. You'll agree, or disagree, you'll perhaps learn a few things too! Mark's podcasts are not like most others in that he does not feature interviews, instead he chats with you and encourages you to think about your magic. Listen to a podcast that dares to be a little different by going to either or www, from where you can also sign up to be a follower and automatically receive each issue when it is published at the start of every month. 27.2.21


When we can all smile again by Mr E Enterprises. Mr E Enterprises write: Enjoy performing something really topical; be the first to show it in your area. It's also great for Zoom performances! You comment to your audience how unhappy everyone looks wearing their masks, and hiding our smiling faces, also reminding them how happy we will all be when everyone the world over are free to enjoy our lives again. Attending concerts, watching magicians, enjoying weddings and such like events.

Now you show some emoji pictures all wearing masks over the lower parts of their faces with just their eyes showing, saying you wished your magic could vanish those masks – but pointing out it would take a strong magic wand to do it; such a wand does exist and you show a picture of a syringe that you intend to wave over the masked pictures – but wait a minute you comment, one in five people are refusing to have the magic Syringe Vaccine; so you remove one picture placing in in your pocket with its eyes just peering over the top

You wave the magic Syringe picture over the other pictures one at a time and they all indeed now have lovely smiles on their faces, their masks have disappeared completely. The last picture popping out of your pocket is also removed and this too has magically lost its mask as well – the world is now once again safe and we can all go about our lives in peace. Thanks to those wonderful scientists that invented those magic wands and the National Health Service that used them to cast their spells. The trick is easy to do and you will learn it in 20 minutes or so. Comes complete with the laminated picture cards and instructions. Post free in the UK. See


Hide and Seek - Mark Leveridge Magic. "One of the classic card effects in magic is The Ambitious Card, and many close-up workers use one variation or another of it. I was looking for an in-the-hands card routine that I could introduce into my strolling work, and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe you could do the Ambitious Card in reverse! Hide and Seek is the routine that I came up with and which I have been using in my commercial work ever since..." See


PiperActive - James Piper (BGT 2020) twin DVD set - RSVPMagic. With just a regular deck of cards and some coins you'll learn 16 disarming routines to blow your audience away. All the magic is in the hands and perfect for the working magician. From a rising star in the world of magic, sharing his working material for the first time. All the routines are practical workers, refined over thousands of performances. These are routines that you will use. And remember, all with a regular deck of cards, or coins - no gaffs! www.rsvpmagic.com27.2.21


Tommy Cooper at the BBC. Marking the centenary of his birth, Lenny Henry presents a selection of performances by the comedian, whose bumbling persona hid a real talent as a magician. Though much of Cooper's TV work was aired on ITV, he did make a number of memorable appearances on the BBC. Friday 5th March on BBC One. See TV Magic27.2.21


Tango Ultimate Coin - Zane's Magic Shop. T.U.C. is everything you want in a gimmicked coin! The T.U.C. coin is already a modern classic. Its power is really revolutionary. You will become an expert coin magician in a very short time with this piece of coin magic. You can perform the following routines with it: Matrix, Coins Across, 3 Fly, Coin thru table, Coin thru hand and lots more! Comes with free instructional DVD by Mr Tango himself in English. See www.zanesmagicshop.com27.2.21


News Deadline reminder. MagicWeek welcomes your UK magic news (major and minor), but please remember the news deadline: Thursday if possible; final deadline 12 noon Friday. Many thanks, DT. 27.2.21


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