Number 750 - 8th November 2014


Blackpool Magicians' Convention 2015. Here's the line up for 2015... so far! Close-up: Vittorio Belloni - Italy, Christian Schenk - Germany, Diamond Jim Tyler - USA, Mike Chao - Taiwan, Matthew McGurk - UK, Joseph Barry - UK, Charlie Fry - USA, Luke Jermay - UK, Chris Hannibal - USA, Eric Evans - USA, Martin Braessas - Argentina, plus many more to be confirmed... Lecturing: Vittorio Belloni - Italy, Christian Schenk - Germany, Diamond Jim Tyler - USA, Mike Chao - Taiwan, Charlie Fry - USA, Luke Jermay - UK, Joseph Barry - UK, Chris Hannibal - USA, Eric Evans - USA, Martin Braessas - Argentina, Rob Zabrecky - USA, Zeki Yoo - Korea, , Alpha - France, Mel Mellers - UK, plus many more to be confirmed... Gala Show artistes: Alpha - France, Zeki Yoo - Korea, Danny Hunt's Amethyst - UK, Charlie Frye - USA, Marco Zoppi - Italy, Matthew McGurk - UK, Mel Mellers - UK, Natalie & Ellie - Switzerland, Cubic - France, Mike Chao - Taiwan, Katrin Weilbensee - Switzerland, Rob Zabrecky - USA, Omar Pasha - France, Sean Alexander - UK, Gong In Seon - Korea, Hyun Cheol Yong - Korea, Hyun Joon Kim - Korea, Do Ki Moon - Korea, Nicky Yang - Korea, Zhao Jun - China, Liao Xiao Run - China, Prince of Illusions in Nightmare - Netherlands, Shane West aka Zoobee - UK, Matthew Wright - UK, Chris North - UK, Lara Jacobs Rigolo - France, Dave Windle - UK, plus many more to be confirmed... All this, plus 125+ magic dealers! February 20th, 21st and 22nd. Visit to book. 8.11.14


Beyond Magic with DMC. What the eye perceives, the mind believes. Join master of illusion Drummond Money-Coutts as he defies natural order and overcomes unbeatable odds when he takes on audiences in Beyond Magic With DMC. Magician host DMC will bend your mind with captivating tricks on the streets of London, Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City and Singapore. Inspired by the brilliant minds of Houdini, famed for his sensational escape acts; Karl Zener, known for his work in extra-sensory perception (or ESP); and spoon bending extraordinaire Uri Geller, DMC masters their mind-blowing stunts, offering a few twists and turns of his own in front of live audiences. DMC has been described as ‘the best in a new generation of British magicians’ by The Observer. See TV Magic for details. "DMC is Beyond Magic on National Geographic Channel" Click Here. "The banking heir turned top magician: Drummond Money-Coutts - whose family founded the bank used by the Queen - on why he swapped money for magic" Click Here. 8.11.14


International Magic play host to some of the finest magicians and artists from around the world next weekend, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for visiting magicians to be inspired, entertained and delighted, in the sumptuous surroundings of the Mermaid Conference Centre and Bridewell Theatre, in the heart of London. Attend the full weekend and you'll be enjoying three stage shows (including Jonathan Pendragon's one man show), the internationally respected Close Up Competition, the world premiere of Tom Mullica's new act, followed by an interview looking at his magic-packed life, the presentation of The David Berglas International Award, an hour of Bar Magic from 5 international close-up magicians in a privately hired pub, a close-up Gala Show and seven lectures including Jim Steinmeyer, Doc Eason, Jonathan Pendragon and Bob Sheets. Individual day tickets are available as well - check out the full itinerary on the Zwoor app (using code RONS2014) or at And if you've never been to the Convention before there's a chance to see highlights form last year's Gala Show at YouTube. This year's show promises to be just as good, and don't forget that individual additional Gala Show tickets are available from, so you can easily bring family, friends and colleagues to the show. 8.11.14


