Number 555 - 12th February 2011


Derren Brown: Svengali - West End dates. Derren's live work continues to dazzle. The 2011 tour promises an all-new show and dates have just been released for the tour-ending 6 week run at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London. Derren will perform 6 shows a week from June 8th to July 16th. Derren, who professes that he loves writing and performing on stage more than anything else, promises Londoners an evening of mind-melting based around audience participation. “More than that I wouldn’t want to say”, he says. “I ask audiences to keep the contents of the show a secret so as not to spoil it for others, and I have to do the same. But I hope it’s fun and freaky and a great night out”. Svengali is written by Derren Brown and Iain Sharkey with Stephen Long and produced by Michael Vine, Andrew O'Connor and Corrie McGuire for Objective Talent Management. Box Office: 020 7379 5399, website: Tickets went on sale yesterday. See What's On for national dates and venues. 12.2.11


John Fisher's two-hour television special Heroes of Magic is being shown again on Friday 18th February at 11pm on More 4. Starring David Bamberg, David Berglas, Harry Blackstone Senior, Harry Blackstone Junior, David Blaine, Lance Burton, Chan Canasta, Cardini, Tommy Cooper, David Copperfield, Paul Daniels, Dante, Le Grand David, Arnold de Bière, David Devant, Wayne Dobson, Dunninger, Maurice Fogel, Uri Geller, Horace Goldin, Robert Harbin, Doug Henning, Harry Houdini, Fred Kaps, Rene Lavand, Levante, Max Malini, Jay Marshall, John Nevil Maskelyne, Hans Moretti, David Nixon, Cesareo Pelaez, The Pendragons, The Piddingtons, Channing Pollock, Richiardi, Marvin Roy, Siegfried and Roy, Slydini, Howard Thurston, Dai Vernon, and Mark Wilson. With commentary from contemporary magicians. MagicWeek reviewed the show back in 2001, Click Here. For more TV listings visit TV Magic. 12.2.11


West End Magic at the New Players Theatre. The Davenports Demon Magic Club Presents West End Magic. "A a unique showcase featuring some of the country's best and finest magical artistes starring: Oliver Tabor, Paul Henri, Phil Blackmore, Wayne Trice, James Pritchard, Steve Majes, Lee Hathaway and vocalist Georgia Lee." Sunday 26th February at 7.30pm. Adults £15, children £12.50. Enter a competition for a chance to win 2 tickets to see the show, simply guess the playing card in the envelope that Wemble the rabbit found in this video, Click Here (Wemble's got some great moves!). Email your entry to stating your name, a contact telephone number and your answer. Entries need to be in by 19th February 2011. Full terms and conditions can be found on 12.2.11


The Scottish Association of Magical Societies will be holding their annual convention at the Queen's Hotel Dundee from 29th April to 1st May. The Gala Show will be staged at the Bonar Hall and acts include Martin James, High Jinx, The Nardini's (photo), Mandy Fletcher and June Leith. Lectures are by Professor Eddie Dawes, Terry Herbert and Paul Nardini. Registration details and further information can be obtained from the SAMS website: 12.2.11


Magic Night at Madame JoJo’s, February 18th: Magic Night Turns On The TV! "Close-up magic, poker cheats, mind reading, Rubik’s Cube and some very posh hip hop... Join us at Magic Night as we turn on the TV to bring you some clever tricks close-up." With Chris Cox, Harrison Richards, Lee Hathaway, The Gentleman Rhymer and Christian Lee. Friday, March 4th: Magic Night The Birthday. "Magic Night is five and we’ll be celebrating in style with disappearings, re-appearings, a big box trick, flying ninja cards, a strumming ukulele and sawing dolls in half…" With Laura London, Michael Valdini (photo), Tricity Vogue, Javier Jarquim and Christian Lee. Magic Night at Madame JoJo’s, Doors open 7pm, show starts at 7.45pm, Tickets: £12, show ticket plus dinner: £22 Tickets can be bought via Madame JoJo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, London W1F 0SP (Map) For more info visit: 12.2.11


At this year’s Showzam Festival Paul Zenon and Steve Faulkner are performing alongside Miss Behave in 'The Crack – A Variety of Comedy', which takes place at The Grand Theatre on February 25th and 26th. Tickets are £15 each or £12 each for groups of 20 or more. Tickets can be booked online at or or from The Grand Theatre Box Office on 01253 290190. Photo: Paul Zenon and Dusky Dawn. 12.2.11


