Number 164 - 16th August 2003


Germany's Simon Pierro has just been added to the line-up of magicians scheduled to appear at this year's British Ring Convention in Southport (September 25th - 28th). Simon comes fresh from his success at FISM where he was placed 2nd in General magic. Also booked: Michael Bailey (UK), Stephen Bargatze (USA), Claus Wave (Germany), Craig Dickson (USA), Jeremy Pei (Singapore), Danny Archer (USA), Laurent Beretta (France), Chris de Rosa (UK), Shoot Ogawa (Japan), Frank Faver (France), Nicholas Le Page (France), Loki (UK), Julie Llusion (UK), Michael Ammar (USA), Il Duo Luis (Italy), Paolo Giua (Italy) and Theo Dari (France). Looking good! Registration details can be found on the website: 16.8.03


John Archer has just returned from the Abbott's Convention in the States where he was awarded the Clark Crandall Award for Comedy. Seen here with Pat Page, Hank Moorehouse and Obie O'Brien, John has just completed work on a new series of Fort Boyard and can be seen next year at the Blackpool Convention. 16.8.03


Max Somerset is all for exposure... of the "I haven't got any clothes on" kind that is. He's just finished filming for a new game show to be aired on Bravo in September called the Yes No Game Show. "I am wearing a silk top hat and stand behind a plinth but there's nothing up my sleeves... I can't believe they talked me into it!" We'll bring you transmission dates when we have them.  16.8.03


Secrets of Magic was reviewed in The Stage on Thursday, August 14th, by TV critic Harry Venning. "Magic as a branch of the entertainment industry has been in decline for quite some time and programmes like Secrets of Magic look determined to kill it off for good." To read the review, reproduced with kind permission from The Stage, Click Here. The Stage is published every Thursday and often has items of interest including audition advertisements, reviews, details of showcases, an annual Magic Supplement and much more... 16.8.03


Fay Presto heads the line-up at the Magic Club in Birmingham on Sunday, September 7th. Also on the bill are Saxon and Ron Popple. Venue: the Boundary Hotel, Walsall. Map - Doors open at 7.30pm. 16.8.03


International News: "Two years ago, Jason Latimer began his quest to create his very own magic trick, a twist on the old shell game, or the magician's cups and balls routine. He spent his first year inventing the eight-minute show of visual and psychological misdirection, the next year practicing and perfecting it." FISM winner Jason Latimer is interviewed about his recent success in - the report includes audio and video clips. "It's an obsession," Latimer said. "It's sad, but I'm a one-topic person. I'm going to be doing magic for the rest of my life, that's for sure." 16.8.03


The British Magical Awards Convention organised by the Manchester Circle of Magicians looks like being a great day out. It's on Sunday 31st August at the Middleton Civic Hall, Fountain Street, Middleton, Lancashire (just off the M60 at Junction 20). At 9.30am 14 Magic Dealers exhibit their wares followed by the North West "King of Kids Magic" competition. At 1.30pm Eddie Burke lectures then at 3.00pm the North West Close-up Championship begins with 6 strong competitors. At 5.30pm another star lecture is billed, then at 7.15pm the presentation of awards followed by a Gala Show featuring Shane, Alec Powell, Michelle, Brian Sefton, Mark Raffles, Chris North & Belinda, Terry Seabrooke (photo) and direct from a season at the Blackpool Grand Theatre Philip Hitchcock. Further details can be obtained from the Registration Officer: Anne Lever on or phone or fax 01253 810113. 16.8.03


"The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a place where you would expect to see alternative comics, avant-garde theatre and the outrageous - this year you will find an alternative in Paul Daniels. Presenting two shows, Paul brings experience and pure showmanship to the Festival." Marc Dominic reviews both shows this week: Click Here. And Tony Walker also reviews An Audience with Paul Daniels: Click Here 16.8.03


The Full Facts of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland is available once again and is now stocked by "We're very pleased to be stocking this as it is the first time that Ian has allowed a dealer to sell this item." The book was reviewed by Keith Fields in MagicWeek two years ago - and this new version is the third edition. Review. 16.8.03 present EXP - The Magicbox Experience. "We took three of our magicians, a bar, a restaurant, a kid's show and the Gate (one of Newcastle's newest entertainment complexes), some of our latest and greatest tricks, put them all in front of a camera and this is the result! It's 90 minutes of non-stop magic, performed for real people in the real world so that you can see how these effects really look!" What a great idea. Available on video or DVD from 16.8.03


International News: Set in the heart of the beautiful Austrian Alps the Austrian Magic Convention 2004 is set to take place from May 20th - 23rd. Almost 800 magicians are expected to register from all over the world. An overland bus tour is being organised from England. For more information visit: or email 16.8.03


Steven Dick takes over on Sunday for the final week of Magic @ Cafe Royal at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Ian Kendall who organised the shows reports that the run was a great success. Steven is a magician and stand-up comic from Dunfermline. Tickets are 5. 16.8.03


Reigning French Junior Champion of Magic, Sammy Nesville (14) is over from France at the moment to spend some time working on magic with Luke Sherratt (15) who is a member of the Isle of Wight Magic Circle, the Portsmouth Magic Circle and the Young Magicians' Club. Both boys are really interested in stage illusion and have benefited greatly from each others ideas, despite language limitations. 16.8.03


The Magic Cavern at Barons Court Presents An Amazing evening of Magical-FX and Illusions with Matt Edwards on Monday December 1st at 7.30pm and 9.15pm. Barons Court Theatre, West Kensington, London. Box Office 020 8932 4747 Now Booking to April 2004. If you are interested in presenting your act/show at The Magic Cavern contact Richard Leigh: 16.8.03


David Penn and Clive Fletcher will be performing this weekend, for an estimated 70,000 people per day, on the main stage at the Northampton Balloon Festival. Their illusion Show will feature a guest appearance by Jim Henson's "Bear in The Big Blue House" one of the many stars of The Disney Channel. 16.8.03


Look out for Joe Tracini and Stephen Mullhern this morning on SM:TV Live from 9.25am on ITV1 Drew McAdam's online review of Keith Fields' Edinburgh shows that we linked to last week contained an error. Drew emails: "For some reason the Keith Fields review seems to have dropped a couple of stars in the telling! I have no idea how this happened, but the web page you are directing to has got it wrong. Keith was a 4 star review." Drew is also a mentalist and a good friend of Marc Salem. Richard Marks (USA) and Lior Manor (Israel) were both up in Edinburgh to see the shows and Paul Zenon and Drew ended up as guests on Marc's show one night... sounds like a mini magic convention! "Paul Daniels adds some magic to Bute House party" read the full story in the Scotsman Jonathan Royle is presenting a Stage-Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy seminar in Rochdale, Lancashire on  Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September 2003. There is a 100 discount for MagicWeek readers... For full information by return email mentioning "MagicWeek." Mel Harvey can be seen on upcoming editions of The Weakest Link and Our House - transmission dates when we have them That's just about it for this week, many thanks for your feedback to my review last week. I thought I'd get a few emails but since last Saturday have received 49. A real guage of the indignation that was felt by so many Your magic news is always welcomed, see you next week, Duncan. 16.8.03