Karl Hein (aka Karl Koppertop) has just started his UK lecture tour. Karl, an American magician on his first UK tour, is well known for his many DVDs including 'The Heinstein Shuffle, 'Heiny 500' and 'Heinstein's Dream'. Don't miss out on learning some commercial routines that bring cards, coins, ropes, bills and cream filled goodies to life! See What's On for dates. 8.11.14


Jon Armstrong is now touring the UK: "This won't just be another trick lecture or a dealer show. Jon will not only teach you some great, original card magic, he will also teach you some sleights and techniques that you may have thought were out of your reach. One of the things that makes Jon such an in-demand performer, is the way he has developed and integrated his character into his magic. It's this synthesis of performance; effect and character that can make 'tricks' become magic. In addition to learning his original card ideas, he will also cover topics such as learning, performance and character." See What's On for dates. 8.11.14


The Magic Circle Christmas Show. Due to popular demand, The Magic Circle Christmas Show has been extended to 4th January 2015. Most performances pre New Year have sold out, so extra shows have been put on to cope with demand. The show will feature some top talent from The Magic Circle and a surprise guest! Book now: 8.11.14


With the Christmas season approaching, professional magicians need to keep track of those festive bookings. Giggio makes sure your admin is easy even when you’re at your busiest. “Giggio is the best business decision I have made in a long time!” Chris Harding. Read more testimonials and take a free 30 day trial at 8.11.14


Alan Shaxon – The Man and His Magic. Alan Maskell writes: The Pentacle Club were recently delighted to welcome Steve Short and Scott Penrose with the presentation of their recently published book on the ‘sophisticated sorcerer’. After Alan passed away the beginnings of this book were discovered on his computer and Steve (co-author of the recent biography of David Nixon), and Scott were approached to use this as the foundation for a book that would not only finally reveal some of Alan’s best kept secrets, but also tell the story of his life. The resulting book is much more than just that and is recommended, as is the presentation the two authors give. Steve starts the evening with details from Alan’s life, influences, and performances, and illustrates his talk with a number of photographs and film clips, telling how Alan became interested in magic; his friendships with other performers, particularly Robert Harbin; and how Anne, and later daughter Julia, became part of the act.

Following a short break, Scott, (as immaculate in his way as Alan was in his), presented and explained a number of Alan’s effects, including the classic ariel fishing, die-box and rabbit production, ‘Confabulation’, Alan’s take on Robert Harbin’s ‘Captain's card trick’, and the ingenious card in whiskey bottle, finally finishing with, as Alan so often did, the hydrostatic glass. Of course the book was available to buy, as were some of the packaged effects, including Confabulation from the Ken Brooke range. An excellent evenings magic, entertainment and, like the book, a fine tribute to a modest but true great of British magic. I would highly recommend you see this evening if it comes near you and, if it isn’t booked in anywhere close yet, talk your club secretary into doing so!


Looch and Atlas Brookings Lecture, Southwell. "Looch, regarded as one of the busiest mind readers in the UK, will be pairing up with American counterpart Atlas Brookings to present a lecture on mentalism that will be full of insights gleaned from real world experience. As well as being busy workers, both performers are well known for their creativity. Looch has published several books and DVDs, including 'Simple and Direct Mentalism', '4.8 Minutes', and 'Retina'. Atlas is similarly known for his work in 'The Prodigal', 'The Crusade', and 'Train Tracking'. Attendees to the lecture can also expect Looch and Atlas to treat them to some of their unpublished material, with Looch presenting pieces that he has held close for years, and Atlas focusing on the power of propless mentalism. The lecture will be held at the Oxton Village Hall, Main Street, Oxton, Southwell NG25 0SA (Map) on Friday, 28th of November at 6.30pm. £20 in advance or £23 if you pay at the door. Due to anticipated demand, please reserve a place by emailing 8.11.14