Andrew Van Buren returns to the Showzam Festival to present another of his themed shows; this year a magical Variety with a tip of the hat to Edgar Benyon. This colourful show will have a traditional feel, with lots of magic, illusions and a few surprises along the way. It will be presented in the Tom Norman Palladium Show situated in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens Olympia as a free attraction. Friday 18th to Sunday 27th February: Saturday 12.45pm & 3.30pm, Sunday 12.40pm & 3.20pm and Monday to Friday at 1.30pm. 12.2.11


Sideshow Illusions at Showzam. Jon Marshall’s Sideshow Illusions will be exhibiting three of showman Jon Gresham’s original sideshows and the debut of a completely re-created show from the 1950s at Blackpool’s Showzam festival. In the mid 1950s Jon Gresham framed The Butterfly Girl, Half-Girl, Half-Butterfly sideshow. It opened in Rhyl’s Pleasureland and toured to other resort amusement parks and sea fronts. Only a photograph exists of the outside of the show but Jon Marshall and the Sideshow illusions team have worked with Mark and Sarah Copeland of the Insect Circus, Professor Vanessa Toulmin, of the National Fairground Archive, Pat Gresham, Dave Whatt and others to reinterpret and construct the new show in the style and tradition of the other Gresham shows. Sideshows are open daily at Showzam Central at Blackpool Winter Garden’s Olympia from Friday 18th February until Sunday 27th February. Sideshow times are: 11am to 1pm, 1.45pm to 3.45pm and 4.30pm to 6pm. Admission is free. Also appearing daily in the wonderful 1930’s Tom Norman show booth, from the National Fairground Museum, are Andrew van Buren (above), Michael Diamond and a variety show featuring fire-eater Tim Cockerill. 12.2.11


The David Berglas Award. The British Magical Society was formed in Birmingham, England in February 1905 and is the oldest magical society in Europe. Its first President was David Devant, and it initiated the start in the growth of the magical society movement in the U.K. in particular the formation of the Magic Circle in June of the same year. This Trophy is awarded annually to a British magician 'for service to magic in general or performing ability'. Members of the British Magical Society are invited each year to make a nomination for this Award. The previous recipients of this Award have been Peter Warlock, Paul Daniels, John Fisher, Ali Bongo, Alan Shaxon, Pat Page, Roy Johnson, Ron Macmillan, David Berglas, Donald Bevan, Wayne Dobson, Jeffery Atkins, Derek Lever, Edwin Dawes, Elizabeth Warlock, Geoffrey Durham, Alex Elmsley, Paul Kieve, Mark Raffles, Terry Herbert, Roy Walton and Bob Hamilton. The Nominations are assessed by a President's Committee, chaired by the President, with a membership of the five most recent Past Presidents. The B.M.S. is pleased to announce that the winner of the Award this year is Derren Brown. The Trophy will be presented personally by David Berglas, Honorary Vice-President of the B.M.S., and Past President of the Magic Circle, (subject to Derren’s touring schedule) at the Annual Dinner on 26th March 2011 at the Ramada Hotel (formerly Penn’s Hall) in Sutton Coldfield. Paul Cadley, Secretary BMS. Derren's first TV special aired over ten years ago, Click Here. 12.2.11


Palladium Magic update. Paul Stone writes: Applications to appear in ‘Palladium Magic™’, A Celebration of 100 Years of Magic at the London Palladium Theatre, taking place for one night only on Monday 19th September 2011, are coming in steadily. Closing date for applications in 25th February. In case you have not read the previous article in MagicWeek about this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for magicians to perform in the widely acknowledged ‘Home of Variety’, we are looking for both Close-up and Stage Magicians to participate in this unique event. ‘alladium Magic™’ will be a fantastic Show featuring many of the world’s greatest magicians, and will also pay tribute to the ‘Magic Greats’ who have appeared at this wonderful Theatre over the past 100 years. We also plan to pay tribute to John Calvert, movie star, adventurer and master magician who will have just celebrated his 100th Birthday. The experience will be unrepeatable, you will almost certainly never have another chance to perform in this world famous Theatre, and you’ll be a part of British Magic History. For full details about the event and how you can apply, contact If you are interested then I suggest you do it now! I will be attending the Blackpool Convention, so if you see me and would like more details, please ask." 12.2.11


The Berglas Effects. Following on from last week's announcement, David Berglas will include an autographed bookplate by request with all pre-orders. Eagerly awaited and nearly three years in the making, this large hardcover book will reveal the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed for nearly 60 years by the legendary David Berglas. Written by magic’s most experienced author, Richard Kaufman. Foreword by Juan Tamariz. Almost 400 pages, Hardcover, Dustjacket, Includes 3-D Glasses and 3 DVDs. Available from April 1, 2011. A limited number of copies will be available directly from David Berglas at £110.00 (inc. p&p - UK and Europe). Click Here for more information and to pre-order. Due for publication on April 1st. 5.2.11


