Magic Event Reviews


At Home with Tony Griffith

March 2020


Gary Young's Cruise Ship Magic Secrets Day 2018

September 2018


Great Yarmouth's Family Festival of Magic 2018

September 2018


Great Yarmouth's Family Festival of Magic 2017

September 2017


Mel Mellers Masterclass

December 2016


Northern Magic Circle President’s Dinner 2016

November 2016


Neptune Magic Society – First Annual Dinner

October 2016


The Gathering Magic Competition

February 2016


Northern Magic Circle President's Day 2015

July 2015


Vagabond Pickpocketing Course

May 2015


The Modern Mystic League Workshop: Tony Griffith

November 2014


Blackpool Magicians Club President's Dinner

May 2014


The Pentacle Club’s 95th Year Annual Dinner

May 2014


Cornish Magical Society’s 53rd Annual Dinner

March 2014


Movies at The Magi

March 2014


Leamington & Warwick Magic Society Annual Dinner

November 2013


Davenport's Magic Kingdom: A Dream to Reality

July 2013


The Nottingham Guild of Magicians Annual Stage and Close-up Competition 2013

June 2013


British Magical Society Annual Dinner and Cabaret 2013

March 2013


Blackpool Magicians Club President's Dinner

October 2012


Peter Wentworth's 'A Magic Walk'

September 2012


The British Ring President’s Dinner 2012

April 2012


At Home with Tony Griffith

November 2011


The Order of the Magi Annual Dinner and Cabaret

March 2011


Bexley Magic Society Stage Competition

February 2011


Above and Beyond Cold Reading - A workshop by Paul Bell

October 2010


The Nottingham Guild of Magicians Close Up Competition and Brian Holland Stage Competition

August 2010


Steve Price at the South Downs Magicians’ Christmas Party

December 2009


The Association of Conjurers of East Sussex visit the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle

November 2009


Mark Leveridge's Dealer Night

October 2009


The Manchurian Approach – hypnotism for magicians

September 2009


School of Busking - 3 day course, Cardiff

July 2009


Mark Leveridge Magic - Dealer Night

June 2009


The Manchurian Approach

May 2009


Magician vs Medium - London

May 2009


British Magical Society held its Annual Dinner and Dance

April 2009


The Order of The Magi Centenary Dinner and Cabaret

March 2009


Ian Rowland's Cold Reading Masterclass

July 2008


The British Magical Society Annual Dinner and Cabaret

April 2008


Close-up Success Seminar

January 2008


The Magic Circle Awards Banquet 2007

November 2007


La Cripta Magica

September 2007


A Tribute to Billy McComb 1922- 2066

May 2007


Pure Magic Bar - Launch Party

June 2006


Tony Griffith: Creative Magic Lecture and Teach-in

March 2006


Seminar - There's No Such Thing As Hypnosis

June 2005


Making Magic Pay

November 2004


Eye Opener on the South Bank

October 2004


Tony Griffith's Creative Magic Teach-In Day

July 2003


Paul Daniels Magical Masterclass

March 2003


Zodiac Magical Society Annual Dinner

May 2002


The Magic Management Master Class

April 2002


The Inaugural Meeting of the Manchester Circle of Magicians

January 2002


Channing Pollock in Conversation with John Fisher

November 2000