Gothic Chop Cup and large 'Sea of Skulls' Chop Cups, available from Dude That's Cool Magic: The "Gothic" Chop Cup is a truly collectable item. You'll just love the look and feel of these pocket sized props. They'll most certainly add a curiosity factor to your existing chop cup routine. And the larger 'Sea of Skulls' Chop Cup is an equally stunning piece, that will most certainly add a curiosity factor to your existing chop cup routine. The origins of the items cannot be confirmed, but is said that this cup is carved from the charred bones of Agnes Carter. Nicknamed "Lady Death". Agnes was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake for reportedly being in league with Satan. Some say that the cup still contains her malevolent spirit! Visit to find out more! 8.11.14


The Quayside Cabaret Club, Newcastle. The Grand launch of 'The Quayside Cabaret Club' is taking place on Thursday 20th November at 7pm at Prima Ristorante... An Intimate Evening of Entertainment from some of the North-East's finest, featuring comedy, magic, knife juggling, unicycling, escapology, circus, live music and more! "Join local legend and compere for the show, Chris Cross the Magician, as he introduces his friends and fellow performers to entertain you after a 3-course Italian meal. Themed Cocktails will be exclusively on offer. Dress to impress. Availability is very Limited so book in advance to avoid disappointment on the night. Over 18's Only. 20th November, Doors 7pm, Meal 7.30pm, Showtime 8pm, Expected Finish 10.30pm. Venue: Prima Pizza Pasta (Upstairs in the Montana Lounge). Chris writes: ''I'm thrilled to finally be Introducing my very own Cabaret Show to Newcastle's Nightlife! From starting out by bending my arms around and escaping from a straitjacket in the middle of Northumberland Street, I've travelled the world. Along the way, I've met a lot of interesting performers and in future months I will be inviting them to perform at The Quayside Cabaret Club for all of Newcastle to see!" 8.11.14


The East Coast Magic Collective (ECMC) celebrate their first year with a fun magic quiz, and write: "In our first year we have had many star name lectures and look forward to hosting more over the next twelve months. Join us in our anniversary celebration on Wednesday 12th November at the Nelson Hotel, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth (opposite the Sealife Centre) at 7pm. Guests and new members always welcome! Check us out on Facebook Click Here." 8.11.14


Conjuring at the Court – Thursday 27th November: Featuring a top line-up of sophisticated, funny and entertaining performers. Katherine Rhodes will read your minds; Andy Clockwise will have you in stitches with his comedy magic; Richard Pinner (photo) will dazzle you with the skills that made him this year’s Stage Magician of the Year at The Magic Circle; and the acerbic wit of Mel Mellers which has made him one of the funniest magicians in the country. Compered by the ebullient Stephen Barry. The show is in the lovely function room of the Drayton Court, West Ealing, London W13 8PH (Map), just 12 minutes from Paddington, free parking after 6.30pm. Come early and enjoy a great dinner in the lovely pub. Doors open at 7.30pm and the show starts at 8pm. Tickets still great value at just £10 from 8.11.14


Chris Rawlins: Recalled. Chris Rawlins is a UK based Memory Performer who demonstrates super-human memory live on stage. For 8 years Chris has been working to maximise his memory's capacity, and now you can see him live at The Storey, Lancaster on December 4th. This act is unique, like nothing you have ever seen before! 7.30pm at The Storey (Auditorium), Lancaster LA1 1TH (Map).  8.11.14


Blackpool Magicians' Club New Headquarters: Blackpool Magicians Club Ltd., are delighted to announce that they are in the process of purchasing their own super premises in the centre of Blackpool. Over the next few months the building will be transformed into a Magic Theatre, a Magic Library, a Magic Shop, a Magic Museum, a Close-Up Room, a Committee Room, a Television/Video Room, a Catering Facility and a Bar Area. Apart from hosting Lectures by international magicians, a School of Magic will be created along with other innovations. Buying this building represents a major investment in the future of Blackpool Magicians' Club and the Blackpool Magicians' Convention and it is hoped that many of our registrants will be able to visit the headquarters in the future. 8.11.14