Magicseen Downloads: "For several years we have been offering each issue of Magicseen as a download, but up to now customers have had to purchase each issue on publication individually. However, from Issue 37 (Mar.11), which is due to be published this coming week, customers will be able to purchase a 1 or 2 year subscription for download copies. The subscription rates both afford customers a price reduction compared to purchasing download copies individually, plus it means that once you've signed up, you can sit back and wait to receive each download issue without having to go through the payment process each time. Subscriptions starting with issue 37 are available now, plus we have just released Volume 6 of Magicseen on CD, which is a CD containing PDFs of issues 31 - 36 inclusive (Mar.10 - Jan.11)." For more information visit 12.2.11


The World of Children’s Magic, published by Practical Magic. Next week's Blackpool Convention sees the release of a major book on entertaining children with magic, The World of Children’s Magic, published by Practical Magic. The idea behind the book is very simple: 60 magicians around the world were asked to contribute one trick or article each to form a compendium of children’s magic. All profits from the book will go to global children’s charities. The Foreword has been written by Magic Circle President, Jack Delvin and the entire list of contributors reads like a Who’s Who of children’s magic: Ian Adair, Dave Allen, Richard Anderson, Mike Bent, Trixie Bond, the estate of Ali Bongo, Boretti, Jozo Bozo, John Breeds, Greg Britt, Ali Cardabra, Jimmy Carlo, Julie Carpenter, David Charles, Paul Daniels, Ken & Sue De Courcy, Steve Dimmer, Gary Dunn, Pat Fallon, Clive Fishlock, Michael Fitch, David Ginn, Tony Griffith, Terry Herbert, Andres Hinojosa, Tommy James, David Kaye, John Kimmons, Joaquin Kotkin, Duane Laflin, Ethan Leeds, Russell Leeds, Mark Leveridge, Trevor Lewis, Gay Ljungberg, Ricky McLeod, Paul Megram, Barry Mitchell, Oscar Munoz, the estate of Patrick Page, Dennis Patten, Steen Pegani, Scott Penrose, Craig Petty, Ron Popple, Poz, Vanni Pule, Conny Ray, Quentin Reynolds, Doug Scheer, Ken Scott, Alan Shaxon, Steve Short, Tim Sonefelt, Sean Taylor, Steve Taylor, David Tomkins, Chris Wardle, and Neville Wiltshire. Layout and artwork is by John Breeds and the book has been edited by Jeremy Le Poidevin of Practical Magic. Six months in the making, 175 pages, profusely illustrated throughout. The price is £30.00; shipping is £5.00 to Europe and £7.50 outside Europe. Full details can be found on Practical Magic’s website: 12.2.11


Four became Five... For the 5th consecutive year The Magic Bloggers are back to let you know what’s happening at the Blackpool Magic Convention. They will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the lectures and what the 2011 hot product is in the dealers hall. So if you can’t make it this year, or miss half of the convention due to being in the Ruskin, visit for all the latest news, reviews, videos, photos, tweets and much more... 12.2.11


Supalok! Supalok is back in the headlines with appearances on John Archer's DVD Further Education and Danny Hunt's Escape DVD. There are now distributors in the US, with Cannon's Great Escapes, handling the sales. Currently Supalok is being used by magicians in the UK, the USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, France, Australia and New Zealand. All have said what a great self working effect it is! Visit for more information and to order. 12.2.11


John Bannon’s Bullet Party 2 DVD set, new from BigBlindMedia. "John Bannon, internationally-renowned magic guru, is back, unleashing two new discs crammed with fantastic material. An unabashed packet trick aficionado, Bannon presents two new red-hot fractal blockbusters, Bullet Party and Mega ‘Wave. (Fractal – high impact packet tricks that end clean and examinable). Simple to do. Multiple climaxes. And killer, killer magic. You get all the necessary cards (13 USPCC printed pasteboards). With just a couple of easy moves, you’ll have two miracles on your hands that you will perform every time you do magic. If two sophisticated 'fractal' packet tricks are not enough, Bannon brings on another eleven jaw-dropping card tricks (and one brilliant in-the-hands false cut). All with regular cards. All virtually impromptu. All with no difficult moves..." For more info and to pre-order visit 12.2.11


