Number 122 - 26th October 2002


Hey hey we're the Monkeys... Channel 5's upcoming series Monkey Magic is profiled in this week's Radio Times in a "One to Watch" feature. The article introduced the four magicians that make up the monkey team (left to right) Peter McCahon, Jonathan Goodwin, Pete Firman, and Alistair Cook. What will they be doing in the show? Well, according to the article, they'll "Behead glamorous assistants in public toilets, make people disappear in the middle of a tennis court, catch bullets in their teeth and make pythons appear out of celebrities' shoes." Produced by Objective - the show has been allocated an 8pm prime-time slot and will start in the not too distant future (confirmed dates when we have them). 26.10.02


The Mind & Magic of David Berglas has just been published in the States. Over three years in the making (literally) this 566 page volume written by David Britland, with introductions by Uri Geller and Paul Daniels, covers a fascinating career in magic spanning some fifty years, and includes explanations of routines that have never before been revealed. If you are thinking about ordering a copy don't think about it for too long, limited to one thousand it'll be "Sold Out" soon. In the UK you can order it from Martin Breese Magic and in the States from the publisher Jim Steinmeyer 26.10.02


Wayne Dobson starts another UK lecture tour in November. Here are the dates: 11th Leicester Magic Circle, 12th Order of The Magi Manchester, 13th Ilford Magic Society, 14th Sussex Magical Circle, 18th The Magic Circle London, 19th Anglian Magic Society Norwich, 21st North Wales Magic Society, 22nd Llandudno, 26th Northampton Magical Society, 28th Surrey Society of Magicians Leatherhead. A lecture and a great night's entertainment, rolled in to one - not to be missed! 26.10.02


Jerry O'Connell, London are now advertising with MagicWeek. Last week we ran a review of their Card to Wallet - to see the full range of high quality hand made items visit 26.10.02


Mark Worgan MMC, professional close-up, cabaret, and children's magician, is starting his first lecture tour. Dates booked include Surrey Magicians Club and The Sussex Magic Circle. Mark recently "wowed 'em" at The Magic Circle. For more information Click Here 26.10.02


Andy Nyman's DiceMan is reviewed by Anthony Owen this week. "Yep Andy Nyman has done it again! DiceMan is Andy's newest addition to his small number of terrific trick releases for the magic community and is launched just in time for his third lecture at The Magic Castle next month." To read the full review Click Here 26.10.02


More Dice - This time in the shape of a new book from Ricky Jay. "In Dice, Ricky Jay takes us from one of the earliest forms, astragali - the heel bones of hoofed quadrupeds, to the myriad types of cheating with dice in the modern era. We discover that Augustus, Caligula and Nero were all inveterate players, that Queen Elizabeth issued an order against the manufacture of false dice in 1598 and that dice made from celluloid in 1869 remained stable for decades and then suddenly began to decompose. This delightful volume will educate and amuse us." Order from 26.10.02


And more Andy - Andy Nyman's latest movie Uprising has just been released on DVD and video. The movie stars Jon Voight, Donald Sutherland, and David Schwimmer alongside Andy. It tells the story of the Jewish Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto & was a tremendous success in America. Order from 26.10.02


The Paisley Magic Circle's one day convention is tomorrow - Sunday, October 27th. Featuring lectures from Roger Curzon (including a workshop session), Mark Raffles and Steve Hamilton. Close-up with Roger Curzon, Richard James, Tony O'Neil and Clive Moore. And a Gala show starring Clive Moore, The Buddies, Kenny Kerr, Jeff Burns, Keith Cooper and Carol and Mark Raffles. Should be a great day... Website: Click Here 26.10.02


Chris Hare and Dave Botsford (aka The Telepathics) performed on Maltese television last week and received some excellent press Click Here. Chris can also be seen on Channel 5 on Monday November 11th at around 11pm in a memory feat involving 100 audience members. 26.10.02


If you missed last week's Radio Four presentation 'Just Like That' or, if you'd like to hear it again, Click Here. The BBC have included the complete 30 minute radio show on their website, and it's "a great listen." (Thanks to Daniel Nelson for the link). 26.10.02


Master the Art of Watch Stealing on DVD have this disc in stock and available by return... "Have you ever watched a magician or pickpocket steal a watch from an unsuspecting audience volunteer? Well now you can learn the secrets of the watch steal from a well-versed professional! You'll also learn how to plant the stolen 'goods' on others, as well - even on someone's wrist! Imagine the surprise when a stolen watch ends up being worn by another spectator! And as an added bonus, you'll also learn how to steal rings from a spectator's finger!" 26.10.02


Congratulations to Chris Harding who won the Magic Circle's Young Close-Up Magician of the Year Competition last Sunday, and to Paul Dabek for winning the stage competition. The win resulted in an appearance on TV's X-Change programme  Take a Stand is the first in a series of articles from Kevin Gallagher that we will be running every few weeks for the next few months. These articles first appeared in The Budget and are reproduced with permission. So, in no special order, here's the first: Click Here  That's all for this week, see you next week, Duncan. 26.10.02