All new at The Card Collection! "The Card Collection invite you to visit our new and much improved website,, with a new mobile version for magician's on the go!! We have and are still making many improvements and price reductions across our range. We have also reduced post & packing charges, so pop along to our site, pick up some bargains, and benefit from the reduced post," 8.11.14


Morgan & West Lecture - hosted by York University Magic Society: "Straight from their well received tour of the UK, these time travelling magicians (and all-round spiffing chaps) will be presenting an in-depth lecture on character, working with a partner and developing your own performing style. Tuesday 11th November at 7.30pm. Free parking at Harewood Way, Off University Road, YO10 5DD (Map) from 6.30pm up to the time of the lecture start at 7.30pm. Magic Society members will be there to guide you from the car park to the room (a two minute walk). £5 entry. No need to book. Lecture: Room AEW/003, Alcuin College, York University YO10 5DD. Organised by York University Magic Society and Tom Crosbie 8.11.14


The Mark Leveridge November Podcast. What do you do when you simply don't have enough time to get round all the tables at a busy dinner function? Deadlines - the only way to get stuff done? Does magic really need any more trick variations or is it good new plots that we all require? Is being a Grumpy Old Magician - something to aspire to? Will your SatNav really get you on time to your bookings every time? These are just some of the questions that I address in the latest half hour free podcast. Not listened before? You've nearly two year's worth to catch up on! Dave Bonsall likes them. He says: "I just wanted to give you a big thank you and well done for your most excellent Podcasts!! I'd not heard about them until reading the article on MagicWeek. I've had them on in the background since early this morning and gone though them all. The content is excellent and made for extremely interesting listening. You've also inspired me with some of your great tips and ideas. So once again thank you for all the hard work you put into them and for selflessly giving something back to the magic community." The Mark Leveridge podcast is available now from 8.11.14


Magicseen Issue 59 (November 2014) is out! Editor Mark Leveridge writes: 28 is both the age I wish I was (!) but more importantly is also the number of product reviews you will find in the latest issue of Magicseen. With star rated products of everything from just 1 star to the stella 5 star, there is opinion and information aplenty from the magazine's experienced reviewers just ready to help you with your buying decisions. On cover we have the hugely talented David Regal, a man who combines cunning methods and variations with commercial, entertaining presentations. We are delighted to have him chat to us and also to be able to feature an excellent routine of his in the Masterclass trick section. David is joined by Ran'D Shine, the top US college performer, Will Houstoun, Magic Circular editor and consummate close up worker and Antony Britton, who risks life and limb for a good cause in front of 3000 people. With interesting and helpful articles on how to relate better to your audiences to increase the impact of your shows, and how to use the amazing Animatronic puppets, as well as the second part of the interview with veteran agent Trevor George, plus other favourites such as Shed 7, news, letters, In The Phonebox and more, the November Magicseen is perfect for filling the dark nights that seem to have suddenly come upon us. Available on a 1 or 2 year printed copy or download subscription, or on a pay-as-you-go basis, or even as an individual printed or download copy, you can get your edition right now from 8.11.14


The Cabaret Club - Saturday 15th November at 8pm: "A night of diverse entertainment from the sublime to the ridiculous with some of the best cabaret acts in and around London. Presenting classy entertainment will be the amazing 60 piece Funky Voices Choir, alternative magic from Dee Riley, the anarchic comedy of Wes Zarharuk, enchanting and tasteful teases from burlesque act Jolie Papilon, impossible mind bending from Neil Henry and mutli-award winning magic from Oliver Tabor. Suitable for over 16s. Ticket price £15, includes free drink on arrival plus a bar will operating throughout the evening." Red Brick Barn, Shopland Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1LH (Map). Ticketline 01702 543242 or via 8.11.14