Magicians wanted for new venue: "Tennyson 'The Man Who Knows' presents Carnival of freaks at the Chequers, London. We are looking for magicians to perform at a new monthly comedy night. Unfortunately there's no fee, but free drinks for performers and up to 20 minutes stage time to try out new ideas etc. Spots still available for Thursday 17th February. Email Tennyson Hanbury for more info 07534 418 886." 12.2.11


iCandy - Lee Smith and Gary Jones. Brand new for the Blackpool Magic Convention and available only from rsvpmagic, Lee Smith and Gary Jones' brand new DVD 'iCandy'. This is rsvpmagic's fastest ever selling pre-order DVD and if you order before 18th February you'll also get a limited edition DVD containing 3 routines that couldn't fit onto this huge two and a half hour one-disc project! (Which already features 15 routines!). Also included is Lee's 'Eyefone 10' with additional ideas from Cameron Francis, Iain Moran and John Carey. Come and see Lee Smith and Gary Jones perform the magic from 'iCandy' at the rsvpmagic stand at the Convention. To order and get the Free DVD visit 12.2.11


Ghost Stories, nominated for 2 Olivier Awards. Ghost Stories has just been nominated for 2 Olivier Awards including Best Entertainment. Co-writer and director Andy Nyman has just returned from a whistle stop visit to Toronto to announce that Ghost Stories will be opening with their first international production at The Panasonic Theatre on April 1st. See the West End production, starring Andy, at the Duke of York’s Theatre, St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4BG. Visit for more info and to book. 3.7.10


Harry Robson's Instant Reset Card In Envelope In Wallet. Harry Robson is releasing his new Instant Reset Wallet, for Signed Card to Envelope in Wallet at Blackpool. There will be a special convention price of only £40 (normally £59.99) convention weekend only. Watch the trailer Click Here and reserve your I.R. Wallet now by emailing Harry looks forward to seeing you all at the convention. 12.2.11


Chris Philpott and the National AIDS Trust present Cabaret Moulin, a Buffet and Cabaret to raise funds for HIV AIDS. The event, hosted by Chris, will include magicians, jugglers, belly dancers, comedians, drag acts, bands and more, including a raffle with many great prizes, and a disco and a bar! Tickets are £5 each available on the door. 7pm on Saturday March 12th at Wootton Community Centre, Brannon Way, Wootton Bridge, Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 4NU (Map). Tickets also available in advance from Visit for more info. 12.2.11


The Northern Magic Circle are proud to present the Luke Jermay Workshop. As well as appearing at this year's NMC Convention, Luke will be performing an additional workshop on Friday 15th April in Scarborough. Luke has received critical acclaim from some of the biggest names in the magic community. The Luke Jermay workshop is focused on the contemporary use of billets and supporting techniques with heavy attention to cold reading. In the workshop you will learn three of Jermay’s systems for mind reading including his ‘Mind Museum’ method which allows a mentalist to instantly know the mind of a total stranger, his Leading Reading methods that allow for super-charged and utterly accurate descriptions of people lives and also his ‘Real Mind Reading’ techniques which use psychology to extend simple reveals to the point of the amazing. Jermay’s signature “4DT” billet sequence will be taught in detail. Attendees to the workshop receive special workshop notes as well as a ‘bundle’ of manuscripts. The fee for this special workshop is £50 and places can be reserved by emailing Alan Mylecraine Book online for the convention via Places are limited to 12. 12.2.11


A Night of Magic, Solihul. On Wednesday 13th April at The Dovehouse Theater, Langley Arts & Sports Complex, Kineton Green Road, Olton, Solihull B92 7ER (Map) from 7pm - 9pm. "A night of family entertainment featuring 4 different magical acts performing for your entertainment. Bring the kids, bring yourselves and have a night of Magic, Mystery, Fun and a whole lot of Hocus Pocus." Tickets: £10 Adults, £7 Children & OAPs (Children must be 11+ to attend). The Dovehouse Theatre is fully licensed. A great night out for everyone is promised. Hosted by The Fool Monty Jester. 12.2.11


The Fylde Mystics will be hosting an evening with Paul Gordon on Monday 21st February, where Paul will be presenting his 'Powerful Worker Card Stuff' lecture. The meeting will commence at 7.45pm at the Frank Townend Centre, Kensington Road, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire FY5 1ER (Map). Visiting magicians are welcome at a charge of £5.00 per person. For more information contact Alan Mylecraine or visit 12.2.11


Piff dates, home and abroad. For one night only, Piff the Magic Dragon will be appearing in La Soirée (formerly La Clique), the crème de la crème of new variety and circus on Saturday 12th February at 7pm & 9.45pm. The show has it's own Speigeltent slap bang on the South Bank, quite literally a stones throw from the river. Piff at FringeWorld, 13th February - 17th March: Then it’s from one Speigeltent to another as Piff heads Down Under for a month long tour of Australia. First stop is two weeks in Perth where Piff will be performing at FringeWorld and then at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne from 3rd-5th March before heading to Sydney. John van der Put will also be accompanying Piff, performing his lecture in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. You can follow all Piff's latest news on his Twitter @thepiff or on his Facebook page at 12.2.11