Magic Moments 14 has come and gone. Magic Moments Founders, Jay Fortune and Richard Leigh write: Big, big thanks to: Graham Hey and Danielle; The Casablancas; Oliver Tabor; Tim Osler and Faye Smith; Vox Magique; Chris Cox; Michelle Roberts; Mike Sullivan; Jeff McBride; Tobias Beckwith; Eugene Burger; Larry Hass; Bryce Khulman; George Parker; Steve Saunders; Andy Mahoney; Sammo; Ash; Tina and the team; Matt Stirling and loads of helpers behind the scenes for posting online, running errands, and generating press - thanks to you all! We’ll soon have this years total which will be updated on our Magic Moments page Click Here. Already plans are underway for MM15 and each year the day gets more momentum and more magicians wishing to raise smiles and money for good causes through their magic. Huge thanks to all for making it happen. 8.11.14


Comedy For The Well Groomed Performer - a new Magicseen eBook. From the publishers: Here at Magicseen Towers we spend 90% of our time having fun and 10% of our time producing our magazine (or is it the other way around? Hmmm, not sure...), so it's not surprising that the content that we produce often has a comedy theme. We know our loyal readers love a chuckle too and indeed many of them are good comedy performers themselves, so to keep everyone happy Graham Hey, our own resident comedy genius (it says here on his note to me), has put together a 100 page collection of the best comedy features and articles from the last decade of our shiny publication, plus he has added a whole load of new interviews on comedy as well as provided a healthy quantity of new verbal and visual gags for you to lift and include in your shows. Many magicians must marvel at such a miraculous miscellany of mirth, and to purchase your instant download copy will cost you as little time as it will money. Are you a 'well groomed performer'? Then this is the comedy collection for you. Available now from" 8.11.14


Manchester Circle of Magicians Jumbo Magic Auction: Monday 10th November at Salford Masonic Hall, Hemsley House, 41 The Crescent, Salford, Manchester M5 4PE (Map). Viewing from 6pm. Auction commences at 6.30pm. Star Auctioneers Mike Shepherd and Derek Lever. Members free of charge. Non Members pay £3.00. Hundreds of bargains available. Books, DVDs, Stage Magic, Kids Magic, Mentalism, Close-Up etc. Further details from Derek Lever: 8.11.14


Mark Elsdon lectures for the Northamptonshire Magicians Club on Tuesday 18th November at 8pm at Yeoman of England, High Street, Wootton, Northamptonshire NN4 6LP (Map) Non-members £8. David Miller, President 8.11.14


BAFTA winning "Help! My School Trip is Magic" was airing on CBBC this week and, once again, was one of the channel's most watched programmes. The series was created and Executive Produced by Objective Productions' Head of Magic, Anthony Owen and features magicians John Archer, Fergus Flanagan, Katherine Mills and James Went. For those who missed it, episodes can be found on BBC iPlayer here Also, with the holiday season approaching, look out for, in Argos and other major retailers, the 'Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic' box of tricks produced under license from CBBC and Objective Productions by Marvin's Magic. It's ‎the perfect gift for any Wannabe Wizards! 8.11.14


Kieron Lefever Lecture - The London Society of Magicians. The London Society of Magicians are delighted to host a lecture by Kieron Lefever on the 25th November at 7pm. Kieron arrived on the magic scene with a bang in the form of his 'To The Max' DVD, demonstrating an effect which leaves the spectator with a block of ice in their hand and a true sense of astonishment. Since then, Kieron has unleashed his highly acclaimed 'Chaotic' DVD and the ultimate finale to any impossible card location effect with 'Re-Maxed Iceolation', where the spectator's signed card is encased in a block of ice. Kieron is the epitome of ‘outside the box thinking’ so expect something unique and entertainingly outrageous with this lecture. Venue: Davenports Magic Shop, 7 Charing Cross Underground Arcade, The Strand, London WC2N 4HZ. Start time 7pm. Visitors welcome, pay on door £13 (Lectures are free for members). Please reserve a place by emailing Our website is Mark Saltissi. 8.11.14