Alan “Snaggers” Russell Awarded. Geoffrey Newton reports: Current President of The Order of The Magi (Manchester) Alan “Snaggers” Russell has won an award from Unit One Entertainment Agency as the best specialist entertainer. Unit One agency located in Eccles Manchester was founded by Tony Thomas in 1977 and is now managed by Steve Sale and John Hindley. Alan has worked for them a number of years now. He is generally kept busy making corporate balloon displays, and with appearances at Children’s Parties over most of Lancashire and Cheshire. His lecture on balloon skills has been well received by magic societies and his hot air balloon theme at the forthcoming Magi dinner is sure to be very attractive. Details of the dinner are on 12.2.11


Michael Jordan's High Jinx Magic and Circus Roadshow: "Join International Young Magicians, Michael and Siobhan, and their friends, as the 2011 High Jinx Magic Roadshow comes to town. Packed with awesome illusions and dangerous escapes, along with hilarious fun and crazy circus tricks, this is the all new show for all of the family. Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year, Michael Jordan, takes his audience on a thrilling journey of magic and illusion, with plenty of interactive comedy, and music along the way. Don't miss this special half-term treat! 2pm on Monday 21st February at the Exmouth Pavilion Theatre 01395 222 477, 12.2.11


Everyone loves a fake moustache... Russ Brown and Tony Stevens' 'Magicians in Moustaches' project now has its very own website where various magicians have been captured in all their moustached glory. Documenting magic in the 21st century for generations to come... 12.2.11


Black Cat Magic are looking forward to attending Blackpool Magic Convention in just a few days from now and email: "The first wave of John Archer's 'Soundbox' have been shipped, we are now taking orders for the second wave, which is rapidly selling out.... so get your order in now! Anyone who knows John will know what a strong piece it is. Soundbox is available in a variety of colours including red, blue and black. Black Cat are also proud to be showcasing many new magic and escape products at Blackpool Magic Convention including Paul Stockman's 'Pendant Curse'. Paul is one of the country's leading psychological illusionists. Many thanks must go to Paul for allowing Black Cat to release this wonderful piece. Please feel free to call round the stand for a demo!". 12.2.11


Neil Kelso Presents... A star-studded evening of music, magic and cabaret at the Theatre Royal Winchester on Saturday 19th February at 8pm: "Neil Kelso returns to Theatre Royal Winchester after a series of sell-out, award-winning performances with a bewitching and bedazzling show. It features mind-blowing mindreading, Neil Kelso's acclaimed recreation of a death-defying feat last performed over 200 years ago, and (as if that wasn't enough!) top international musical and variety performers. Book early to guarantee your seat for an evening of elegance, sophistication, hilarity, dazzling talent and more than a few surprises for all the family!" Box Office: 01962 840440. 12.2.11


Ziggy Zoo touches down in Crete for the summer. Children’s entertainer Ziggy Zoo has been booked by Thomson Holidays for 6 months to present his own show for holidaymakers in their Sensatori resort. Performing for Thomson’s last year in Majorca for 6 weeks, he made a massive impression on the hotel, and all the holidaymakers wanted more. The season runs from 10th April to 1st November. Ziggy Zoo has plans for a family variety show on March 11th at the Wickfords CLC Centre before he flies, involving local talent whilst supporting two organisations; Wickford Extended Services and Light up Wickford, 12.2.11


John Argyrou emails: "I'm organising a street festival to help promote the Caledonian Road area in Hackney and change peoples perspective of the area. We do not have any money but we are expecting about 10,000 people so you will get some great exposure. It will be on 26 June 2011 between 1030 till 1830 and all the help will be appreciated. Email:". 12.2.11


Pavel, 1945 - 2011. Pavel is remembered by Ian Adair, Click Here. 12.2.11


Nicholas Ward, 1934 - 2011. Nicky Ward is remembered by Jack Stephens, Click Here. 12.2.11


It's the Blackpool Convention next weekend! • "Magic’s moment" Click Here • "Magician’s reappearing act" Click Here • "Magician celebrates 1000th show on Coast" Click Here • "Magic Thamed Returns" is reviewed by Brian Dodridge this week, Click Here • "Harry Houdini And 'Sherlock Holmes' Creator Join Forces In 'Voices From The Dead'" Click Here • And finally, isn't this just perfect! Click Here • Have a good weekend, Duncan. 12.2.11