The Card Shark Show Christmas Specials - London. "One of the world's foremost magicians, Steve Truglia, amazes London's West End audiences with classic card tricks, cheats and scams in this unique and interactive multimedia show, with film, images, music and live camera action, to bring close-up magic to every audience member. Having passed the notoriously rigorous performance exam for The Magic Circle, Steve sought out long ago hidden secrets within the Magic Circle's incredible library, to further study these dark arts. In earlier life Steve's time with UK Special Forces taught him the use of psychological operations to defeat an adversary; skills which are also used by gambling cheats and con artists to this day." Venue: Courthouse Hotel, 19-21 Gt Marlborough Street, London W1F 7HL (Map). Tickets Premium £58 (front five rows), Standard £47. 30% off promotion, use code 14Card30. Every Friday at 7.30pm. Christmas Specials, that include a Q&A session after the show: December 5th, 12th and 19th. Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes. Box office opens at 6.30pm, doors open at 7pm. 8.11.14


John Styles's ventriloquist's dummy 'Tommy' was invited to appear on television with Alan Carr on 'Chatty Man' last night. Tommy is no stranger to TV and films, having appeared in many throughout his 70 year life. 8.11.14


Johnny Fantastic had a successful trip to USA and was placed first in the World Deaf Comedy Championship, Third in the World Deaf Merlin Stage Championship and just missed out for a place in the Close-up Competition. Johnny also received a plaque for 'Outstanding Achievement' plus the 'International Recognition' award and 'Lithuania National' award. After 15 years service he retired as President and was elected an Honorary Life President by all the countries present. His new comedy magic show is available for Conventions, Dinners and Clubs. Enquiries welcome, to 8.11.14


Magicians Wanted, with Tricks Going Wrong! Objective Productions (the multi BAFTA winning producers of Derren Brown, The Cube and Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic) are making a new series for a major UK broadcaster. They are looking for submissions from magicians of footage they have filmed of tricks going wrong in a funny and amusing way. They are not looking for footage where the method of the trick is revealed and are not looking for anything too gruesome or violent! No hand spiking please! ‎Please email for further details and information on how to get your footage to us. There will be a payment for any clips which are used in the final series. 8.11.14


Magicians Wanted, for Magic Charity evening in London. Mengting Li writes: "We are holding magic show on the Coventry University London Campus to raise funds for charity (Teenage Cancer Trust) and are looking for someone who can do a visual based magic show. Date: 25th November. Place: Coventry University London Campus (near Liverpool Street underground). People: less than 200. Please let me know if you could give us a hand. Many Thanks, Mengting Li, email: 8.11.14


"Daniel Radcliffe Joins The Cast Of ‘Now You See Me 2’" Click Here • "An Angel helps magician Cosentino: Criss Angel, that is" Click Here • "This Magician’s Freaky Sleight of Hand Blows this Woman’s Mind — And Blows the Wig Off Her Head" Click Here • "Q and A Magic Man David Copperfield" Click Here • "Exclusive: The Anti-Conjurer Dan Sperry Talks Magic, Horror, and Disney" Click Here • "Criss Angel hits 6th anniversary at Luxor, expands empire with ‘The Supernaturalists’" Click Here • "Keith Barry launches 2014 Winterval programme" Click Here • In Peter James's new novel 'Want You Dead', the leading character, Bryce Laurent, and a second character, are both close-up magicians Click Here • "Murray to be Featured on 'Extreme Escapes' Airing Nov. 29 on Reelz" Click Here • Wow! This Show is Magic is reviewed by Prince Darius this week, Click Here • Nicholas Einhorn's 'At The Table Live' lecture is reviewed by Elliot Hodges, Click Here • 'The 75% Production and The Trick With No Method' by Justin Higham is also reviewed by Elliot Hodges this week, Click Here. 8.11..14


750 editions of MagicWeek this week! Just a quick 'thank you' to all our contributors and readers (you!), all over the world. MagicWeek has never been busier, and indeed magic itself, never more popular. There's lots in the pipeline here in the UK 'TV Magic' wise, and just as significantly, lots happening with live magic too, from shows playing in theatres and clubs up and down the country, to magic conventions and special one-off events. MagicWeek will keep you posted, as ever. See you next week, Duncan. 8.11.14